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What’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14367

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Microsoft has unleashed another one in the form of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14367 that brings a whole array of fixes and improvements. This version is all about fixing bugs on PCs and phones particularly as Microsoft is currently conducting a bug bash that calls for Insiders to find and report new issues. Which the company will fix before the public launch of this version of the operating system.

They’ve helpfully compiled a list of what’s new, fixed and broken in build 14367. Thanks to the Insider Bug Bash, Microsoft is pushing more builds out now for an optimum amount of feedback. Here’s a list of everything that’s changed, directly from Microsoft:

Highlight of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14367

New keyboard shortcut for Feedback Hub on PC

We love getting your feedback, and want to make it even easier for you to get into Feedback Hub on PC builds. To capture a screenshot and launch Feedback Hub please use they keyboard shortcut Windows key + F. This opens Feedback Hub and attaches a screenshot of your PC (you can review and remove this before you submit). The old PC keyboard shortcut of Windows key + SHIFT + ? will stop working because of this change.

Handwriting Recognition Language Support

Also Microsoft announce 23 new languages for handwriting recognition as a tech preview. This includes Indonesian, Malay, and is our first time to support African languages like Swahili, Xhosa and Zulu. You can install them from language settings and use them in the handwriting keyboard. If you are a developer, you can also leverage them in your apps following the guide to recognize ink as text. Please check the list of supported languages, give them a try, and send us your feedback.

A new tool to give your PC a fresh start

We’ve heard from many of you that are attempting to perform a clean installation of Windows that it can sometimes be hard to get started. To help, we are providing a new tool that enables an easy and simple way to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows. This tool is now available from the Settings app for Windows Insiders using the latest builds that installs a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows10 and removes apps that were installed on your PC. You can visit this Microsoft Community page (which has been updated) to learn more about the tool and download it.

Improvements and fixes for PC

Cross-device notifications from your phone to your PC via Cortana are now more reliable and faster. You can also use quick replies from your PC for notifications that support that feature (there is a known issue in which this will only work if your phone’s screen is turned on – we’ll be fixing this!). Additionally, notifications from your phone to your PC will appear under its own Windows Phone group in Action Center – with a fancy new logo to boot!

Quick Actions in Action Center that turn on and off different functionality in your device, like Bluetooth on your phone or Tablet Mode on your PC, now have a transient On/Off text indicator so you can clearly see the state change for these. We fixed an issue where the WIN + A keyboard shortcut to launch Action Center wouldn’t work if Action Center icon had been turned off. We also fixed an issue where certain notifications could result in the Action Center not launching until that toast had been cleared.

Added a new shortcut to turn on/off Private mode when using the Japanese Input Method Editor. This new keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + P. We also increased the width of the Japanese 12 key keyboard for small devices when in portrait, so as to improve ease of use and fixed an issue where no characters would be input when using this keyboard in a field where Input Method Editors are disabled

Updated the Update & Security, Windows Update and Recovery icons in Settings, to be more reflective of the action

(fixed) an issue where the emoji in cross-device notifications would appear as boxes. We also fixed an issue where certain emoji would appear as square boxes in some apps like Notepad.

( fixed ) the issue with the Desktop App Converter Preview (Project Centennial) however you will need to download the updated version here  http://aka.ms/converter.

(Fixed ) an issue resulting in the dialog when joining the PC to an Azure AD potentially being unexpectedly large on certain devices

( fixed ) an issue where Cortana wasn’t showing relevant system settings results for certain terms, in particular “typo” or “connect”.

( fixed ) an issue where the text in the network flyout might change color from white to black when entering credentials if your PC is using dark mode.

( fixed ) an issue where PowerShell shortcuts pinned to the taskbar could only create one functional window – subsequent windows generated from the pinned icon would not accept input.
We fixed an issue where each newly opened notes in Sticky Notes would flash white and black after a certain number of notes had already been created.

( fixed ) an issue where the Office apps might not show up in Start’s “Most used” list.

( fixed ) an issue where saying “Hey Cortana” would launch Cortana behind Windows Ink Workspace.

( fixed ) an issue resulting in Explorer.exe crashing if you selected “Open Command window here” from File Explorer’s context menu.

