Windows 10 Tile database is corrupt

Whenever you face windows 10 start menu related problems such as “Windows 10 Start menu not working or not responding, Start menu not responding clicks” etc we strongly recommend to run the Official Windows 10 Start menu troubleshooter which specially designed to check and fix the problems prevents start menu working properly. But sometimes users report The start menu troubleshooter results “Tile Database is corrupt” Not fixed.

As users report this issue on Microsoft forum, Reddit:
I have performed a clean install of windows 10 Version 1803 ( using ISO from MS ) Upon setting things up I cannot keep anything pinned to Start. Cannot open any application from Start menu search, Sometimes windows 10 Start menu not responding mouse clicks. As reading form internet I have run startmenu.diagcab ( Start menu troubleshooter, Download from Microsoft website ) But it results the tile database is corrupt and it’s not fixed.

Fix Start Menu Tile database is corrupt issue

There are various reason that causes windows 10 start menu stop working, Here some solutions you may apply to fix ” Windows 10 Start menu Tile database corrupt issue”.

First of all open Command prompt as administrator And type Dism Command ” DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” Wait until 100% complete the scanning process. This will scan the Windows image for any corruption and repair the system image. After complete, the 100% scanning process Run the SFC command ( sfc /scannow ) let the system file checker check and restore missing system files. After that Restart windows and check Start menu working, If not run the Start menu troubleshooter, check still Tile Database is a corrupt error is there?

Thanks, for sharing this solution Which worked for me: 

Simply Create a new users account and login to the newly created user account, then navigate to C:\Users\newUserAccount\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer. Here copy the Database folder and paste it on D drive.

Tile Database

Now return to your user account (the one with the corrupt tile database). And Navigate to the following location. C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer. Here rename the current Database folder as “Database.bak” and copy/Paste the Database folder you previously copied to D drive ( from newly created user account ) Simply Restart windows PC and on next login check start menu working properly.

Did these solutions help to fix the “Tile Database Is Corrupt Error On Windows 10 ” let us know on the comments below?

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