Reset Windows 11 password

We always recommend create or using a strong password on your PC or user account so that no one can use your PC without your permission. But what if you forgot your windows 11 password and wonder how to unlock the computer? Don’t worry there are multiple ways to reset Windows 11 password and unlock the computer. You can Reset your Windows 11 Password with simple Command Prompt tips or use the Microsoft Account to Verify your identity and create a new password. Also, you can use third-party software to reset the windows 11 password and unlock the computer or Reset this PC or Restore the System on the advanced option to Unlock Windows 11 Computer.

Reset windows 11 password command prompt

This is one of the simple and easiest methods to reset windows 11 passwords without any third-party software. If you are using a local account to log in to your computer then you can use the command prompt to reset the password and unlock your computer. If you are using a Microsoft account then skip this step just to the next solution that explains how to reset your Microsoft account password.

Access Windows 11 Advanced options

Here we assume you forget your local user account password and the PC is locked.

First, hold down the left shift key on your keyboard and click on the power button then click on the restart. This will restart your PC (while the restart process, continue to hold the left shift key) and you will see the advanced menu option coming up.

TroubleshootClick on troubleshoot then advanced options, you see the following screen now. Click on the command prompt to open the same.

Advanced options Windows 10

Open command prompt

Also, you can boot from windows 11 installation media and Use the Shift + F10 keyboard shortcut on the Setup page to open Command Prompt.

Now let’s locate the windows installation drive, to do so, type C: and press enter key and dir command to display the directory. But if this display volume in drive C is system reserved then type D: press enter then type dir to display all directories and check the windows directory there.

locate windows directory

Set the Accessibility button to open the command prompt

Now type the command Cd Windows\System32 and press enter key to navigate the System32 folder. And perform the following commands to replace the Utility Manager button with direct access to Command Prompt from the Sign-in screen.

ren utilman.exe utilman1.exe
ren cmd.exe utilman.exe

command to ren utilman

And finally, type exit to close the command prompt and reboot your computer. In the Sign-in screen, click the Accessibility button in the bottom-right corner to open Command Prompt.

Accessibility button

Access user account and reset password

Type command control userpasswords2 and press enter key to open the user accounts window.

Reset password option

Here you need to select the user account and click on the Reset password option.

Note – If the reset password option is greyed out then you are using a Microsoft account not a local account. Follow the next solution to reset your Microsoft account password.

And finally set a new password and confirm the new password, or you can leave it blank to log in to windows without any password.

Set new password

That’s all close everything, restart your PC and try to log in to your computer with the newly created password.

Note: We need to revert the changes we have done to open the command prompt from the Accessibility button. To do so, again open the command prompt from advanced options and perform the following command to reverse the process.

ren utilman.exe cmd.exe
ren utilman1.exe utilman.exe

Revert the process

Reset Microsoft Account Password for Windows 11

If you forget your Microsoft account password, and cannot log into windows 11 computer then you can Reset or recover your lost Microsoft account password by following the steps below.

  • First, turn on your computer and get into the Windows sign-in screen,  click the “I forgot my password” link under the password entry box.
  • On the next screen type your Microsoft account email address then press Enter.
  • Next, you should see the “Verify your identity” screen, Select how you want to get your security code.
  • Enter the security code once you receive it, via mail or phone, And finally, you are allowed to enter a new password

Also, you can Reset your Microsoft Account Password on a different computer.

  • First, open web browser and access this link,
  • Type your email ID and click on next,

Recover Microsoft account

  • Next, you need to verify your identity, to do so select the option either the recovery email or phone number to receive the security code.

verify identity

  • Select the option for email, type the recovery email address and click on Get code.

Get code

  • Once received enter the security code in the text box and click next.
  • And finally you are allowed to set a new password, type and confirm the new password.
  • And now you should be able to login ti windows 11 with your new password.

How to change password in windows 11

Well, windows 11 allow various option to log in to your computer that includes pin, password, picture password, fingerprint and more.

From sign-in options

And you can change or reset your pin or password or picture password from windows 11 settings -> Accounts -> Sign in options.

windows 11 sign in options

From local users and Groups

  • Also you can right-click on the windows 11 start menu and select computer management,
  • Here under the computer management section expand, local user and groups then select user,
  • This will display all user lists, to reset password for specific user right click on it and select set password.

Reset password on computer management

From the user accounts option

  • Press Windows key + R, type control userpasswords2 and click ok
  • This will open the User accounts popup, Here select the user account you are looking for change or reset password,
  • And finally, click on the Reset password option, type the new password and confirm the new password. then click ok
  • That’s all you have changed the password for that specific user account.

Reset password from user accounts

Also, you can Reset your windows 11 password and unlock your computer using some professional Windows password reset programs that include ophcrack, NT password, KON boot, Lazesoft Recover My Password, Passware Kit, Ophcrack, etc.

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