Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Windows 10 common problems And How to fix them

Windows 10 comes with lots of new features and improvements like new start menu, Microsoft Edge Browser, The action Center, New personal Assistant Cortana, New designed Windows Store app etc. And also Microsoft push day to day updates with new feature improvements and bug fixes. As Recently Microsoft Released the Windows 10 Anniversary update with combine of new features like windows ink workspace, sticky note integrated with Cortana etc And improvements on old Features like start menu new designed, extension support for Edge browser. But with new features windows comes with own problems. like after install update windows startup take time, BSOD error, network connection issue, Driver corruption problem etc. If you’re Also experiencing problems with Windows 10, Here Are some Windows 10 common problems with Troubleshooting and repairing tips.

Critical error start menu Cortana aren’t working

 Start menu and Cortana are two of the new features that are bundled with Windows 10. Most of users notice after installing the recent update the start menu not open, Cortana search not showing any results. Even Showing Critical error while on Windows 10 Startup. Then only option is there to sing out the current login. If you are looking for a solution to fix this critical error lets fallow bellow.
Kill and restart the Cortana process

If you find that Cortana is not working properly, the best thing to do would be to kill Cortana process and restart the process via Task Manager. If it was a minor runtime error Cortana would just take a restart Continue Reading.. 

Fix Windows 10 start menu not working or stopped working

 The Start menu made a welcome return in Windows 10 and it’s now the main way to get things done in the new operating system. Some Times we saw Windows 10 Start menu has the irritating habit of not opening when you click the Start button or press the [Windows] key on the keyboard.
The problem usually causes the Search box to freeze, too. This Type of problem happen  when Windows Updates are being installed.  If you are facing this issue Continue Reading…

Fix Different BSOD Errors in Windows 10 

Blue Screen of Death Error happen whenever your computer is encountered with something it doesn’t know how to process. So it shuts itself down to prevent any damage. Sometimes BSOD just happen once and you don’t see them again when you restart. If this blue screen error occurs frequently, You should take steps to fix it. Before knowing the solution, you should know the reasons.
BSODs appear when Microsoft Windows encounters a critical error it can’t recover from, requiring a reboot and possibly resulting in lost work.

A blue screen of death is the worst type of error a computer can experience, unlike an application crash, which doesn’t bring down the whole system Continue Reading..

Something Happened Error Code 80240020

While install windows 10 Some Usrs getting Error Windows can’t continue the installation process Something Happened or Windows 10 installation has failed. The unhelpful error which has appeared in multiple languages. This Error normally face when we upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 or windows 8/8.1. Here fallow steps to Fix and install windows 10. If you receive the Something happened error message or Error Code 80240020 continue Reading…



Blue screen of death is a major problem for windows users. NTFS FILE SYSTEM is another BSOD And almost every windows users may encounter this issue Show Blue screen with White Text.

What Causes this NTFS FILE SYSTEM Error:

This problem name indicates that it is related to hard drive or newly installed software It’s true. Most of the time, Hard disk problems create this blue screen problem. The main reasons behind this error are Read More

Fix Connection Failed with error 651

You see this error only when you try to connect/share your broadband connection with one or more devices. It shows a message that Your modem (or other connecting devices) has reported an error and Usually, the message will be “Connection failed with error 651” To Solve This Problem Read More.

 Fix Error Service Registration Is Missing Or Corrupt 

When you Update your windows 10 Showing update error 0x8024402c or Windows Store Error 0x80010108.  These are some common symptoms of service registration is missing or corrupt. When you try to troubleshoot your PC for knowing and fixing these issues, Your troubleshooter may show an error name that was not fixed. Service registration is missing or corrupt. As Showing Bellow image.

These error code (0x8024402c) signifies that there are some damaged/corrupt System Files which is preventing the installation of the Update Continue Reading… 

Fix Windows 10 Failed To Upgrade Error Code 80240020

What this error means is, your Windows 10 installation folder is unfinished and/or corrupted. Now, how do you fix that. There is nothing scarier than installing Windows 10 on your machine and coming up with an error message. If you see, it means that something in your Windows 10 installation folder is either corrupted or didn’t complete. Here’s how to fix it Read More

Troubleshooting windows 10 Using Safe Mode.

Safe Mode is an inbuilt troubleshooting feature which disables unnecessary drivers and programs during the startup process. Windows 10 Safe Mode loads the operating system with a minimal set of system files and device drivers – just enough to boot the Windows OS. In Safe Mode, the startup programs, add-ons, etc, do not run.

This allows us to isolate any setting or system errors and fix them at the root, without non-essential applications interfering Continue Reading….

Troubleshoot Windows 10 Using System Restore

System Restore allows you to ‘rewind’ your Windows installation to an earlier working state, without affecting your documents. We can create more then one Restore Point in the Windows operating system. Every Restore Points contains some necessary files and information that are used to restore the system at any specific desired state.

The main advantage of System Restore Point is that undo system changes to your computer without performing any changes in your file, photos, emails and other documents. Restore Point is a very good process for when your system does not work properly.

System Restore tracks software installations, driver changes, and software updates, and allows a user to revert their PC to a prior state Continue Reading….. 

Fix High CPU/RAM Usage Memory Leak after Windows 10 Update

If you are facing that RAM and CPU usage went up after installing or upgrade to Windows 10. Less RAM of your computer is not the cause. Users having 4GB of RAM have less complaints, while more and more users with 8GB and even 16GB of RAM have experienced high RAM usage problems after updating to Windows 10. There are several key reasons why the memory usage runs out after installing Windows 10. Here This post we have some best solutions to help you fix this memory usage going high on Windows 10. You can try any of them on your laptop, desktop PC or notebook computer Continue Reading……

Run Memory Diagnose Tool To Fix Memory Problems.

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool is used when there are some serious issues in your computer. like the crashing of the system, random mistakes and when you notice some other abnormal performances. And also whenever Windows will suspect and find any problems on your computer’s memory. It will ask you to run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool continue Reading….. 

Fix Proxy server is not responding 

facing “Proxy server isn’t responding” Error Message even if your modem, router, and all other WiFi devices are ok. This is a common error in Internet Explorer and other browsers for the users of Windows 7 ,8 and windows 10. This happens mostly when a malicious adware or proxy program messes up with your computer proxy settings. Whenever you visit a website having malicious links and adware, they install themselves on the computer and change proxy settings without user Continue Reading……. 

Troubleshoot black screen problems

In Windows 10 delayed boot-up issue is characterized by a black screen with a mouse cursor during the boot process. Where in users are reportedly forced to wait up to a minute on the same screen, before the login window appears. if you are facing the same issue black screen problems in Windows 10 As Shown bellow picture. Here the following Steps may help you to fix the issue Read More.

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