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Solved: Minecraft won’t launch or stuck on loading screen | 2023 Guide

Minecraft won't launch windows 10

Minecraft won’t Launch on Windows 10 or Minecraft not responding while trying to open or play the game? Several users report on Microsoft forum post, can’t play Minecraft when it doesn’t launch as expected. Outdated graphics card drivers, third-party antivirus applications conflicting or your system not meet the minimum system requirement for the game (Minecraft) you are playing are some most common reason Why Minecraft Won’t Launch On Windows 10? Here in this post, we discuss some of the best working solutions help fix Minecraft game not loading or opening problem on windows 10.

Minecraft not launching Windows 10

Before apply any solutions, first, disable or temporarily uninstall third-party antivirus to make sure security software conflict not causing the issue.

Install Windows updates

Disconnect from VPN if configured and most importantly make sure your windows 10 system has the latest updates installed. With regular windows updates, Microsoft release bug fixes for the various problem. May the latest update has a bug fix for the Minecraft game issue. You can manually install windows update following the steps below.

Check Minecraft system requirements

If you have old system or didn’t meet the system requirement for the Minecraft game you may experience, Minecraft won’t launch or loading on windows 10. That’s why before go ahead check the Minimum system requirements for Minecraft.

Note: you can check your system information using dxdiag command.

Operating System Windows 7 and up
CPU Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent
GPU Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series | NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series
HDD 180 MB to 1 GB available space
Memory 4 GB RAM

But the recommended system requirements for play Minecraft game on your system. We recommend Windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i5  | AMD A10 7800 or equivalent processor, dedicated graphics card NVIDIA or AMD, 8 GB of RAM and the system has SSD drive installed.

End Minecraft process

If Minecraft not launching after pressing the play button, kill the Minecraft process and re-launch the Minecraft game following the steps below.

Run Minecraft as administrator

Again privilege issues might prevent or causing Minecraft not launching or responding. Let’s try to run Minecraft as an administrator to see if this fixes your issue.

In addition, launching Minecraft in Compatibility mode probably help fix the issue. where Compatibility mode allows games to use settings from an earlier version of Windows which can help you solve the Minecraft won’t launch issue.

Update graphics driver

Another common reason for Minecraft won’t launch on Windows 10 is outdated or corrupted graphics card driver. Reinstall the graphics card driver with the latest version probably a good working solution help fix the problem for you.

Now visit device manufacturers such as NVIDIA’s official site here, download and install the latest graphics driver from there.  Restart your system, and play the game to see if this method worked for you or not.

Sometimes Minecraft mode, change the game’s behavior and may cause unknown problem Minecraft stuck on the loading screen or not launching. Remove all mods you’ve installed and check if Minecraft open and work without any problems.

In addition, if you have Discord installed on your PC, there are chances it might creating conflicts with the game. Temporarily uninstall Discord from your computer and check whether the problem resolved or not.

Also, check and remove if any incompatible software installed on your PC.

Reinstall the Minecraft

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