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Fix System And Compressed Memory High CPU Usage In Windows 10

Suffering with 100% CPU usage by System and Compressed Memory process on windows 10 computer. Computer not running smoothly became not responding for long time. When you check Task Manage resource usage you will notice system and compressed memory consume almost 99% CPU usage. Looking for solutions to get rid of this problem. Don’t worry Here this post we have some working solutions to fix system and compressed memory high CPU usage problem permanently. But Before perform solutions first understand the problem. What is the System and Compressed Memory process? Why is it running on your Windows 10 computer? Why is it using a lot of CPU resources?

Windows 10 computers system and compressed memory is a process responsible for various functions related to system and memory. This process is mostly responsible for the compression of files, folders and the management of RAM. This is a advanced feature on windows 10 computers to compress the pagefile.sys.  Typically, the System and Compressed Memory process only uses a small number of your computer resources, including CPU, RAM, and Disk.

Also some times users report when windows service ( superfetch, window supdate, BITS ) get correupt , not respond then it start consume huge system resources like CPU, RAM or Disk. However, if it uses too much CPU, RAM, or Disk resource, then you’ll need to diagnose and find the cause of that high computer resource usage problem. In some cases, the System and Compressed memory process can use 100% of your CPU, or RAM, and make your computer run incredibly slow, or even crash.

Fix System and Compressed Memory High CPU Usage Problem

After know what is system and compressed memory and what job done by this service lets fallow bellow steps to fix this system and compressed memory hist CPU usage problem permanently.

Note : Bellow steps also applicable to fix System and compressed memory HIGH Disk and 100% memory usage problem. 

Scan your computer for viruses.

Start with basic Troubleshooting check your windows for virus infection. Many viruses or malicious programs can cause the System and Compressed Memory high CPU (or memory) usage problem. So, before you continue to troubleshoot the issue, first install a latest updated AntiVirus or Antimalware application and perform a full system scan. check and remove viruses or/and malicious programs that may be running on your computer. After performing full system scan remove any virus or malware if found and restart windows. Check this time windows running normally ? If still face same issue fallow bellow solutions one by one.

Note: The System and Compressed Memory process can cause high CPU, RAM, or Disk usage problem. I would recommend that you try all solutions below, one by one until you fix it.

Stop or Disable Superfetch, BITS and Windows update

As discuss sometimes corrupted not responding windows services may also cause this system and compress memory to use high CPU, Disk and memory issue. Fist try with Disable them If this services cause any issue the after disable the service you may notice windows come to normal state. Here fallow bellow steps to stop these services.

Stop / Disable Superfetch Service

First What is Superfetch? It’s a Windows service that is used to maintain & improve your Windows system performance. However, Superfetch sometimes can cause the System and Compressed Memory process 100% disk usage issue. To fix it, you need to stop the Superfetch service, or even disable it. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Press Windows + R to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Type “services.msc” without the quotes and press Enter.
  3. In the Services window, scroll down and search for the Superfetch service.
  4. Double-click on it and choose “Stop“.
  5. In the “Startup type” drop-down list, select “Disabled“, then press “Apply” button and then “OK” button.

Disable Windows 10 Superfetch service

On same windows look for Background Intelligent Transfer service ( BITS )and windows update service. Double-click on it and choose “Stop“. In the “Startup type” drop-down list, select “Disabled“, then press “Apply” button and then “OK” button. Now after stop all three Services Now restart windows and check System And Compressed Memory High CPU Usage problem Fixed. This is the most working solution to fix High CPU, Disk And 100% memory usage problem on All Windows computers. After perform this solution still getting same problem fallow next solution.

Set The pagefile.sys File Size Back to Automatic

This is the Second Best Solution to Fix System And Compressed Memory High CPU Usage ( High Disk and 100% memory Usage ) problem on Windows computer. By default, Windows will set the pagefile.sys file size and manage it automatically. You can also adjust it to a particular value as you want. However, doing that can lead to a few issues with memory compression, or sometimes causing 100% CPU usage, High disk usage or 100% memory problem in Windows 10.

If you recently changed the “pagefile.sys” file size, restoring it back to the default setting will help you solve this problem. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. First Press Windows and then choose Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, search for “Performance” and then choose “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows“.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab and click the “Change…” button, in the Virtual Memory section.
  4. In the Virtual Memory window, check the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” box.
  5. Click “OK” button twice and then restart your computer.

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adjust windows virtual memory

Mostly After above two solutions System And Compressed Memory High CPU Usage 100% memory usage or Huge Disk usage problem get fixed. If you still face same problem after perform above then its time to look other solutions.

Optimize Windows Visual Effects for Best Performance

According to some answers from the Microsoft forum, many users have resolved the System and Compressed Memory high CPU usage problem by optimizing Windows’ visual effects for best performance. This solution is mostly applicable to fix 100% memory usage problem because this all virtual effects are consume more memory. Let’s check with disable the windows Visual effects for best performance. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Right-click on “This PC” and choose “Properties“.
  2. Select “Advanced system settings” from the left panel.
  3. Click on the “Settings…” button in the Performance section.
  4. Select “Adjust for best performance” option, and click on “Apply” and then “OK” button.

Optimize Windows Visual Effects for Best Performance settings

  1. Click on “Apply” and then “OK” button again in the System Properties window.
  2. Restart your computer and check whether the problem remains Or fallow the next solution.

Disable Hibernate and Fast Startup.

Some Times Power problem also cause this system and compressed memory High CPU usage problem, We recommend to disable this Hibernate and Fast Startup option and check work for you To do this

Right-click on the Start menu and choose Control Panel. Next Change the View By (at the up right) to Small icons and then click Power Options. or you can type power option on start menu search and hit enter key

Now At the left choose “Choose what the power buttons do“.


Now Click at “Change settings that are currently unavailable” option. Scroll down and uncheck the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” option and click Save changes.

Turn off Fast Startup on windows 10

Next Then, at Power Options main window, select Change plan settings. Click Change advanced power settings. Expand Sleep and then set the Sleep after and Hibernate after options to Never.

Disable Hibernate and Fast Startup

9. Press OK to apply settings.

10. Restart your computer and check if the “System and Compressed Memory Service” High CPU usage issue persists.

Set PCI Express Link State Power Management to Maximum power savings.

Also On Same window ( power options ) Set PCI Express Link State Power Management to Maximum power savings

1. From Control Panel navigate to Power Options >  Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings.

2. Scroll down to find and expand the PCI Express setting.

3. Set the Link State Power Management to Maximum power savings.

Set PCI Express Link State Power Management to Maximum power savings.

4. Press OK to apply settings and restart you computer.

Other Tips to prevent the System and Compressed memory high CPU usage

  • Updated all drivers for your computer hardware especially the graphics card driver.
  • Perform a Windows 10 Repair
  • Add more RAM
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications
  • Close all idle applications and browser web pages.

These are some best working solutions to fix system and compressed memory high cpu usage ( 100% Memory Or High Disk Usage ) problem on Windows computers. If you have any questions regarding this guide or the System and Compressed Memory process, feel Free to discuss on comment below.

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