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How to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version 1607 build 14393

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Windows 10’s second big update, dubbed the “Anniversary Update”, is finally here. Microsoft Corp, on Wednesday announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming to all Windows 10 devices . This is a huge update that touches every corner of the operating system. It includes many, many more changes than the November update did. This post we discuss how to get windows 10 anniversary update Now. Before upgrade to windows 10 anniversary update first know what are the new features.

The windows 10 Anniversary Update will include improvements to windows 10 start menu / start screen, Windows Hello, Ink and much more. In particular, the Edge browser will support biometric logins so you’ll be able to easily sign into websites with your fingerprint. Cortana can now be accessed from the Lock Screen.

Here are some highlight changes on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The start menu has gotten a cleaner, more sensible redesign.
There’s a dark mode for all you goths.
Microsoft Edge finally has support for extensions, as well as gestures for navigating back and forward.
Biometric authentication (Windows Hello) can be used to sign into apps and websites.
Cortana can be augmented through apps and bots.
Cortana can send notifications from your phone (even Android ones) to your PC, Apple Continuity style. Windows {phone users can answer phone calls on their PCs.
Cortana works even when you’re logged out.
You can finally switch between virtual desktops with a single gesture (a four-finger swipe).
Some UI refreshments and new icons.
Notifications can now include images and more detail.
Taskbar icons for UWP apps can show notification counts and other badges.

How to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Assuming you are already running Windows 10. To run the Windows 10 Anniversary Update you’ll need a PC with 2GB of RAM and 20GB of internal storage. (that’s for 64-bit, for 32-bit you’ll need 16GB). The desktop version will run on devices with screens larger than 7″ , while the mobile version works with devices that have screens up to 9″.
The Anniversary Update is available from 2 August, but may well take several days to roll out. Turn on automatic updates now to receive the Anniversary Update as soon as it is available by going to Start, Settings, Update and Security and turning on automatic updates.
You’ll need to run Windows 10 version 1511 with all the latest updates installed. If you’re on Windows 10 Pro, make sure you didn’t disable or defer upgrade.
If you haven’t received the Anniversary Update yet or if you would like to install it from scratch, here is every possible way you can install Windows 10 version 1607 right now.

Manually check For Anniversary Update

You can also manually check for the Anniversary Update by going to Start, Settings, Update and Security, Check for Updates.

Check for Updates on windows 10

The Anniversary Update will appear as, Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607. Click update and the update will begin downloading and installing.
 If you only see a Restart now button, you may find that the Anniversary Update is ready to install. Check the list of updates to be installed to confirm you’ll install the Anniversary Update; it should say something like “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607.”


Download Anniversary update ISO

If you can’t wait, you can download the Anniversary Update now. Provided you have at least 4GB of space on a USB drive, portable hard drive or ISO, download the tool from here.  (windows Media Creation Tool)

Users running previous versions of Windows 10 will be able to upgrade to the latest revision multiple ways. One of the most reliable and convenient ways is to use the ISO file.
The ISO file provides the option of upgrading multiple systems especially for users with limited bandwidth.
For users running previous version of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1, you will need to purchase a license for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, if you did not take advantage of the free upgrade offer. For computers already running Windows 10 Home or Pro, you can upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for free.

Download Anniversary Update Via Windows Media Certain Tool

After download Windows Media creation tool Run it now Choose Create installation media for another PC, then select the language, edition and whether you want 32- or 64-bit. Save the file to a bootable USB drive or as an ISO; if you choose ISO you can then burn it to disc.

Windows Media creation tool

 Boot up the software and follow the wizard to install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Note: If your system comes with UEFI BIOS and supports secure boot, a clean Windows 10 installation may demand signed drivers. If this is an issue, you can enter the BIOS and turn off secure boot or switch to BIOS-compatible start mode.
Another way to get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be by clicking “Learn more” just below the “Looking for info on the latest updates? In Windows Update.
 From there you’ll be taken to a support page on Microsoft.com that will allow you to download the ISO file to your PC.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

Microsoft is offering an upgrade assistant to help you with a smooth transition. Head to the Windows 10 update history page and press Get the Anniversary Update now button.
This will download a Windows 10 Upgrade EXE file. Run the executable to start the Windows 10 Update Assistant. When you click Update Now the tool will check your system for compatibility. Should your system be compatible, waiting for the timer to finish its countdown or clicking Next will initiate the update.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

Once the download has finished, click Restart now to start the installation.
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