Windows 10 May 2019 Update

New Windows 10 build 18898.1000(rs_prerelease) available for Fast ring Insiders!

Today (15/05/2019) Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 insider preview 18898.1000 (rs_prerelease) for Fast ring insiders and it’s from the 20H1 development branch. As Windows 10 1903 already moved to release preview ring and publicly being released in May, Microsoft has merged the Skip Ahead and Fast rings so that they are both now receiving the same Windows 10 20H1 builds.

Note: Windows 10 is being developed as a service, which means it regularly receives new features. Microsoft has launched six major updates so far: November Update, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, April 2018 Update, and October 2018 Update. and the seventh update is under development in the 19H1 branch which expected release on upcoming May as windows 10 May 2019 update version 1903 You can read upcoming Windows 1903 features from here.

If you’re looking for 19H2 previews, those aren’t out yet, although they will be soon.

What’s new Windows 10 build 18898?

Talking about Windows 10 build 18898 once again doesn’t have much. The  only change You can now see the disk type in the Performance tab in the Task Manager.

“A small, but perhaps convenient change — you’ll now be able to see the disk type (e.g. SSD) for each disk listed in Task Manager’s performance tab. This is particularly helpful in cases where you have multiple disks listed so you can differentiate between them,” Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program, said in the release notes of this new build.

disk type on performance tab

Bug fixes and Improvements

Windows 10 18898 brings some bug fixes as well that includes,

  • An issue resulting in a high hitting DWM crash in recent builds, Now fixed.
  • Fixed a pcshell.dll issue in recent builds resulting in a high hitting explorer.exe crash.
  • Fixed an issue where updated Japanese IME settings would be never applied in certain desktop bridge apps, which could result in prediction candidates being shown even after they’d been disabled in the IME settings.

And company suggested For those who’ve already been impacted by this, you’ll need to reset the app Settings > Apps > <select the app> > Advanced Options > Reset before you see the results of this fix.

Known issues:

  • Older versions of anti-cheat software used with games where after updating to the latest 19H1 Insider Preview builds may cause PCs to experience crashes. Microsoft working with partners on getting their software updated with a fix.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers are not functioning properly.
  • If the fast startup is enabled night light doesn’t turn on until after a restart. Microsoft investigating in this issue.
  • If you use remote desktop to connect to an enhanced session VM, taskbar search results will not be visible (just a dark area) until you restart searchui.exe.
  • There’s a noticeable lag when dragging the emoji and dictation panels.
  • Tamper Protection may be turned off in Windows Security after updating to this build. You can turn it back on.
  • Some features on Start Menu and in All apps are not localized in languages such as FR-FR, RU-RU, and ZH-CN.
  • Ease of Access settings, selecting a color filter may not take effect right away unless color filters option is turned off and back on again.
  • The IME candidate window for East Asian IMEs (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and the Japanese IME) may not open sometimes.

Microsoft is listing the complete set of improvements, fixes, and known issues for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18898 at the Windows Blog.

Download Windows 10 build 18898

If you are a Windows Insider in the Skip Ahead ring, you can update to the Insider Preview Build 18898 by going into Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and then checking for new updates.

If you are looking for Download Windows 10 build 18895 ISO, you can get it from here.

As usual, these are testing builds, contains various bugs, we didn’t recommend to install windows 10 preview builds on the production machine. If you love testing and early access to Windows 10 new features we recommend installing Windows 10 build 18898 on virtual machine or HyperV. Also, read:

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