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Microsoft office 2016 Professional Plus is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. And it comes with lots of New Features And improvements. In this Post, We will Discuss  New improved Features of Microsoft office 2016 Professional Plus. Before we go to features first Download and install Microsoft office 2016 on Windows 10.

Minimum system requirements for install Microsoft office 2016

1. Operation system windows 10/8.1/8/7/
2. Memory RAM 1GB Of Ram Required
3. Hard disk Space 4 GB Of Free Space Required
4. Processor 1 GHz Processor or faster

New Features of Microsoft office 2016

There are several Windows 10 features that work great with Microsoft office 2016. Windows Hello is a biometric authentication measure the company introduced with the new desktop operating system. Which checks a person’s face to log in to the computer also works with Microsoft office 2016. In addition, Cortana can work in conjunction with Office apps too and fetch important information and perform handy tasks. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note, Outlook, Access, Project, Visio, and Publisher.

New Much-Awaited Office Themes

Microsoft has finally introduced the much-awaited and requested dark theme option in Office. Users can now change the light, shiny interface to a rad-looking Dark Gray theme. The dark theme will also come in handy while working at night hours. The Dark Gray theme provides a high contrast look and feels that is easy on the eyes. The Colorful theme offers a modern and fresh look. The White theme provides a traditional Office look. There are a number of other themes as well. Pick the Office theme that’s right for you.

Integration with One Drive and Skype

One Drive integration enables you to open an Office document from anywhere and from any supported device. Not only can you access these files, but you can also in fact pick up right from where have you left on another device and co-author with others from the comfort of your office or home, or even on the go. Skype, as you can imagine, allows you to talk to your colleagues, initiate and join online meetings and share your screen with your colleagues. Use Skype to check in and collaborate with someone using Instant Messaging (IM), voice, video, or screen sharing. Also, join online meetings while on the go using the Skype for Business mobile app. See who is online, IM meeting participants, and follow along when a presenter shares his screen – all from your tablet or phone

Attach OneDrive files to Outlook 2016

Attaching files is now easier and more intuitive. Now, when you click the “Attach” button to attach a file to the current email, you’ll see a list of recently worked-on files, both locally and on OneDrive. This can be very useful considering the file you want to attach is probably one you’ve accessed or been working on recently. 

Simplified Sharing

The new version of Office is focusing on collaboration. This means that more than ever, the desktop version of Office depends on the cloud. Just click the Share button in the Ribbon for easy sharing right from your Office documents. See who has access to a given document and who is currently working in the document, and change individual authoring permissions for any document you own.

How To Share Office Documents 

1. Open to edit or create a document in Word, Excel, or using any of the other apps.
2. On the top-right corner of the app, click the new Share button.
3. Click Save to cloud, you’ll then be redirected to the “Save As” section, pick you One Drive account and the location to store the file.
4. In the Share pane, you can invite people by simply typing their email addresses or accessing your contact list. You can also change the share permissions to edit or view only
5. Then add a message describing the document or any note you want to communicate to those who can access the file, and click Share

Real-Time Typing / collaborate in real-time

Google Docs users have been enjoying real-time collaboration for years. However, Microsoft has finally caught up and improved real-time collaboration in the core apps in Microsoft office 2016. Work with others simultaneously on a document regardless of the device you’re using. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now make it easy to have multiple people editing the same document, whether they are using Office Online or the desktop Office apps. As you collaborate with others in a document, see where others are working and view their edits as they happen.

Real-Time Typing

How to Use Real-Time Collaboration

First, you have To shared the document through OneDrive, people with editing permission can simply open the file with the desktop version of Microsoft office 2016. If you are the person who has created and shared the document, you’ll also get a notification alerting you that other people are editing the document. You’ll be prompted whether you would like to share automatic changes as they happen. If this is something you like, simply click Yes on the alert.

