If your livelihood depends on your laptop, do these 3 things today!

Here are simple tips to take care of your Laptop and make your Laptop last longer!


Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, and trapped society in their homes, people were becoming increasingly dependent on technology to do their jobs. Be it technology-based industries like IT, engineering, or even jobs like teaching and art, the job industry has seen a slow shift from paperwork to technology.

With the advent of concepts like work-from-home, and new jobs requiring you to travel to remote places, or even connect with clients halfway across the world, it becomes extremely important for you to have top-notch, highly efficient gadgets, especially laptops.

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Why Laptops?

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Laptops have become the most popular gadget amongst people nowadays, to utilize for work purposes. They are just about the right size! They are smaller than desktops, and can easily be carried anywhere in a backpack. On the other hand, they are bigger than mobile phones and tablets and are thus more convenient and comfortable for work purposes.

We as a society have become increasingly dependent on our laptops for our livelihood, and henceforth, it is extremely important to ensure we have a good, trustworthy laptop that won’t die on us! And if there’s anything that we have learned in the last few years, it is the fact that remote working is probably going to be the future of many industries. Hence, a lot is going to depend on your laptop; which draws us to the next question: how far should you go in terms of taking care of a laptop. Is laptop insurance coverage really necessary? Should you always do routine checkups?

Of course, we’re going to answer these questions in more detail, but for starters, you need to understand that laptops need strict maintenance and sprucing up, just like cars, and hence, it is important to find ways to ensure their maximum protection and care. A functional and efficient laptop can go a long way in helping you excel at work! Here are a few things you should definitely know how to do, to keep your machine in perfect shape:

How to Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life?

It’s not fun to dash to the nearest charging port more than 3 times a day, when your laptop battery hits the dreaded 15% mark. A laptop battery that has longevity is crucial for most workers to be able to do their job properly. Here are a few ways you can ensure your laptop has a longer battery life:

Use the Windows Performance Management Tool:

The windows performance management tool helps you streamline the performance of your laptop, so as to save battery power. It has several default settings, which you can choose depending on whether you choose to prioritize performance or power saving. The Best Performance mode is for when you need the swiftest responses and most efficient performance. It doesn’t stop background apps from running and thus lets them consume a lot of power. On the other hand, the battery saver mode prioritizes saving power over performance and shuts down all background apps and side processes, reduces brightness by nearly 30%, and halts all downloads.

Airplane Mode

Doing simple things like shutting down applications that are currently not being used, or using airplane mode, goes a long way in conserving battery life. We spend a substantial amount of time on the internet, however, the time we spend off the net, simply editing documents or writing, we can easily switch to airplane mode.

Adjusting Graphics

Graphics and Display often uses up way more battery life than If your laptop has a powerful graphics processor, it’s important to make sure that high-quality graphics are only used where necessary, like video games, and toned down wherever possible.

How to Protect Your Laptop from Malware:

We all freak out a little when our laptop suddenly starts suffering from bouts of slow speed and starts slowing down (or in other words, starts hanging). What if we are the victim of a virus invasion? Well, you’re not too far off the mark, as your laptop is definitely invaded, but not by a virus. Whenever your machine starts slowing down, you can suspect the presence of malware. Here are a few ways to stop malware from crushing your work life:

secure laptop from malware
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  • Install a trustworthy malware removal tool: Most laptops are unprotected, leaving them vulnerable to the debilitating effects of malware. Ensure that you have a good malware removal and antivirus application, even if it costs money.
  • Make sure you run regular scans
  • Always use only secure networks
  • Avoid shady, dubious websites.

How to Enhance Laptop Performance

You can do several simple things to improve laptop performance like:

  • Delete files from Local Disc C, to increase the amount of free space
  • Delete temporary files
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications
  • Reboot and Restart your PC regularly
  • Run Defragmentation
  • Disable startup applications
  • Delete unnecessary hardware

Freeing up space, and getting rid of unnecessary clutter from your laptop frees up space, and allows it to work much more efficiently.

General things like keeping your laptop physically clean are of utmost importance. Laptops are highly valuable and state of the art gadgets, and require careful maintenance. It costs much less to maintain a laptop with effort over a course of around 7 years, rather than buying a new laptop every 2-3 years. Thus, these are the things you should do if your livelihood depends on your laptop.

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