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There are numerous technical terminologies present which confuse people a lot. Internet and network are two terminologies that are pegged by non-technical people the same. But, they are two opposite terms with different uses. So, in this post, explain what is the Network and the Internet and what are the difference between the internet and network (Network vs. Internet) in a constructive way.

The main difference between them comes in their definition a network is a connection of one or more computers placed in an environment, and the internet is the relationship of computers connecting them from all over the world.

What is a Computer Network?

What is Network

The network is a connection between two computer devices to share resources like internet connection, printer, apps, etc., It is a collection of computers or other devices that are connected with wireless technology or transmission media. The network provides connectivity between two devices present within the restricted range where one person is only authorized to manage the entire system. The network can be distinguished into different types such as –

  • Local Area Network aka LAN is the network that connects the small number of devices present in the close geographical location such as nearby buildings or a floor up/down.
  • Metropolitan Area Network aka MAN is a communication network that is available in large cities.
  • Wide Area Network aka WAN is a network that connects two local area networks over a long distance. The operational area of WAN is vast like across countries or states.

What is the Internet?

What is Internet

The internet (short for inter-network) is a global system that uses TCP/IP protocol suite to connect various electronic devices. It is a huge collection of interconnecting devices with speed around the globe. Internet is the network of the network which is compressed of different networks like public, private, academic, government and others. It is a type of network which connects different devices.

What is the difference between a network and the Internet?

In simple words, the network is a collection of devices that can communicate with each other on the other hand the Internet is a collection of networks that can communicate with each other.

Relationship between internet and network

  • The network is a structure when two or more than two computers are connected to exchange data and information. On the other hand, the internet is a type of network and networks of the network, that can connect.
  • The working range of the network is limited whereas the area of operation for the internet is the whole world.
  • A network connecting with the three of four devices can be very affordable, but with the internet internetworking is required which can be pretty costly.
  • The network is interactive over are face to face connections. The internet won’t always allow the face to face interaction.
  • There are different types of networks available such as – LAN, MAN, WAN, Campus Area Network and Home Area Network. However, there’s only one type of internet presence that is the world wide web.
  • The network aims to connect and complete work at a fast pace. On the contrary, the internet has soul purpose to get access to the latest news and information.
Network Internet
Definition A group of two or more computer systems are linked together. Several networks of working that are linked together.
Location Present within a restricted geographical area such as an institute or home. It ranges from one country to another.
Connection Get to interact with each other from face to face. Do not always get to interact with each other face to face.
Types Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Campus Area Network and Home Area Network. World Wide Web.
Aim To get connected and complete work at fast rates. To get access to news and information.
A computer network can have 100% private IP addresses. The Internet requires public IP addresses
A computer network can exist entirely within a host and be 100% virtual. The Internet cannot exist with only virtual devices, it includes the host.
A computer network can exist in a single location. The Internet is geographically diverse.

Requirements of Network

Requirements of Network

  • It is a quickest and effective way of transferring and sharing data.
  • The network version of all the software will be cost-effective for you as compared to buying a licensed copy.
  • You don’t have to load every software on your computer, you can just load to the primary server and connect to the network to use every software on your computer.
  • It is easy to operate and connect.
  • It is an Internet access sharing system.
  • Network improves your performance by balancing the workload.

Requirements of Internet

Requirements of Internet

  • It is a network of computers at different geographical locations around the globe.
  • You can send email messages to anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • You can receive or send information from one computer to another.
  • With the help of the internet, you can participate in numerous debates groups or newsgroups.
  • It facilitates small and larger business organizations to sell their products online with minimal investment.
  • It has availed information to everyone at their tip of a finger. Now, nobody needs to search over piles of books to retrieve a small amount of information.
  • You can stay updated with the knowledge of the latest news.
  • You can communicate and connect with people who possess same interests as you.
  • People can easily pay their utility bills online by using their credit card or debit card details.

Features of Network

  • It presents a high capacity of Load Balancing.
  • It covers indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The network is determined by the weighted algorithm.
  • It has web content or application filtering.

Features of Internet

  • It is a global network that connects lots of devices.
  • It is a decentralized system.
  • The Internet can be accessed in multiple ways.
  • Every computer working over the internet is a separate identity.

Limitations of Network

  • To set up a network, hardware and software are required which can be pretty costly.
  • Sometimes it gets connected with undesirable connections.
  • It can invite illegal connections.
  • Data security is very weak.
  • To regularly maintain the network, you have to invest a considerable amount of time and expertise.

Limitations of the Internet

  • It gives freedom to everyone to say anything. It could be a bad influence on young minds.
  • The data presented by search engines can be irrelevant.
  • It can replace face to face interaction by losing the human touch.
  • The Internet needs high speed to function.
  • Working with the internet is a tiring job.
  • The Internet has made people lazy as they don’t use their common sense anymore to find a piece of information.


Internet and network are two terms which are interlinked with one another, but still, they are very different from each other. It’s just that the Internet is a type of network that functions globally and the network is a simple connection.

A network is usually present within a restricted geographical location, whereas the internet is broader, and ranges from one country to another.

The Internet allows people to access the web and get more information about things around the world whereas a network helps in connecting people together, so they work properly and get tasks done. Also read:

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