Turn on Nearby Sharing

With windows 10 April 2018 update Microsoft Added Nearby share feature to make sharing experience easier. But Currently, its limited to Windows Devices only. Means you can use Nearby share feature to send and receive files from the nearby PCs between windows devices only.

This feature has been developed to replace the Home Group , (removed from this version of Windows,) to offer users a much faster and easier way to share files with other computers. However, Microsoft still wants to exploit the potential of this feature much more.

During a session at Build 2018, Microsoft confirmed that Nearby share feature is supported from Android And IOS handsets, allowing users to send files and links from their Android Or IOS devices to Windows 10 PCs. The feature uses Bluetooth to detect PCs and then decides automatically whether WIFI or Bluetooth should be used to transfer the file, depending on whether the devices are on the same network or not.

At the moment, this function only allows to send files from an Android smartphone to the computer using Windows 10 Shared Experiences April 2018 Update, but the ability to mark files from the computer to the mobile, and also to work on iOS, should arrive shortly, although at the moment there is no exact date on when this function will arrive.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not say when Nearby Share support will be fully implemented for both mobile platforms, Android and iOS. But it looks like Microsoft wants to bring Windows 10 in sync with the world’s two most popular mobile platforms as soon as possible. Also, The company has recently confirmed that one of its priorities is bringing support for iMessage to Windows 10, explaining that it’s willing to work with Apple on making this happen at some point in the future. Apple, however, hasn’t commented on this project. Also Read Windows 10 April 2018 Update v1803 New features and improvements !!!

What do you think about the innovations Microsoft has prepared to connect Android and iOS smartphones with Windows 10 April 2018 Update?

Steve Ballmer
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