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Fix unidentified network no internet access on windows 10

Sometimes After upgrade to Windows 10 users notice they unable to access network shared files and internet connection get disconnected. And moving the mouse cursor to the network symbol on the left taskbar. This showing a yellow tingle with an error like an Unidentified network – No Internet access. This error mostly occur due to the corrupt network drive or you PC not have a valid IP address to connect to the Network and internet. If you are also suffering with this unidentified network no internet access problem on windows computer Here follow below steps to fix permanently.

Tips To Fix unidentified network no internet access error

In other words, An unidentified network means that the gateway is not on a computer for the current connection. And most of the time entering a valid gateway resolves the issue. If you are facing This problem unidentified network no internet access. Fallow This post we have some tips to fix the unidentified network no internet access and  Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error in Windows 10 and other Windows versions.

Run The Network Troubleshooter

Windows have an inbuilt Network Troubleshooting tool to fix network problems. This tool an fix most of the network and internet related problems and also Running this tool can fix unidentified network Error for you. We Recommend to first Run this Troubleshooting tool let windows to find the problem and fix itself. If windows fail to Fix then we will perform manually Troubleshooting steps to fix the unidentified network. lets first run the Network Troubleshooter.

First click on start menu search and type troubleshooting and select it on the Top. When the Troubleshooting window opens click on view all on the left pane. This will display All available windows troubleshooting tools. Here scroll down and select Network Adapter.


When the network adapter troubleshooting window opens , Click on advanced and check mark on Apply repairs automatically. Click next and fallow on screen instructions. This will Reset the local area network,check registry, system files for network and internet connection errors. If found any error this will try to fix itself . After complete the scanning and repairing process this will display the diagnose result.


After Running this tool check problem fixed, If you are still getting same error fallow next step.

Check for IP Conflict

If your system on a local area network where a number of computers connected. There may a chance for IP address confliction. If by mastic the same IP address assign two computers on the same network. There will be start IP conflict and you will face this unidentified network No Internet access problem. For this cause, you have to check and change the IP address of the problematic computer. If you don’t know how to change the ip address fallow next step.

Assign Ip Address Manually

As we discuss the main Reason Behind this unidentified network error is the IP address and gateway. We Recommend to Assign the IP address manually and check the problem solved.

To Assigning IP Address Manually press windows key + R this will open run windows. Now type command  ncpa.cpl and hit the enter key to open network and sharing center. You can simply right click on network adapter select open network and sharing center.


Here click on change Adapter setting. Here you will see all the network adapters. First, disable other network connections by right click and disable. Now select the active network connection, (which having unidentified network problem ) Right click on it and click on properties.


Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list then select properties. Now Assign IP Address and gateway address.

Note : Gateway address is your Router IP address. And Ip address should be on your Router IP address range. For ex : If your Router IP address is then type the IP address 192.168.0.xx. Click tab key this will assign the subnet mask automatically. On gateway address type your router IP address.

That’s all Now click ok to save changes And check your problem solved net work connected. If not solve then next solution.

Try updating your Network Adapter Driver

Some times Due to outdated Network driver This issue happened, And mostly happen after upgrade to Anniversary update on windows 10. The network driver get corrupted, not compatible with the current version of windows. Its better to update your network Adapter or install latest Driver software for Installed Network adapter. To do this just right click on This pc select manage.

This will open the computer management window As shown bellow image select Device Manager. Here you see all installed Driver list. Now on select and expend the network Adapters. Next select your network adapter, Right click on it and select Update software.


Now select Search Automatically for updated driver software bellow How Do you want to search for driver Software. Wait windows to download and install the latest driver for your system after that restart the system.

If windows didn’t get any New update simply close this window. Now visit the device manufacturer website and download the latest driver for this device. Again on computer management window expend network adapters. Select  and Right click on installed network adapter driver click on uninstall.

After uninstallaton complete Simply Restart windows. after Restart install the latest downloaded network driver and check. Hope this time your problem get solved and you may connected to the network and internet.

Reset Network Adapter using Command

First, right-click on the windows 10 Start menu at the bottom-left of the screen and choose Command Prompt (Admin).  When the command prompt opens perform bellow commands. Note after type every command press enter key to execute the command.

First type netsh winsock reset to reset the windows socket registry.
Now Type netsh int ip reset to Reset the intenel Ip address.
Again type ipconfig /flushdns to flush the DNS cache.

Make sure each command has completed successfully – then reboot your PC as normal. Hopefully, this should sort out the problem

Also fallow some other solutions to Fix Unidentified Network – No Internet access problem.

Change power management setting to Turn off this device to save power.

Use the Windows key + R to open Run, type ncpa.cpl, and press Enter. This will open the Network Connections page in Windows.
Right-click the wireless adapter and select Properties. On the Networking tab, click the Configure button.
unCheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

Click Power Management, make sure to uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Click OK.

Changing the Network Drop down value

Before changeing the Network Drop Down value make sure that you have the most recent drivers for your network interface card installed on your computer. Now type ncpa.cpl into the search box and hit enter. This will open the network connection window. Select your active network adapter, Right click on it and select properties. On the local area connection properti,es dialog box click the Configure button near the top.


On the driver properti,es dialog box choose the advanced tab at the top. Now on properties look for something called Speed & Duplex, select it use the drop down arrow under “Value” to select 100 Mbps half.


Close everything that you have running on your PC. Reboot your computer Now check to see if your issue is resolved.

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These are some best solutions to fix unidentified network no internet access problem on windows 10 computers.

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