Chromecast not working after Windows 10 update 2019 ( solved )

Google chrome cast worlds most popular media streaming device from Google allows watching Internet Videos on Smart TV for free. Also, you can connect Chromecast on your personal computer or laptops to stream videos to your TV just like Android. But some users report Chromecast Not Working, or not connecting properly while connecting through windows 10 Devices.

For some other users “chromecast working great on my laptop.  Then I got a Windows 10 update (version 1803) and now my laptop no longer recognizes my chromecast device.  What should I do?”

Chromecast not working Windows 10

Chromecast Not Working or not connecting

There are various reasons cause Chromecast Stopped working or not connecting to a WiFi network. Such As incorrect network configuration, Security software or firewall blocking etc.  Here some solutions you may apply to fix the issue.

The basic troubleshooting procedure for making chromecast work smoothly?

Chromecast works well when you have verified your chromecast setup as per the following criteria meant for basic troubleshooting:

  • Make sure your Chromecast device correctly set up
  • Try Google Home app for casting your device
  • At least, 2.4 GHz band has to be present for your Chrome cast device to work properly
  • You should try casting through chrome with other devices also, which involves using some other laptop of smartphone besides the one you are using. If other devices are working properly during casting, this implies a problem is on your device only.

1) Make sure your computer is on the same network as your Chromecast device.

2) Confirm your Chrome browser is up to date. To check the version number, type about://chrome into the search bar. If the browser needs to be updated, click Update Google Chrome to update your Chrome browser to the latest version.

3) Disconnect from Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or proxy servers. Chromecast devices can’t communicate with a laptop over these networks. If you need help with this, please check with your service provider for instructions.

4) Ensure that firewall/antivirus software are up to date and aren’t blocking connections to the Chromecast device. Firewall: If you are renting a wireless router, please contact your internet provider. If you purchased the router, check your network firewall settings.

5) Reboot your router and Chromecast device by unplugging them from the power source for about 2 minutes. Also, reboot you casting device (laptop/PC).

Turn on network discovery

 Open Start > type Network and then click Network status. Go to Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings. Here Make sure that Turn on network discovery and Turn on file and printer sharing options are selected > Save changes. Restart your Windows 10 computer and try again.

Turn on network discovery

Start media sharing

Sometimes system was automatically blocked their media sharing, and all the wireless file sharing features so mostly people facing Chromecast not working issue. Open windows Services ( services.msc ) look for windows media player network sharing service right click on it and start the service. ( If the service is already running, The simply right click and select restart service.) Apply and ok to save the changes and check now chrome cast working properly.

Start media sharing

Factory Reset Chrome Cast Device

Sometimes this issue becomes a headache and the only solution left is Factory Reset. To reset Chromecast device, all you need to do is, hold the button on your Chromecast (near the power) for few seconds until the power light blinks. You Chromecast device will automatically reboot and this will solve the Chromecast Not Working issue.

reset chromecast device
  • Check if the power supply to your device is proper as in some cases, the power supplied is cut when you have switched off your TV. This comes out to be a major reason that chrome cast does not work in a proper way.
  • Many times, your chromecast dongle works improperly and in that case, simply unplugging and plugging the dongle again can set the things right
  • Many times poor Wi-Fi signal can also play the culprit so before you go for casting ensure your that internet connection is set right

Did these tips helps to “fix Chromecast not working on Windows 10 “? Which option worked for you let us know. Also Read Google Chrome Keeps Crashing? Here’s 7 solutions to Fix it

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  • iggy67

    I was in tech support with Google for almost 8 hours trying to get this fixed with Chromecast. Went through all options and then we discovered that there is an option in the network settings call network discovery. This option was turned off. When we try to turn on it shut itself back off every attempt turn it on it reverts back to off. So I went on the computers manufacturer support and talk to them about it and they try to get it to stay on but it’s still shut itself off. Then they said the latest update from Microsoft fix it where you can’t use Chromecast anymore. I guess if you can’t use Chromecast you can’t use Roku or firestick as well. I don’t know why Microsoft done such a horrible thing what are they afraid of they have no right shutting off stuff like that. I bought a computer it’s mine and I can do anything I want with it why do they have to dictate over what I can do on the computer. Like once I buy something the company forfeits their control over it that’s the way it should be. It’s like if you buy a car in the car company says it’s still theirs no that’s not how it works you bought it you own it and you can do whatever you want with it. So why not with a computer? I hate it when people try to dictate and try to control everything because they have nothing else better to do but the make our lives so miserable. And to spend money just to get it fixed. It is all about the money.

  • Tash

    these didnt work for me either. My laptop shows the chromecast is available to connect too but when I do through google chrome it freezes on the tv and I can hear sound but no picture.
    I read somewhere it could have to do with the high resolution or something but have yet to find a fix.

  • Stefan

    Add this to number 3 (Disconnect from VPNs). Shut down your VPN software completely. For example NordVPN has the option ‘Invisibility on LAN’ which also works if you are not connected to a VPN.

  • Abhisar Garg

    Sorry, but it didnt worked for me. 🙁

  • Nick

    Remove the Chrome.exe application from the SSL / TSL filter in ESET NOD32. You may also need to delete all the entries associated with Chrome.exe.

  • Yoelvis Oses

    That is happening me since some days ago. I think It was a windows update. I have tried all your recommendations and none works for me. Please if you have other tips…