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Windows 10 Build 20190 Out for the Dev Channel with sound and search improvements

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 20190 For Dev channel users, Here’s a look at what you can expect.

Recently Microsoft has released new Windows 10 Preview Build 20190.1000 to Windows Insiders in dev channel (formally known as Fast ring). The new build is the follow up to build 20170, which brings visual and functional changes including improvements to the GPU functions, new TIPS application to let users know what new features are introduced in the new version with some bug fixes, and more.

Windows Insider in the Dev channel (formally know as fast ring), updates to the Insider Preview Build 20190 by going into Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and then checking for new updates.

windows 10 build 20190

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Windows 10 Build 20190

The latest Windows 10 test build 20190 introduces a new post-update experience that can be accessed through the Tips app. After installing the build 20190, you’ll notice that the Tips app will be launched automatically to let users know what new features are introduced in the new version.

let users know what new features are introduced in the new version

Note: This experience will show up for Windows Insiders in EN locales such as US, UK, AU, IN, and CA.

New tips app windows 10

Also, Microsoft has noted, To see this experience on your device, make sure the “Show me the Windows welcome experience” checkbox in Settings > System > Notifications & actions is checked.

The graphics settings have also been improved, allowing users to manage the default high-performance GPU and be able to specify the GPU for each application.


If you’re a power user that has multiple high performance GPUs and would like to specify which of those GPUs should be the one used for high performance uses cases, you can now do that by going to Settings > System > Display > Graphics settings or Settings > Gaming > Graphics settings. What this means is that an application that asks for a high-performance GPU will by default use the high-performance GPU you specify on this page. Microsoft noted 

If you want even more control, the latest build added the ability for you to specify exactly which GPU you want an app to run on using the new “Specific GPU” option.

Graphics preference

Based on user feedback Microsoft now  updating the new Japanese IME to support switching between Hiragana and Katakana by using CTRL + CAPSLOCK and ALT + CAPSLOCK (respectively).

Bug fixes

The latest Windows 10 Build 20190 fixes the following problems.

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux 1 causing error ‘The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request’.
  • Problem with the new search box in the default apps settings page where search results would appear to draw on top of one another when deleting characters from the search box.
  • Issue where when Narrator was enabled it could result in the on-screen PIN pad unexpectedly appearing when focus is set to the login screen.
  • An issue resulting in Features on Demand (FOD) failing to enable with error 0x8000FFFF
  • Window 10 freezes if an authentication prompt was raised and then not interacted with and timing out

Known issues

There are some known issues with Windows 10 Build 20190 listed below

  • Microsoft Store games protected with Easy Anti-Cheat may fail to launch
  • update process hang or stuck while Installing the latest preview builds
  • The min/max/close buttons are stuck in their original positions after resizing a UWP app.
  • New taskbar experience for pinned sites isn’t working for some sites and pinned sites don’t show all open tabs for a domain.
  •  Alt + Tabbing to a browser tab sometimes moves the previously active browser tab to the front of the Alt + Tab list as well.

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