When you’re collaborating in real-time, you can only work and edit your content or any other content the other person isn’t already editing. For example, if you’re working on a paragraph, you can keep editing that content. But you can’t edit another paragraph that is being edited by someone else until that person jumps to another new paragraph.

Smart Lookup

Smart Lookup features in the new Office version will provide you with contextual information about words and phrases you need to know more about. This feature is similar to the one you’ll find in Microsoft Edge when you ask Cortana for assistance in the web browser.  The Smart Lookup allows users to research specific content using the web information through the Insights functionality.

When you select a word or a phrase in Word, PowerPoint, or any other Office application the sidebar opens at the right side with details about the selected text from various sources, including Wikipedia. Simply highlight terms in your document and use this feature to bring in search results from the web right into your reading or authoring environment.
If you need to know the definition of a word, or you need to research a place or a person. Or you simply want to know more about something specific. Instead of using the web browser and leaving the document, simply select and right-click the text you want to research, and select Smart Lookup.

 New Chart TypesIn Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Visualize financial or hierarchical data and highlight statistical properties of your data with new chart types: Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.

How to use new charts in Excel 2016

If you want to analyze the data using the new charts, you need to do the following:
1- Create a table and select its content.
2- Go to the Insert tab, and choose from one of the new charts.

Import web data into Excel

In Excel 2016, Microsoft is adding an easier way to export web data to excel simple and fast. If you need to grab a specific piece of data such as a tablet with content, you need to follow these steps:
visit the webpage that has the data you want, right-click and copy the link to the clipboard.

Open Excel and go to the Data tab.  Click on New Query, select From other Source, and click on From Web.

On the next window, paste the source link and click OK, and select how you want to access the data, and click connect. Excel 2016 will open the “Navigator”, and it will load the data available from that web page, click on the table you would like to import, and click Edit. Now, Excel will fetch the data. Because this is an automated process, and data from the web isn’t very reliable, you can easily clean up the table before inserting the data into your new document.

More Security

Microsoft is also beefing up the security options for the 2016 Office apps. That includes the introduction of Data Loss Protection (DLP) functionality to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. DLP lets you set parameters on Office documents, ensuring that users do not send sensitive information outside of a company network by accident. Another noteworthy new security feature is two-factor authentication for Outlook, to ensure that only you can access your inbox.

Tell Me

In Microsoft office 2016 Simply type what you want to do in the app using your own words. And then Tell Me will guide you through the process as well as offer additional resources.

How to use Tell Me

Tell Me sits on the tabs menu of every Office 2016 app. To use the feature, simply click on “Tell me what to do”, and type what you want to know, such as commands you can’t find or options you want to configure

Improved Version History

In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Refer back to previous snapshots and earlier drafts of documents during the editing process as you collaborate with others.
One-Click Forecasting
In Excel With one simple click, create forecast charts based on historical data and predict future trends. This new capability uses the industry-standard Exponential Smoothing (ETS) algorithm to give you reliable forecasting data.

Better Control over Resource Scheduling

In Project Negotiate an agreement, called a resource engagement, to make sure that resources with limited availability are being used appropriately. And effectively throughout your organization.

More Flexible Timelines

In Project Not only leverage multiple timelines to illustrate different phases or categories of work, but also set the start and end dates for each timeline separately, to paint a clearer overall picture of the work involved.

Improved Backstage

The Backstage screen received an update that makes saving, opening, and browsing for files easier and faster. The “Recent” files list is now categorized by document modification date. And the “Browse” button has been elevated for improved visibility and now provides quick access to the File Explorer.

Convert Handwritten Equations to Text

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now include a new feature called “Ink Equation”. Which allows you to insert mathematical equations by handwriting them using a mouse, a digital pen, or even your finger on touch-enabled devices.

Shared Notebooks

In OneNote Collect any and all relevant information (e.g., photos, videos, clippings, drawings,…) in one central location, work with others. And watch the app sync changes within seconds.
These are some best ms office 2016 professional features Improvements, Hope you enjoy this post. Have any query suggestion feel free to comment below.

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