Importance of using VPN in 2024, why you need it

A VPN ensures that your Data and internet traffic is protected and that nobody can see what you’re doing.


An unsecured internet connection or using public WiFi provides an easy path into your digital life for unwanted visitors or hackers to track what you are doing online. This means that your logins, passwords, messages, and other sensitive information can be intercepted, but by using VPN you can protect your online privacy. VPN works by creating an encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic and change your IP address to ensure the protection of your online identity and activity. It means VPNs make it easier and safer to access everything on the internet. Here this article explains what is a VPN and why you need a VPN in 2023.

What is a VPN and how it works?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, is a software service that encrypts your internet traffic so you can browse in fully privacy, and protect your online activity or identity by hide your IP address so you can browse the internet anonymously and allow you to use public wifi hotspots safely.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a great way to keep your data safe and secure when you are online.

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Usually, when you access a website your IPS (Internet service provider) receives the request and redirects to the destination. But when you connect your device to a VPN and access the internet all your network traffic routes through a secure connection. The VPN service creates an encrypted “tunnel” over the internet that secures the data traveling between you and your destination.

Internet connection via VPN

5 reasons why you need a VPN

As per Market Watch, the “Virtual Private Network (VPN) Market is to reach USD 69.2 billion by 2025. Using A VPN you can keep your data safe from hackers, protect your online privacy, bypass and access Geo blocked content, and more. In addition to this, there are many other advantages of using a VPN you might not be aware, Let’s take a closer look at why you might need a VPN in 2023.

  • Hides your IP Address
  • Make public Wi-Fi secure
  • Prevents ISP Data Tracking
  • Protection Against Data Tracking Apps and Services
  • Safeguards your Data on public Wi-Fi
  • Allows Access to Blocked Content
  • Access streaming content in other countries
  • Download and upload files securely

Enhance your online security

The main function of a VPN is data protection and anonymous on the internet. with VPN connected all your data is transferred through an encrypted tunnel and it’s almost impossible for any hacker or spy eyes to break the VPN tunnel and access your encrypted Data. VPN offers Data encryption feature that encrypts your data or putting into a coded format so its meaning is obscured allows you to keep confidential information safe.

What’s more, Your real IP address is changed and hidden from your ISP, so you can browse the internet anonymously. That means no one even your Internet service provider can’t access your browsing history, personal information, or your location – and selling it to potentially dangerous third-party organizations.

VPN tunnel

A VPN can enhance your online security by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address.

Stream Geo-restricted content

One of the best advantages of using a VPN is being able to access streaming content in other countries, for example, you can access US Netflix from France. You may be aware, Netflix and other popular streaming services have regional blocks which prevent residents from accessing content libraries with a huge variety of shows to choose from.

But using a quality VPN allows you to access these streaming sites and watch the latest content from any region.

Stream Geo-restricted content

Access blocked content

Some countries with strict censorship laws like China, and Russia block content, such as social media or streaming sites. It means you are connected to wifi but won’t be able to access certain sites. VPNs are a great way to access geo-blocked content. With a good VPN, you can gain access to blocked sites securely as the VPN changes your server location and unlocks these sites.

connect vpn server

VPNs can be used to get around the Great Firewall of China and gain access to the entire Internet

Secure Your Online Downloads

If you are using a torrent for downloading files, VPN is especially important for you because connecting to a torrent puts you at risk of being hacked. While that risk is small, sharing P2P does expose your computer to others on the same network, and if someone targets you, without a VPN your personal info could be seriously compromised.

Again torrent sites are often blamed for spreading viruses and have been the focal point of court cases involving copyright infringement. Using VPN not only make internet access anonymous but also encrypt your data.

connect VPN
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In addition, you can use a VPN to Avoid bandwidth throttling. Some Internet service providers impose bandwidth limits to encourage upgrade to more expensive package that promises faster speed. But when you connect VPN your ISP wont be able to constrain your internet speed, because they won’t be able to see what you’re up to online.

Secure public wifi access

Public wifi is extremely vulnerable as you can never know who connects to them, and it makes it easy fo hackers to access your private information. If you are using public wifi at an airport or coffee shop, someone may be tracking your online activity. Make sure to use VPN that not only protects your data while you are on other networks but also anonymous your internet traffic so no one can track you or collect your online activity information. If online privacy is particularly important to you then having a VPN installed is a secure way to hide your activity.

Free WiFi
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Smart Savings

If you are willing to put in a little research, a VPN can help you save money via its location spoofing capabilities. Many types of businesses, such as subscription services and airlines, offer the same amenities or products for different prices. If you change the appearance of your location to a place where services are offered cheaper, you can end up with big savings.

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