Microsoft Programs Every College Student Should Use 2024


College students rely on numerous software programs to complete assignments and complete their research work. Keeping this in mind, many applications have been made for Microsoft Windows users that make these tasks easy and efficient. Also, most of these applications are either free or affordable to students.

But finding the right ones can be hard, given the number of applications available today. If you’re a student, you’ll find this list of Microsoft programs very helpful as it contains programs that will be of use to every college student.

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MS Office

Microsoft office

MS Office is one of the powerful Microsoft programs that help students unleash their best ideas, get things done and stay connected with unique features. All you need as a student is to sign in for a personalized experience with the most up-to-date applications.

With MS Office, you will get access to a fully-featured word processing program for both Windows and Mac operating systems that aids in performing various applications like opening word documents, typing and editing them.

Through Excel and PowerPoint, you will be able to use graphic tools, pivot tables, and utilize macro-programming language and present your work with ease in presentations.


Windows 10 Cortana

As a student, Cortana will help you achieve more with less effort while focusing on what matters to you most. With it, you can access information quicker and connect with other students faster.

In Windows, it has a chat-based UI that will allow you to interact with typed or spoken queries. Depending on your preference, the Cortana app can be resized, moved and docked on your desktop to enable you to accommodate your workflow. It also comes with enhanced security and privacy, so you can be confident when keeping your information on it.

College essay help from professionals

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Microsoft visual studio

Microsoft visual studio

As a computer science student or if you have a strong passion for computer-related applications, this is one of the best programs that you can utilize to code faster, work with the best IDE and develop your design to final deployment.

The IntelliSense code suggestions allow you to work quickly and accurately while maintaining your speed no matter the complexity of the file you are handling.

In addition, the CodeLens will help you identify essential insights like changes that have been made to the code and their impact. It lets you pause code execution and inspect using the breakpoint and method to recreate your state.

Microsoft OneDrive

Loss of data is a significant challenge among college students because of failures associated with hardware storage components. Imagine losing your valuable project on the SD card or external hard disk and there is no other way you can retrieve the information on it.

With Microsoft OneDrive, you can store your files and personal data like recovery keys, passwords, share files or window settings on the cloud. As long as you have reliable access to the internet, you can log in to your vault, read and do all the assignments from the comfort of your place. It offers 5 GB free storage space and other storage options like 100 GB, 1 TB and 6 TB.

Bing Maps

This software program and service will allow students to view, edit and integrate maps in the tutorials or assignments on web applications given in college. It is designed to facilitate geographical visualization and analysis using interactive maps, autosuggest, route locations, spatial math libraries and geocoding.

As a college student pursuing a business-related course, you can use this program to learn more about data mapping from different sources and the Visual Basics for Application interface that allows automation of the mapping point process.

At the end of college education, you will understand how to reach millions of consumers around the globe with mixed reality experiences. In addition, you can use this program when designing your android-based applications.


That’s the list of Microsoft programs useful to college students. Depending on your course and your assignment types, the usefulness of each of these applications may vary. But they can make completing assignments very easy so make sure you try each one out to find applications that you enjoy using as a college student.

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