Laptop wont turn on after update? Here’s How To Fix It

PC or Laptop won’t start, but the light is blinking, Here is how to fix a Laptop that Won’t Turn On after update or sleep.

Your PC or Laptop won’t turn on when you press the power button. It can feel like a nightmare, particularly if you rely on it as your primary device and you may concern about the loss of work, and important data like pictures, documents and more. A few users report, the laptop won’t turn on after the windows 11 update or the laptop won’t turn on but the power light is on. You may experience this problem with all world-famous brands of laptops include Dell, HP, Lenovo and more. There are multiple reasons that may cause the laptop won’t turn on after update, faulty power supply to software or hardware problem or attached accessories are common. In this article, we have a few effective solutions apply to turn on your laptop before heading to a service center.

Laptop Won’t Turn on After Update

The most common issue preventing PC or Laptop turn on is either the internal power supply is faulty, the Laptop battery is dead or there’s no power coming to your Laptop or PC. Sometimes you may notice laptop won’t start on but power light is on, its because there is a problem with the display or there are some unusual settings that are interfering with the boot sequence. Again there is a faulty piece of hardware malfunctions during startup, leading to a premature shutdown.

Laptop Won't Turn on After Update

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    Check power supply

    The first thing you need to check the power supply. Look at the Laptop charging Adapter for lose connection. Connect the charger to the laptop and turn on the power outlet now try to turn on the laptop. If the laptop starts normally there is a problem that might be your laptop battery and you need to replace it.

    If your Laptop has an accessible battery, remove it, clean it, and plug it back in.

    Remove Laptop battery

    If you are experiencing similar problem with a desktop computer Unplug the computer from wherever it’s currently plugged in and plug it directly into a wall outlet, also make sure that outlet works by plugging something else into it,.

    Power Reset your Laptop

    • Disconnect the charging adapter, and Remove the laptop battery,
    • Now on your laptop press and hold the power button for 30 sec
    • Next, Connect the AC adapter and plug it into an ac jack.
    • Try turn on the Laptop check if this helps.

    power reset laptop

    Disconnect External Devices

    If you have external devices connected to your Laptop it may the reason why the laptop fails to turn on. Let’s Disconnect External Devices and disks from your PC and check if this helps.

    Another reason your laptop isn’t booting is that an external drive or other connected device conflicts with the boot process.

    • First, make sure the laptop is turned off and No charging Adapter is connected.
    • Now disconnect all external devices such as printers, backup HDD or Bluetooth devices.
    • Let’s press the power button again and check if the Laptop turn on.

    Remove external Devices

    Run The Component Tests

    Running component tests can help you identify any faulty components that may be causing your laptop to not turn on.

    If you have a Dell computer here is How to Run a Preboot Diagnostic Test on a Dell Computer.

    • Press the power button and keep pressing the Esc key until a menu pops up.
    • Press F2 to enter the System Diagnostics menu.
    • From the menu, select “Component Test.”
    • Select the components you want to test from the list provided.

    System Diagnostics

    Did you notice Laptop won’t turn on after installing a new RAM or Hard drive if the laptop stopped booting immediately after it might be new hardware is faulty and you need to remove or replace it.  If you hear a clicking noise or the drive spinning but then powers down, this is a telltale sign your hard drive has failed.

    Well if you notice Laptop turn on but No display screen appears, it might be a buggy driver maybe booting at startup and causing the laptop to not turn on. You can check the same by start windows 11 in safe mode.

    safe mode Windows 11

    If the laptop starts normally you need to update the Windows or installing up to date drivers from the manufacturer.

    If you can hear the laptop fan and other noises and the screen still isn’t displaying anything. It is possible that the laptop’s screen is faulty and needs a replacement.

    If none above troubleshooting tips helped get your laptop working again, it’s time to send it to the manufacturer for a repair.

    To avoid such problems, Make sure to install the latest windows updates and driver updates on your Laptop or PC. That ensures the best performance for your computer.

    Regularly maintain and clean the mechanical parts of your laptop, such as the fans and vents, to ensure that they are working properly.

    Also, install antivirus software and time to time perform full system scan to protect your laptop from security threats.

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