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Fix Thread stuck in device driver Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

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Windows 10 always crashes when you have started some kind of powerful application such as a game or 3d Max application or etc.  Sometimes while playing Game, enjoying multimedia or doing anything on computer or laptop you suddenly see a blue screen of death error with showing some error code and Restart the system. blue screen thread stuck in device driver windows 10 or Thread stuck in device driver Error code is one of them. The Thread stuck in device driver windows 10 Blue Screen of Death error which is also known as stop code 0x000000EA. Which indicates that a thread in a device driver is endlessly spinning.

Windows 10 Thread stuck in device driver error message occurs when a device driver is stuck spinning in an infinite loop,  while it waits for the hardware to enter the idle state. This is usually a driver problem and rarely hardware. So when you receive this BSOD error, please Make sure your computer device driver is updated. If the device driver is outdated or not working, your computer will receive BSOD error. since it’s Mostly caused by faulty video card driver or damaged graphics card.

The thread stuck in device driver (0x100000ea) error is encountered when a video hardware device driver enters an infinite loop and Windows has to terminate it and stop the booting process so if your Windows 10 also crashes with the Blue screen and the error message stuck in device driver, Then Here some tips To fix this Error.


The most common cause of this error is a faulty or outdated device driver. Alternatively, this error may appear after a driver update or after Windows was just installed.

  1. A damaged device driver(s).
  2. Misconfigured device driver(s).
  3. An outdated device driver(s).
  4. Incompatible driver(s).
  5. Overheating of your computer system.
  6. Damaged or faulty device.

Fix thread stuck in device driver windows 10 BSOD Error

Here follow below steps to fix windows 8.1 BSOD thread stuck in device driver, blue screen thread stuck in device driver windows 10, thread stuck in device driver (0x100000ea) Blue Screen Error permanently.

Access Advanced Startup Options

If your system unable to boot due to boot due to this 0x100000ea Blue Screen error then startup repair may help to fix this issue. Windows 10 Have an Advanced Startup option where you can find lots of troubleshooting tool. include safe mode boot, system image Recover, System Restore, advanced command prompt and Startup Repair.  Here first access the Advanced start options then go to Troubleshoot.

First  Insert the bootable disc to your media drive and reboot the system to BIOS setup ( To Access BIOS setup press Del, F2, F12 or Esc key on keyboard during booting process)

Use right Arrow key to move to BOOT menu. Here change the first boot CD-ROM Drive and second boot to Hard Drive As shown image. after the changes press F10 key to make changes. if asked to make save changes select yes this will restart the windows.

Now you will see press any key to boot from CD or DVD. press any key on the keyboard. here this will open your windows installation window. here select language, time currency and keyboard input and click next on next screen select  Repair your computer.

Here on next screen click Troubleshoot Now On Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced options. On Advanced options screen as shown below select the startup repair.

Windows 10 Advanced Boot Options
Windows 10 Advanced Boot Options

Perform startup Repair

when you select startup repair this will restart the window and during startup, this will start to diagnose your system. During this diagnostic phase, Startup Repair will scan your system and analyze the various settings, configuration options, and system files as it looks for corrupt files or botched configuration settings. More specifically, Startup Repair will look for the following problems:

  1. Missing/corrupt/incompatible drivers
  2. Missing/corrupt system files
  3. Missing/corrupt boot configuration settings
  4. Corrupt registry settings
  5. Corrupt disk metadata (master boot record, partition table, or boot sector)
  6. Problematic update installation

If Startup Repair detects any of these types of problems, it will automatically attempt to fix them. If Startup Repair can fix the problem, it will do so without any intervention. It will then restart the system and boot normally. Now After That check Thread stuck in device driver windows 10 Blue Screen Error solved if still, you face the same problem follow next steps.

Boot Windows into Safe Mode With Networking

Mostly This Error causes due to outdated or corrupted Display Driver so that if your windows do not start normally after several Restart Then its time to boot your windows into safe mode. Safe mode is an inbuilt troubleshooting feature which disables unnecessary and programs during the startup process. windows 10 safe mode loads the operating system with a minimal set of system device drivers just enough to boot windows os and in safe mode the startup programs, add-ons etc do not run. Now In Safe Mode Fallow bellow Troubleshooting Steps like, update/Reinstall Display Driver, Update Other Device Drivers, Repair Corrupt System files etc.

Update / Roll Back / Reinstall Display Driver

Most of the time Outdated corrupted video card drivers can be the main cause for Thread stuck in device driver windows 10 Blue Screen Error, so make sure you have the latest driver for your video card. or sometimes After the update the display driver if it’s not compatible with windows then this will cause the blue screen error. So for that, you have to Try all Three methods Update,  Roll Back, Reinstall Display Driver and check Which option worked for you.

Update Display Driver

Lets first update the Installed Display Driver To do this press Win + R from the keyboard Type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. This will open the Device manager screen now Find and expand Display Adapter. There you should see your Installed graphics card drivers like AMD Radeon / Nvidia and Intel HD graphics etc. Just right-click on it, and choose Update driver software.

update display driver on windows 10
update display driver on windows 10

When update driver software screen opens Choose Search automatically for driver software As shown below image. This will search for the available updated driver from windows update and install it after complete simply Restart the windows.

