Microsoft Edge black screen problem

Microsoft Edge is the default Browser on Windows 11 or 10, Built on the same technology as Chrome. And bring additional features like start up boost and sleeping tabs that boost the browsing experience. According to various tests, Edge uses less RAM compared to Google chrome and makes a significant difference for systems running on limited memory. The company also regularly update the edge browser with the latest bug fixes, security improvements and new feature to complete the most popular Google Chrome. But few users report Microsoft Edge flashing black screen issue when trying to open the browser, or Microsoft edge black background after update. If you are also experiencing similar problem with Edge browser, here is how to fix the problem.

Microsoft Edge Black Screen Issue

The outdated version of windows 11 or edge browser and not having the latest Graphics driver update are primary reasons behind this problem. Again corrupt browser cache, malicious extensions can also cause Microsoft edge black background problem.

  • Microsoft Edge black screen issue can be fixed by disable Hardware Acceleration
  • A simple yet effective fix is update the Microsoft browser with latest version and install latest windows updates.
  • You can solve this problem by clear browser cache, remove browser extensions or reset the Edge browser settings.
  • Sometimes virus or malware infection could be the reason why edge browser flash black, perform full system scan.
  • Start windows 11 clean boot, that help diagnose the issue if third party programs, services or driver conflict causing the issue.

Lets first reboot windows 11 and open the Edge browser again, that clear temporary glitch, refresh the OS and restart running programs and probably fix the problem.

Update windows 11

Microsoft regularly update windows 11 to improve the system performance, and patch latest bugs and security holes. Whenever you experience problem with windows 11 or default apps the first thing you have to ensure latest windows updates installed on your device.

  • Press windows key + I to open settings app,
  • Go to windows update then hit check for updates button,
  • This will check for latest available updates, if windows updates pending there allow them download and install,
  • Once done you need to reboot your computer to apply the changes.

Update windows 11

Update Microsoft edge browser

Outdated application versions are often the primary reason behind many problems on windows 11. Similar can be the case with Microsoft Edge that result black screen problem. Lets update the Microsoft edge browser with latest browser for latest bug fixes and improvements.

  • First open the Microsoft Edge browser,
  • Press Alt + F on keyboard then select settings
  • Now choose About Microsoft Edge, this will automatically update the browser with latest version
  • Ensure your PC connected working internet to download the update files from Microsoft server.

Microsoft Edge 110 Download

Remove edge Extensions

Latest Microsoft edge browser is based on chromium search engine and offer wide range of extensions to improve user experience and productivity. But sometimes a specific malicious extensions can cause different issues include edge nor responding or close immediately include black screen problem.

  • Open Microsoft edge, press Alt + F and select extensions then Manage extension
  • Or you can type edge://extensions/ on address bar then press enter key to display list of installed and enabled extensions
  • Here you can Toggle off the extension or Click on Remove on all the unnecessary extensions.

Remove edge extensions

Clear the Microsoft Edge Cache Data

The Edge browser stores cache data, and is meant to provide faster and smoother user experience. But sometimes the browser chunk with cache or cache data gest corrupted it will result various issues include black screen problem on Microsoft Edge. And clearing the cache data should solve the problem.

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser then press Ctrl+Shift+Del keyboard shortcut
  • Or you can press Alt + F then select settings, navigate Privacy, search and services
  • Click on Choose what to clear under the Clear browsing data section
  • Select the time range to all time then click on clear Data.
  • That’s it. Restart the browser and check if you still face the black screen problem.

Clear edge browsing data and cache

Disable Hardware Acceleration

The Hardware Acceleration feature on edge browser handle Graphics intensive tasks by using computers Graphics hardware chip. Usually, it optimizes browsers overall speed but often causes performance issues including Black screen problem on Edge. And users report, disable the Edge hardware acceleration help them to fix the problem.

  • Open the Edge browser, click three dot menus at upper right and select settings,
  • Click on system and performance and disable the use hardware acceleration when available option.
  • Restart the browser and you are good to go.

Disable Hardware acceleration

Update the Graphics Driver

Outdated Graphics driver is another common reason behind the black screen problem on windows 11. If the above solutions didn’t fix the problem and still Microsoft edge flashing black screen try update or reinstall the Graphics driver with the latest version.

  • Press windows key + X and select Device Manager,
  • This will display all devices and peripherals connected to your computer,
  • Locate and expand the Display adapters to view that device category,
  • Right click on installed Graphics card and select update driver,
  • Click on Search automatically for drivers and follow on screen instructions.
  • Windows will search for the best available driver and install it on your system.

update graphics driver

Also, you can visit Graphics card manufactures site to download the latest updated driver for your computer and install it.

Reset Edge Browser

Users suggest reset the Edge browser default settings help them fix the problem as well.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Click on the three dots (…) from the right top corner.
  3. Select Settings from the drop down and click on Reset settings from the left pane.
  4. Select Restore settings to their default values
  5. Relaunch Edge and check

Reset edge settings

In addition, Open Microsoft Edge Settings > Privacy, Search, and Services > Tracking prevention, and switch to a balanced approach.

Perform full system scan for virus and malware infection, or run system file checker utility to scan for corrupted system files that might affect browser performance or Edge open black screen.

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