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On the Scope Name screen, enter the name of your new scope. You should give it a description to document its purpose. When done, click Next.

On the IP Address Range screen, enter a starting IP address followed by an Ending IP address. This create the scope’s range, which will be used to assign addresses to clients.

Under Configurating settings that propagate to DHCP client section of the IP Address Range screen, either enter a subnet bit length (CIDR) in the Length field, or enter the dotted decimal notation of the subnet mask. for Ex : i am assigning from to total 90 Addresses.  Now click next.

On the Add Exclusions and Delay window, leave everything as default and click Next. Now on the Lease Duration window, leave the default settings intact for now and click Next.

On the Configure DHCP Options window, make sure that Yes, I want to configure these options now radio button is selected, and click Next.

Now on the Router (Default Gateway) window, in the IP address field, type the IP address of the router that is used as the default gateway for the local network, and click Add to add the address to the list.

For ex : my router IP address is type the address and click on Add then click next.
On the Domain Name and DNS Servers window, make sure that the IP address of the DNS server is displayed in the IP address list, and click Next. (If the IP address is not listed, you can add it manually.).

Configure WINS server

On the WINS Servers window, click Next leaving everything as default. On the Activate Scope window, make sure that the. Yes, I want to activate the scope now radio button is selected, and click Next.

Now On the final window, click Finish to complete the new scope creation and activation process.
If you boot up a client that has DHCP enabled, you can see it within the Address Leases section.
Expand IPv4, then Scope, then click on Address Leases. You might have to right-click Adress Leases and select Refresh to see the changes.

DHCP reservation

A DHCP reservation is a given IP address from within a scope that is set aside for lease to a specific DHCP client. DHCP reservation ensures that the IP addresses that you reserve from a configured scope are not leased to any other device in the network. A DHCP reservation also ensures that devices with reservations are certain to have their IP address even if a scope runs out of available IP addresses. The device’s network interface media access control (MAC) address or physical address is necessary to configure a reservation. If the client is already leasing an IP address from a Windows Server 2012 DHCP server. Its MAC address will be available from the DHCP management console.

Lets See How to Reserve Any ip for particular machine 

In the DHCP console, from the left tree view expand the scope you want to add reservations to.
Select and then right-click Reservations. When the context menu appears, click New Reservation

Give the reservation a name. You should probably use the hostname of the server you are reserving the address for. Assign the IP address.

Enter the MAC address of the servers network interface.
Document the purpose of the reservation by entering a description.
Under Support types, select either Both, DHCP or BOOTP.

See Step By Step video Guide to Install and Configure DHCP on windows Server 2012 R2

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