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Windows 10 Cortana New Features And Improvements

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Microsoft has successfully integrated their very personal digital assistant, Corana into Windows 10. And the overall performance of this virtual assistant is next to awesome. windows 10 Cortana will help you find things on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you, and tell jokes. The more you use Cortana, the more personalized your experience will be.

Here some Awesome windows 10 Cortana Features:

To get started, type a question in the search box on the taskbar. Or select the microphone icon and talk to Cortana.
Windows 10 Cortana can be used in various situations. For example, you can use it to find installed apps, files, settings or make search in the web. All those things can be done right from Cortana itself. This is simply an awesome feature of Windows and one of the reasons for that you may want to upgrade your machine to Windows 10

Manage Your Calendar with cortana

windows 10 cortana can create calendar events. Just say something like “add meeting at Thursday 3pm to calendar” and Cortana will automatically fill in the information you’ve provided. You can also just start with “add meeting” and Cortana will ask for more details.
If you have any events scheduled, you can ask Cortana what’s coming up today, tomorrow, next week, or any other time frame. You can also ask natural questions like “What do I have going on this weekend?” to find out what’s on your calendar. This relies on Outlook or the built-in Calendar app. You can sync your Google Calendar, though you won’t be able to add new events.

Get a List of Commands / Help

Ask Cortana for “help” and you’ll see a list of things you can do with Cortana. This will show you a more complete list. You’ll find some other options we didn’t list here. For example, Cortana can play music, view sports scores and provide predictions, and offer dictionary definitions and translations for words. Microsoft will likely be adding new features to Cortana and improving the existing ones in free updates going forward.

Always Get Reminded with windows 10 cortana

Cortana has a powerful built-in reminder feature. Use the Reminders icon or say “Remind me” to get started. You can create a reminder and have Cortana remind you about something at a specific time, when you get to a specific location, or when you talk to a specific person. You can also just say something like “Remind me to Attend meeting on 7pm” or “Remind me to buy milk on Thursday evening” to instantly create a reminder.


The reminder will appear at 7 PM, along with any info you’ve added to it. If you have a Windows phone and are signed in with the same Microsoft account, any reminders you set on your PC will be automatically synced to your phone.
 Show me my reminders.
This command will show you all of the reminders you currently have coming up. You can also click on the menu button and select “History” to see the reminders you’ve already completed.

Set Alarms With windows 10 cortana

Cortana also supports alarms, not just reminders. Ask Cortana to “set alarm for 5AM” and it will create an alarm for you. The alarm here is saved in the Alarms & Clock app, where you can manage your alarms.

Tell Cortana To Launch a Programs 


Cortana can launch programs for you. Just say “Launch Task Manager.” If you have the “Hey Cortana” voice shortcut enabled, this means you can just say “Hey Cortana, launch Google Chrome” to your PC and it will automatically open that app. or just Type The programe name on search box. It will open The program.

Hey Cortana !

Set Cortana to hear you any time you say “Hey Cortana.” Select the search box on the taskbar to open Cortana home. Then select Notebook   > Settings ? and turn on Let Cortana respond when you say “Hey Cortana.”

Hey Cortana

Cortana can “chat” about things and respond to silly questions with snappy answers. Ask Cortana a question like.
. How old are you?
. Change my 3 PM event to 4.
. What’s happening this weekend?
. Tell me a joke.
. Tell me a story
. Sing me a song
. How many calories in a boiled egg
. what is the Weather now.
Cortana is “powered by Bing.” When you ask Cortana for something it doesn’t know how to answer, Cortana will open your default web browser and perform a Bing search for it.You can make Cortana use Google instead or another search engine, like Read More 

Get Directions With windows 10 Cortana 

Cortana can respond with directions, too. Ask for “directions to [location]” and Cortana will open the included Windows 10 Maps app with directions to your location of choice.
Get Directions With Cortana
If you have location services enabled, you can ask about travel time to a particular place to get an estimate of how long it will take to get there.

Mathematical calculations and Conversions with cortana

Cortana can perform quick calculations, too You can either ask cortana for the answer to a math calculation like  or enter a unit conversion like “100 pounds to usd”. This works for currencies as well as other types of units.  If you want to know how many meters a mile has or how many Indian Rupees you get for exchanging 50 American dollars, ask Cortana and she’ll promptly tell you the right answer.

Track Flights and Packages

Cortana can track flights using the flight number and packages using their tracking numbers. Just enter a flight or package tracking number into the Cortana search box — to view the current status. If Microsoft knows about any flights you have coming up (typically by email via Outlook), you can ask about “my flight” to get up-to-date information about it. Alternatively, you can ask about a flight by number, if you know it. Syncing Gmail with the built-in Mail app or Outlook may help Cortana pick up on some of this info.

Use Natural Language Search With Cortana

Cortana supports natural language search for files on your computer. For example, you can ask Cortana to “find pictures from August” or “find documents about Windows” to find pictures from the months of August or document files related to Windows.
It’s the built-in Windows search feature ,but with more natural language capabilities. It’s easier to use than the old search operators.

Check the Weather with Cortana

If you have location services enabled, you can ask this question to find out what the weather is like in your area. Alternatively, you can ask about the weather in a specific area to get the same information for any area.

Check the Weather with Cortana

Use Cortana to quickly check the weather in different locations. “Weather” will show you the weather at your current location, while “weather in “mumbai” will show you the weather in another city.

Tell Cortana to Play Music 

Cortana can listen to a song playing near you and identify it. Say “What is this song?” and Cortana will use your microphone to listen to the music and match it to a specific song. Obviously, this works well with recorded music but won’t necessarily work with live music.


 Tell Cortana to play music and she’ll immediately shuffle the audio tracks from your music library, load them in the Groove Music app and then start playing them.

Tell Cortana To Show me my notes 

If you’re using OneNote, you can use this command to find your notes. You can also filter it by date range. For example “Show me my notes from march 2015” to filter the results

Tell Cortana To Send Email 

Cortana can send emails using the built-in Mail app and the accounts you’ve configured there. Just say “send email” to get started, or say something more specific like “Send email to Srikant” if that’s a person in your contacts.
 you can Do many more with Cortana, Hope you Enjoy This Artical. Please Share new More Features of Cortana if something missing on this post.Have any query comment bellow.
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