Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Microsoft Windows 10 Features You Need to Know 2019

Windows 10 comes with lots of New Improved Features. This Post we Will discuss What are the new Windows 10 Features, What is use of Them, for example windows 10 comes with new improved start menu what are the new features on start menu ect. The new Edge browser, Cortana, Virtual desktop etc.

Windows 10 It’s free

One of the biggest new developments in the Windows 10 story is that it will be completely free to upgrade. Microsoft made this announcement at its January event in Redmond. The firm has said it will be available at no charge for the first year.and for Home users free for lifetime.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade. The upgrade offers the full version of Windows 10, not simply a trial  or limited version. It also ensures that you can run Windows 10 on your specific device for free “for  the supported lifetime of your device,” according to Microsoft. Windows 10 will be free for the first  year to all Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Phone 8.1 users. In this article, we take a look at how  Windows 10 will be distributed and how you can reserve your copy today Read More

New Start Menu Back with Lots Of improvement

On Windows 10 The Start menu is back and better than ever! Just select the Start  button on the taskbar. Windows 10 Start menu is also quite customization.

The Start menu in Windows 10 is redesigned and looks like Microsoft has fused Windows 7 start menu and Windows 8 Start screen together. It looks great, more beautiful and more functional.

On top of that, you will find an extra panel, similar to Windows 8, where you can pin favorite apps for quicker access. You can drag the start menu to resize the panel to contain more apps. The apps can be arranged in a group, and the icons can be resized and set to be static or alive.
You can quickly resize the Start Menu by simply moving your mouse to the top edge of the Start Menu and resizing down. You can change the background color (right click > Personalize), drag live tiles around, and pin your favourite apps on the left hand side. Read More

New Smart Personal Assistant Cortana

Microsoft has built its personal voice assistant Cortana right in. Even if you’re already using Google Now or Siri, having Cortana on your desktop can be handy. You can perform web searches to get many of the same quick answers by simply pressing the Win key and typing a question

Cortana will help you find things on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you, and tell jokes. The more you use Cortana, the more personalized your experience will be.

To get started, type a question in the search box on the taskbar. Or select the microphone icon and talk to Cortana Read More.

Also Read How to Make Google as Default Search in Cortana for Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Browser

Brand-new Microsoft Edge has arrived on PCs along with Windows 10. Microsoft has brought a cleaner and more powerful web-browser with new features in Windows 10. Now, with Windows 10, Microsoft is ditching the old browser for Microsoft Edge.


Edge has nicer, sleeker interface. The window has two color modes, Light and Dark, which can be switched through Settings. Edge is integrated with Bing and Cortana to deliver an interactive experience. As you type in the address bar, it will show you a list of keyword suggestions; typing “weather in Chicago” will immediately show the weather forecast in the city; AAPL will return the current stock price of Apple Read More.

Work With Multiple Desktops

The virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 is called “Task View” and is located on the Task bar. Windows 10 was built to be a touch-friendly operating system, but Microsoft isn’t slacking on keyboard and mouse support. Windows-Tab launches the Task View tool, which displays all your open windows at once and reveals the New Desktop option in the lower right-hand corner.

Yep, Windows finally has a virtual desktop interface (VDI), but it’s fairly basic. Unlike OS X and Linux
you can’t use them to organize different sets of application shortcuts, folders, or files. You can’t apply wallpaper or color schemes that are unique to each VDI. In Windows 10, any of those things that you apply to your “real” desktop is mirrored across all the VDIs that you have created. Still, it’s a good start. Read More 

Hidden Dark Theme

Windows 10’s new default theme is very bright, with lots of white — from window backgrounds to white title bars. Microsoft built a dark, black theme into Windows 10, but it’s hidden.

Windows 10 comes with lots of personalization options and by some small tweaks you can make it more familiar to yourself. Microsoft may eventually add a toggle to the Settings app that switches between a system-wide light theme and dark theme. This is the way it works on Windows Phone. For now, you can still enable a system-wide dark theme — it just requires editing the registry.Read More

Central Notification Center

From Android to iOS, OS X to Ubuntu—has had a central notification area for some time. Microsoft is finally adding this much-needed feature to Windows 10. You can click the notification tray icon in the lower-right side of the screen or press Win-A to open up your notifications.

In Windows 10, the Action Center has been upgraded to adjust to our modern digital worldly needs, where information flow in an endless stream. You can now find anything you might have missed like emails, news, calls, texts, and software updates. You can also access shortcuts to your PC Settings. The Action Center can be accessed through the bubble talk icon at the bottom right side of the Taskbar.

Improved Hyper-V Feature

Windows 10 includes a number of improved features including updates to Hyper-V virtualization. Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than physical) version of an IT environment, including an operating system (OS), a storage device, etc.

Virtualization takes place on the same hardware platform after installing specific software – known as a hypervisor. The hypervisor is an additional layer between physical and virtual spheres it manages the system’s hardware resources so they are distributed efficiently among virtual machines Installing an OS on a VM using Windows 10’s built-in Hyper-V is easy as doing it in other VM programs like continue reading…

Change The Login Screen Background In Windows 10

Windows 10 has a lock screen and a login screen. The login screen is the one you see when you hit Escape on the lock screen and where you enter your password to get to your desktop. Windows 10 has made it super easy to change the lock screen background but the same cannot be said for the Login screen. At present, you are saddled with the Hero background on the login screen and there doesn’t seem to be any straight forward way to change it.

There is, however, an app Windows 10 Login Screen Background Changer‘ that does let you change it. It’s free and warns you to use it at your own risk (and we agree).

New improved command prompt

Windows 10 brought many new features and improvements when compared to Microsoft’s previous operating systems. There were few minor limitations in the command prompt in the earlier versions of windows which is now upgraded. New Released Windows 10, Command Prompt has finally gotten some much needed improvements.

The improvements to the Windows 10 command-line console make it much easier to use programs. Such as Command Prompt and PowerShell, and you can enable the new features simply by configuring them within the console properties Read More.

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