Also update other drivers like check on all installed drivers if you find any driver listed with yellow mark tingle then this driver is not working properly, then you have to update the installed driver or just reinstall the Driver.

Use Roll Back Driver 

If after update the display driver you started to face this problem then the updated driver may not compatible with your windows. then use the Driver roll Back option to use the old installed driver and it may fix your issue. To do this Again open Device manager find your installed Graphics driver right click on it now select properties. When graphic Properties opens select Driver Tab you will find option Roll Back Driver select on it this will Roll back your driver to previous installed driver. After that Restart the windows and check There is no more BSOD error.

Roll Back Driver option
Roll Back Driver option

Note Roll Back option only available if you updated your driver from old to new one.

Reinstall Display Driver.

If above both methods not work then Reinstall the Display Driver may Reinstalling video driver works surprisingly get fix your problem to do this same open the device manager and select the installed graphics driver. Now right click on it select Uninstall. this will prompt for confirmation to delete the driver.

Uninstall Graphic Driver
Uninstall Graphic Driver

Here tick mark on Delete driver software for this device and click on ok . after that Restart the windows. When windows start download latest Display driver software for your system from the manufacturer website.

 Intel Graphic Driver Download

AMD Graphic Driver Download

Download Nvidia Graphic Driver

Run sfc utility to repair corrupted files

SFC utility will remove most windows problems. System File Checker is a free utility which allows users to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files. Once system files is missing or damaged, your PC may not operate as well.

It is possible to be due to the corrupted system files or missing system files you will getting this “THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER” Blue Screen Error. In this case, you can use SFC /Scannow command to check the file system. If this System File Checker finds out the protected files are overwritten by incorrect files, it will extract the correct system file from the system file backup (namely dllcache) and replace the incorrect file. This command is useful to repair system files, and you can do the following steps:

First of all you, will have to Open Command Prompt as Admin. Press Windows + X or Right Click on Start Button to Click on Command Prompt (Admin).

Now Type “sfc /scannow” and hit enter.


This  will scan your system for all its important system files, and replace where necessary.  Wait until Windows scans and repairs system files. When the System file check and repair is completed, restart your computer and check if your computer works smoothly.

Make sure Windows having latest Updates installed

It’s very important that your operating system is up-to-date, as these updates are created specifically to fix issues like this. Check for updates of windows and its drivers. Updating can work greatly. It fixes many bugs. So, You will have a good chance to get rid of THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER .

To check and install available windows updates fallow the steps Click the Windows Start  button and open Settings. Now Click Update & security.

Click the Check for updates button and then install all updates found.

Reset Hardware Acceleration

If the first method did not help to fix THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER error, you should try setting hardware acceleration to None.This method applies in a case where you have already identified a device as the cause of “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” error. However, it is important to note that doing so can reduce the performance of such a device even after replacement.Click Win key, type Display, and select Display from the search results. After that, find Advanced Display Settings at the bottom of the page and click it. Select Troubleshoot and then Change Settings.


Inside this window, find Acceleration with a drag alongside it. Drag the slider on hardware acceleration bar to “None“. Set the drag to None and click OK. Now restart your PC and check if THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER BSOD is gone.

 Run available BIOS updates

Some times out dated BIOS can cause many type of Blue screen and THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER  is one of them. So make sure BIOS version is updated to do this Click Win key + R, type msinfo32, and hit Enter.

Select System Summary and find your BIOS version. Make sure that you remember the type of your BIOS. At best, write down its name somewhere.

After that, navigate to the official website of your PC’s/laptop’s motherboard manufacturer and check if there is a newer version of the type of your BIOS available. If it is, download it and run its .exe file.

Finally, restart your PC.

Check Temperature Control 

Overheating is a major cause of various computer errors. Your video card, in particular, can be affected by overheating. The card’s chipset easily lock up when the card is overheated. It is, therefore, very necessary that you keep your computer cooled. Both the fans and UPS should be clean and be functioning properly.

Restore System To previous Working state

One of the most Useful Feature in Windows is Restore Point. If you already have Created Restore Point earlier when your computer was working fin. Then its the right time to utilize that restore point. If you do not have Restore point then Read Here How To Troubleshoot windows 10 , 8.1 and 7 using System Restore Point

For New Windows Users, You need to open Control Panel, and in top right search bar, Type “Recovery” now click on it and then you will see open System Restore option, Now click Next and choose your restore point.

click next this will restore your system when your system running fine.

This is One useful Feature, It helps you to take your PC back at the point where your PC was running absolutely fine. That is why one must always Create a Restore point on windows PC, it is of great help.

Also Refer Bellow Video Steps Performed to fix THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

Visit and Subscribe my YouTube Channel for more Windows 10 videos. Hope After perform This your problem will get solved. still have any query comment bellow..

These are some best solutions to fix blue screen thread stuck in device driver windows 10, Thread stuck in device driver windows 10 Blue screen of death error. let us know on comments which option worked for you.

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