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Are you struggling to erase your iPhone data, or want to completely (including private data) remove data from your iPhone? The existing mechanism in-stock iPhone does not provide you the flexibility to clear up everything. But what it does is it will reset your settings and that is it. So Many of us fail to achieve our objective and leave the iPhone as is with lot of private data in it. But it was until now. Now we have got the perfect solution as to what to do and how to do in order to get rid of this problem. Let’s have a glance on the steps below and what will we need in action.

What is dr.fone erase tool?

But above all the problems we face with iPhone, there is a quick tool to completely erase the data on the iPhone, dr.fone erase tool will help you to wipe out your iPhone data. If at all you are wondering how to clear cache on iphone with dr.fone then do not worry this tool adopts the best in class process for clean and perfect deletion of the data that is there on you iPhone. Users must make sure to follow the process mentioned in this section of the tutorial to ensure that users get the best and best results at all times.

What is dr.fone toolkit?

Let me share some light on dr.fone toolkit.It is a complete package of solutions for all your smartphone gadget needs. Be it an Android device or an iOS device. This toolkit has got so many uncountable features in it. To list a few, Data Recovery, System Recovery, Data Backup, Data Transfer, Data Eraser, Screen Recorder and on and on. You can find the features below. Repair feature is the best fit for the problems like black screen issues and loops in boot. The Erase tool does not just reset the factory preferences but is also capable of cleaning up SMS, WhatsApp, Photos selectively. We will need a Erase tool to clean up the data (include private data) permanently and it is 100% irrecoverable which is the beauty of this tool.

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dr fone toolkit

Why dr.fone erase tool?

There are many examples where you can find yourself looking for the best complete design for iOS data available online. For example, if you have deleted some files and want to make sure they are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered, this tool dr.done will surely going to be useful. If you sell a cellphone, give it or free up space in your memory, you also have to find a reliable data concept for iOS. In this case, there is no need to look further. dr.fone can be a very good alternative.

The dr.fone erase tool for iOS is a reliable program for best recycling of iOS data even if the data is way private and hidden around the corners.. In just a few minutes, you can be sure that your mobile data will be completely deleted. Whether text messages, call history or contacts, will be easily deleted. The good news is that it can be used not only on your iPhone but also on your iPad and even on your iPod touch. With this draft full of iOS data, cleaning your files won’t be easy.

How to erase private data on iPhone with dr.fone?

First Thing First, users must ensure that the “Clear all content and settings” option is selected to ensure that the device is completely removed. It must be remembered that rearranging all configurations ensures that only this configuration is deleted and the data remains secure. That’s for the same reason that the second option, in this case, must be chosen so that the user gets the best results and is done easily and satisfactorily.

  1. Now You need to have dr.fone Software on your computer. If you don’t already have one, download dr.fone from the links provided below depending on your computer preferences (Windows or Mac). Once installed, open the software and you should see below panel on screen.

Now here at this stage, while the dr.fone software is opened, you need to connect your iPhone with your computer and choose the following.

  • Select Erase (Top Right corner on the main windows)
  • Then go ahead choose Erase Full Data

dr phone data erase

  1. This step is important and undoable. After your device is connected properly and the software could sense it and you are perfectly good to go to wipe out your iPhone.

connect device

You should see a button Erase, click on the button.

erase data button

Obviously, you will be warned by the tool before you move ahead. As I mentioned this action is completely undoable. Read the warning screen carefully, this says that after deleting the data, it is not possible at all to restore it back, not even with the help of any kind of advanced recovery software. Now press the Erase button after you are sure your file is ready to be deleted.

Confirm to erase data

  1. Grab a coffee till the process completes, this takes a while but not ages. Data Removal time depends on the amount of data you have on your device: if you have a lot of music, photos, and more, it might take more time. With that said, do not use your device while this process is going on. Also do not disconnect the device in between, as this may result in some fatal errors.

When the process is complete, you will see a success message that all data has been deleted. I do not think, deleting your iPhone files from your device doesn’t have to be a complicated task.

Erase complete

So all done and you now have a completely new, fresh unloaded iPhone with you. All thanks to dr.fone which did this job in seconds and with not more than a couple of clicks.

By now you would have understood how to erase your iPhone with dr.fone. We hope you follow each step carefully and get your job done successfully. If you face any problem in between, we are there to assist you at any time. You can comment down below and we will guide you.

What more can you do with dr.fone toolkit

dr.fone utility does not just come with erase tool but also it provides plenty of other options for iOS users. Some of them are mentioned below.

Data Repair without data loss

If your iPhone is stuck in the Apple logo, on a black screen or in recovery mode, you can use the dr.fone repair tool to fix your iPhone safely and quickly. The beauty of this process is that everything is done without data loss. This is a much safer option than resetting your iPhone and losing data. The dr.fone process is also much simpler than using iTunes to restore your iPhone.

The process will take less than 5 minutes and all your data will be safe and healthy at the end of the process.

Data Transfer

This tool has been the best file transfer utility because of its speed and ease of using this tool. This tool has reached around 4M downloads all over the world. Needless to say this is an awesome tool and can do wonders to your iPhone.

That’s all, by now you would have understood the way and the procedure to clean up your iPhone with dr.fone erase functionality. Let’s take a test drive with the free version if already using dr.fone toolkit share your experience on the comments below.

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