7 ways to Fix Microphone Not Working Issue on Windows 11

If you’re having trouble with your microphone on Windows 11, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try.


Did your Laptop Microphone Not working after the Windows 11 Upgrade? Sometimes it’s simply because the Microphone is muted in your Windows 11 system settings and you need to unmute the microphone. But sometimes Windows 11 microphone not working problem may be caused for different reasons, Its because the microphone doesn’t have necessary permissions, the microphone is not enabled in the system or Outdated audio driver and more.

Allowing apps to access your microphone under the Privacy & Security tab, Restarting the audio service, Running the related troubleshooter and update associated drivers help fix the microphone not working problem on Windows 11.

Microphone not working windows 11

The problem can occur due to improper functioning of some peripherals or can result from unknown privacy changes.

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How to fix the Microphone not working in Windows 11?

Hence this issue is caused for different reasons, there are multiple solutions you need to apply one after one to fix the Windows 11 microphone not working problem. Let’s start with basic,

  • If you’re using an external microphone, make sure it’s properly connected to your PC, Or disconnect and reconnect it again. Or try to connect the microphone to another PC and see if it is working or not.
  • Again If you’re using a headset mic, make sure it’s not set to mute on your headset.
  • Restart your PC, which refreshes the operating system and clear temporary glitches that may prevent the microphone detect or record your audio.

If you are connected microphone to your desktop PC then check the three audio input ports at the back of your computer. The right one is for line-in, the one in the middle is for your headphones or speakers, and finally, the one on the left is for your microphone. Check and make sure you have inserted your microphone pin to the left most port

Check Microphone Privacy Settings

As suggested earlier, the app on which you’re trying to use your microphone may not have access to it. Again if microphone access is blocked in Windows 11 settings, then it could be the reason why the Microphone not working. Let’s Allow apps to access your microphone on your PC settings.

This will be necessary so that the microphone can function as intended.

  • Press the Windows key + X and select settings from the context menu
  • Go to privacy & security then choose Microphone on the right side of the window
  • Here first check and make sure turn the toggle on for Microphone access
  • Next in the same window, turn the toggle on for Let Apps Access your microphone
  • Expand Let apps access your microphone and Ensure your target app is also allowed to access the microphone.

Let apps access your microphone

Check exclusive access on Windows 11

  • In addition press, the Windows key + R type mmsys.cpl and click ok to open sound settings,
  • Go to the Recording tab, Right click on your active microphone select properties,
  • Under microphone, properties move to the advanced tab and uncheck the two options under Exclusive Mode. Hit OK to save.

Disable microphone exclusive access

Restart Windows Audio Service

If due to any reason the audio service stops or not started you might experience no sound problem that can cause issues with your input devices as well. Let’s check and restart your Audio services to fix this issue on your system.

  • Press the Windows key + R, type services.msc and click ok to open the Windows service console,
  • Scroll down to locate Windows audio service, right-click on it select restart,

Restart windows audio service

  • Next, locate the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service, right-click on it select restart,
  • Note, if the service is not started then right-click on it and select start.

Once done, now try using your microphone again. If Windows Audio services were the cause of your issue then it should now be fixed on your system.

Run the Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 11 has built-in Recording Audio troubleshooter that automatically scans for issues, checks audio related services, look at the audio driver for updates and try to fix them automatically for you. Let’s run the Audio Troubleshooter on Windows 11 that probably helps fix the audio and microphone not working problem on your Laptop.

The recording audio troubleshooter on Windows 11 can diagnose the root cause of your microphone issues and fix them with its automated repair strategies.

  • Press the Windows key + X and select settings
  • Go to system then scroll down and click on Troubleshoot on your right.
  • Click on Other troubleshooter option to display all available troubleshooter list
  • Scroll down to locate Recording Audio and click Run next to it.

Recording audio troubleshooter

  • The troubleshooter will now scan your system for issues and ask you to select the device you wish to troubleshoot in case you have multiple devices installed on your system.
  • Click and select the one you are facing issues with and click on Next. The troubleshooter will now try to automatically detect and fix the issue.
  • Once done reboot your PC and check if the microphone working now.

Enable Microphone in Sound Manager

Also, it’s advised to check device is connected properly, working as expected, and is enabled on the sound manager.

  • Press Windows + R, type mmsys.cpl and press Enter to open the sound manager,
  • Move to the Recording tab at the top of your screen. Under the Recording tab, you will find the default microphone icon.
  • Right-click on it and make sure the Disable toggle option is not checked.
  • While you are here, you can select the Disable option and then Enable again to give your microphone a manual reset.

Reinstall microphone drivers

A device driver is a communicator between hardware and software if something is wrong with the audio driver or microphone driver that might cause this issue. In such case, We will first update the microphone drivers and see if that makes a difference. If the issue persists, we will uninstall the device and then re-add it back.

To update the microphone drivers:

  • Press Windows key + X and select device manager,
  • This will display all installed driver lists on your computer, locate and expand the audio inputs and outputs section,
  • Here right-click on the microphone driver listed there, and select update driver.

Update Microphone driver

  • Click on Search automatically for drivers and follow on-screen instructions to allow download updated drivers from the Microsoft server and install on your device.

Reinstall microphone driver

If you are still having trouble using your microphone, try to reinstall the microphone driver by following the steps below.

  • Again open device manager using devmgmt.msc command on Run,
  • Right-click on your targeted device in the Audio inputs and Outputs section, and choose Uninstall device from the context menu.

Uninstall microphone driver

  • Uninstall the button again, if prompted for confirmation and reboot your PC,

confirm uninstall microphone driver

  • Now again open the device manager and  click on the Scan hardware changes icon at the top
  • The system will automatically detect the microphone and install it back.

If it does not, you might have a driver issue at your hand. Go to the manufacturer’s website to get the latest driver for your device.

Run SFC and DISM scan

Sometimes corrupted or missing system files also cause different problems include the microphone not working on Windows 11. As a last resort let’s run SFC and DISM scans on your Windows 11 system that helps check and fix system errors with your Windows Image and disk drives.

If corrupted files were the cause of your issue then SFC and DISM scans should help fix the same on your system.

Press Windows key + S and type cmd, right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator, Now run the following commands one by one on your system.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

sfc /scannow

If you end up getting an error when running the DISM command then you can run the following command to repair your Windows image using local files instead.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:\RepairSource\Windows /LimitAccess

Note: You might need to change the path for C:\RepairSource\Windows depending on your current Windows installation.

Once done, restart your system for good measure. If corrupted system files were the cause of your microphone issue then it should now be fixed on your system.

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