Known issues for PC 

Narrator does not launch when you toggle switch to “on” via Settings app > Ease of access > Narrator.

Improvements and fixes for Mobile

windows 10 mobile update

For all of my fellow devs: you should now be able to deploy an app via Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 to a phone running this build. Thanks for being patient!

We reduced battery usage when Microsoft Edge is running in the background.

We polished Action Center so that font size of dropdowns in interactive notifications is now consistent with surrounding text.

We updated the Phone Update and Update & Security icons in the Settings app to be more reflective of the action.

Quick Actions in Action Center that turn on and off different functionality in your device, like Bluetooth on your phone or Tablet Mode on your PC, now have a transient On/Off text indicator so you can clearly see the state change for these. We fixed an issue where if you swiped up on a full screen VOIP notification, the dimmed screen behind it would flash. We also fixed an issue where you may not receive notification toasts until the next time the Action Center had been opened if you had tapped on a notification on the Lock screen but then aborted the prompt to enter your pin.

( Fixed ) the issue where Quick Actions in the Settings app were flipped from the order you saw it in the Action Center.

( Fixed ) an issue resulting in existing reminders failing to display in Cortana’s reminder section, and an error when attempting to save a new reminder.

( Fixed ) an issue where the text selection grippers would appear very tiny in certain places on high DPI phones, such as when selecting text in the reply textbox of an interactive notification.

( Fixed ) an issue where Battery Saver wouldn’t be turned on after tapping the notification prompting you to turn on Battery Saver when battery is at 20%.

( Fixed ) an issue that could result in dropped keystrokes when typing in Outlook Mail or Word Mobile.

( Fixed )an issue where, for phones that support it, the “3G Only” and “Only 3G or 4G” cellular options were not working correctly for some Insiders, resulting in 2G networks being selected.

( Fixed ) an issue resulting in the Japanese Input Method Editor not working correctly in the All apps list search box.

( Fixed ) an issue where Lock screen page in Settings may show incorrect data while page is loading.
We fixed an issue where Quiet Hours might unexpectedly turn off after having been manually turned on using the Quick Action.

( Fixed ) an issue where certain sample images were displaying in portrait rather than landscape when used as a Lock screen background and phone was connected to an external monitor. In fixing this, these sample images have now become available to select as a background for your second monitor using Continuum.

( Fixed ) an issue that could result in key presses sometimes being entered multiple times over Miracast.

( Fixed ) an issue where the “The accessory you’re connecting to isn’t working” error was truncated on the Connect settings page.

( Fixed ) an issue where the Windows Hello icon might get stuck on the screen after logging in.
We fixed an issue where selecting a letter from the All apps list would sometimes scroll that letter to the bottom of the screen, rather than the top.

Known issues for Mobile

We are investigating data issues with some Dual-SIM devices where cellular data doesn’t work correctly with a second SIM. Several issues relating to cellular data with Dual-SIM devices have been reported by Insiders with the last two Mobile builds and we’re investigating these reports. Thank you for giving us this feedback.

There is an issue where certain apps won’t be able to set Start or Lock screen backgrounds.

Other items of note

Kids Corner is being killed, but that is kind of a good thing. How is losing a feature a positive? According to Microsoft, it was largely being ignored by mobile users, so further development would be a waste of resources. This means the Windows-maker can focus more energy on aspects of the operating system that users really appreciate.

The usage of Kids Corner was too low to justify continued development and support of the feature. While not a replacement with the same functionality, you can try out Apps Corner under Settings > Accounts > Apps Corner which has some of the functionality as Kids Corner such as the ability to give people access to selected apps on your phone as well as a customized Start screen when they use your phone.

 How to Update or Install This New Build?

If you are already using Windows 10 Insider Preview in your phone, you can update to this new build by following these simple steps:
windows 10 mobile update download

Open Settings app and go to Update & Recovery Now open Phone Update and then tap on Check for Updates option
Now it’ll automatically check for new updates and will install the new build in your mobile phone.

Please note that this new build is only available on Fast ring. If you want to change from Fast ring to Slow ring or vice versa, open Windows Insider app in your phone, login with your Microsoft account and then change ring settings.

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