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Fix The Server Stumbled Error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10 Store

Some Times Whenever you try to launch the Windows store you may face error appears and disappoints you. Store app may not able to start and it closes immediately as soon as you launch it or showing. The server stumbled
We all have bad days The error code is  0x801901F7, in case you need it. The Server Stumbled Error 0x801901F7 is an error related to MS server. This error appears on your Windows 10 and 8.1 computer when you try to open windows store. It doesn’t just once appears, but it appears even if you close the store and try to open it again.

Causes of The Server Stumbled error 0x801901F7

There are many causes of this error like corruption of file system, unfinished installation of windows installer program. Wrong registry entries in windows registry editor or virus attack, bugs attack, hard drive fails to communicate with BIOS request also an Old or outdated Windows driver may cause error code 0x801901F7. These are the main causes of this windows driver error.

Fix The Server Stumbled error 0x801901F7

If you are also suffering with this problem and looking for the solution to fix this error. Here we have some tips to fix this error permanently. Lets See How To Fix this Error :

Starting From Basic Troubleshooting  

1. Click Start and click Settings
2. Select “Time & Language”
3. Turn off “Set time automatically” and set your correct time and date and timezone.


Disable or Reset Proxy to Fix Server Stumbled Error

If you are using proxy server on your network You should turn it off temporarily.

Click on Open Start menu Navigate to Settings  on setting menu select – Network & Internet then select Proxy. Now Scroll down and turn off Proxy buy sliding the switch.


Now, Try to Reconnect your internet and open Windows store. If it doesn’t work, Then you may need to reset proxy.

Press Windows Key + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin).

Now type the following command and hit Enter.

 netsh winhttp reset proxy


Now, Open Store hope, Hope You won’t face Server Stumbled Error again.

These are some basic Troubleshooting steps to avoid Server Stumbled Error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10. If after check and perform them still getting same error while open windows Store. Now perform Bellow Advanced troubleshooting steps.

Resetting Windows Store Cache

Resetting Windows Store Cache can fix any kinds of windows store error. And Resetting the windows Store Cache may fix number of problems include Server stumbled error 0x801901F7. Here fallow bellow to reset windows store cache.

Press Windows  Key + R from your Keyboard on Run  type wsreset.exe and Press Enter.


Windows Store will open automatically along with a command prompt. This will reset Windows Store and you might see it loading as it should.

Now Windows Store will be opened automatically and you won’t face error 0x801901F7.

If this method doesn’t solve server stumbled error 0x801901F7, You can follow the next methods.

Deleting Windows Store database file.

Deleting Windows Store database file can fix error 0x801901F7. You need to delete windows store database file. You will find it on local disk C or the drive where windows is installed.

Go to C:Windows > SoftwareDistribution > DataStore. open data Store folder you will see a file DataStore.edb.

Right click on it and Delete DataStore.edb.


Now open Windows Store. hope this will work for you to fix windows store error 0x801901F7 in Windows 10. If you still cannot get this error away then Close Windows Store and Reboot your PC then Launch Windows Store Again.

Modifying Windows Update Properties

Windows update properties may also help you to fix error 0x801901F7. For this First you need to open windows Services window.  To open it Press windows +  R this will open  Run and type services.msc hit enter key.

This will open services window here Scroll down and find Windows update service . Right click on Windows update select properties. On windows update properties window see service status if its Running stop it.  Then on startup Type change the option to Automatic then start the service. ( Means simply Restart the windows update service ).

Then click on Apply now click on Start.  Now Restart Windows hope you find helpful this.

Run the System File Checker tool (SFC.exe)

Some times Corrupt System file can cause number of problems for windows computers. And may this Server Stumbled Error 0x801901F7 is one of them. So that we recommend to Run the windows SFC utility which scan and repair corrupt system files.

To run this tool first Open an elevated command prompt. Right click on start menu and select Command prompt (Admin).
This will open command prompt with admin rights now type bellow Command and hit enter to execute this.

sfc /scannow

Run system file checker utility

This will start scanning system for errors wait until complete 100% . Now after complete Restart the system.

Run virus scan of your PC

This problem may happen Due to virus or malware Effect , get latest Antivirus / antimalware install and perform a full system scan.
Also use Third party software like Ccleaner To clean , optimize windows fix Registry Errors.

Hope This Will helpful to fix your error, if any thing missing, any query / Question any suggestion please comment bellow comment box.

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