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Printer only print one page then hangs until reboot Windows 10

Did you come to a situation, Printer not printing continuously, stops printing after 2 or 3 pages or Sometimes printer only print one page then hangs until reboot? Here a number of users report issue on Microsoft forum,

Printer only prints one page then stops

Printer Start printing only one page of a document, even if there are multiple pages. There are no error messages or anything, it just prints one and then stops as if it finished the job.

Printer only print one page then hangs until reboot Windows 10
Printer only print one page then hangs until reboot Windows 10

This problem mostly causes if the print spooler stops responding, Installed Printer driver corrupted and more. Here some solutions you may apply to fix printer only prints one copy on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Windows itself offers build-in printer Troubleshooter, that check and fix problems prevent to complete the printing task. Run the troubleshooter and let windows to fix the problem for you.

  1. Open Control Panel from Start menu search.
  2. From Small icon view, Click on Troubleshooting
  3. Click on View all and Select Printer.
  4. Then click on Advanced, and make sure “Apply repair Automatically” check marked
  5. Click next and let Troubleshooter check and fix the problem for you.
  6. After Complete the process, Restart windows and check now pages printing continuously.

Run Printer troubleshooter

Check Print Spooler Service running and set Automatic startup

If Running printer troubleshooter didn’t solve the issue, then Check the print spooler dependency services are running.

  1. Click Start, type services.msc and hit Enter
  2. Scroll down to Print spooler.
  3. If it’s running state, Simply right click and select restart
  4. If print spooler service not running, Right click and click properties.
  5. Change startup type “Automatic“, and start the service.
  6. Now click the tab “Dependencies
  7. Note all of the dependent services listed, and then close the Print Spooler Properties window.
  8. Check these Dependent services running, if not Repeat the above steps to start them.

Clear Print Spooler

  1. Open “Computer” and browse to the below folder and delete all the files in it, “c:\windows\system32\spool\printers”
  2. Do the same to clear the content in the folder “c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86”
  3.  Reboot.

Disable Mopier Mode

One of the Users recommend on Microsoft forum, Disable Mopier mode help to resolve the issue “Printer stuck after one page print”

  • Open control panel and go to devices and printers, under hardware and sound.
  • Right click on your printer (which causing issue) and click on printer properties.
  • Move to the device settings tab, and scroll down to installable options.
  • look for an option called mopier mode, disable this option,.
  • click on apply and check this helps. Now document immediately printing as the print job is received from the computer.

Disable Mopier Mode

Reinstall Printer driver

If all above solutions, didn’t fix the problem, Reinstalling printer driver do the magic for you. To do this first Unplug the Printer.
  • From Windows, search for and open Programs and features
  • Right click on your installed Printer driver and Select Uninstall
  • Then In Windows, search for and open Devices and printers
  • Here look for your printer if still it listed there right-click on it and choose ‘Delete‘ or‘Remove Device
  • Now press Windows + R, type printui.exe /s and ok
  • Under “Drivers” tab look for your printer name there.
  • if you see it Click on it and click Remove at the bottom and Select Ok
  • Select Apply and Ok on the Print Server Properties windows and restart PC
  • Visit the Printer manufacturer website and download the latest available printer driver.
  • Now connect your Printer via USB cable windows automatically install the basic driver for you to start using the printer.
  • Or you can run the printer driver, that you downloaded from the manufacturer website.
  • Now send a print job from your computer. check this helps.

Did these solutions help to fix “printer only print one page then hangs”, cant print multiple pages on Windows 10 printer etc? Let us know on comment s below, also read Fix The Disk is Write Protected Error for USB Flash Drive in Windows 10

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