Wi-Fi Not working windows 11

No internet after Windows 11 update? It’s really frustrating when the computer won’t connect to the Internet. Or you may experience a slow wifi connection, No internet access, the WiFi option not showing, or laptop wifi not working after the Windows 11 update. Few users report Windows 11 Can’t Connect to wifi Network or wifi disconnect frequently. There are multiple reasons that cause Internet and wifi connection problems on Windows 11. Problems with routers or ISP (internet service providers) to incorrect network configuration, outdated wifi adapter drivers, misconfigured settings and physical distance from the network source are common. Here this article explains how to fix the most common Wi-Fi problems on Windows 11.

How to Fix Windows 11 Wi-Fi Problems?

Whenever you experience problems with wifi or the internet the first thing you need to reboot your network devices (Router) and your PC. This will refresh the device, restart all running processes, and clear temporary glitches that may be causing slow internet or wifi disconnect frequently.

If you are using VPN to protect your privacy and browse anonymously that may slow down the internet speed or cause no internet access. Similarly, proxy or firewall may block the internet, we recommend disconnect VPN and temporarily disable third-party antivirus programs and check the internet connection is restored.

If you notice wifi disconnects frequently or the internet is very slow, you need to check the wifi signal. Also, take your device closer to the wifi router. Right-click on the wifi network name and select forget, Now connect to the wifi network again using credentials.

forget Wi-Fi network

Run the troubleshooter

No internet access after Windows 11 update? You can fix the Internet or wifi problem by running the related troubleshooter.

  • Press Windows key + X and select settings,
  • Navigate the system then troubleshoot, here click on other troubleshooters,
  • Locate the internet option, click run next to it, and follow the on-screen instructions,
  • Next, locate the network adapter option and click run, select the adapter option and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Once done reboot your PC and check if the wifi or internet connection is restored.

Internet troubleshooter

Reset TPC/IP configuration

If the troubleshooter fails to fix the problem still Windows 11 wifi connected but no internet access. Open the command prompt as administrator and Run the following commands.

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns

Reset the TCPIP stack

After that Close the command prompt and reboot your PC, now check if the wifi connection is restored.

Restart DNS client service

If due to some reason, DNS client service is not started or is stuck running, your PC may fail to resolve the domain name and result no internet. Let’s check and restart the DNS client service.

  • Press the Windows key + R, type services.msc and click ok
  • Scroll down to locate DNS client service, right-click on it select restart,
  • If the service not started, double-click on DNS client service to open its properties,
  • here change its startup type automatic then start the service next to service status.

DNS client service

In addition, look at the WLAN AutoConfig service and make sure it’s running status.

WLAN AutoConfig service dynamically selects which wireless network the computer automatically connects to, and configures the necessary settings on the wireless network adapter

Switch to DNS client

Getting Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration error or can’t connect to the wifi network. Change your Ip configuration to obtain IP address automatically and change the DNS server address with Google free DNS following below.

  • Press Windows key + R, type ncpa.cpl and click ok to open network connections,
  • Right-click on the active network adapter (Wifi Adapter) select properties,
  • Double-click on Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to open its properties,
  • Here select the radio button, Obtain IP address automatically,
  • Next, select use the following DNS server address and set Preferred DNS server and alternate DNS
  • Click Ok to save changes and check if the internet working normally.

add DNS address

Change network adapter power management settings

If you notice Windows 11 laptop repeatedly drops wifi connection the problem could be caused by your network adapter’s power management settings.

  • Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager,
  • Locate and expand Network adapters, right-click on Wifi adapter select properties,
  • Move to the power management tab, here uncheck the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Change Network Adapter’s Power Management Settings

Reinstall Wifi adapter driver

Wifi option disappeared from the laptop or wifi missing after the Windows 11 update? Missing, outdated, or corrupted wireless network drivers are the common reason for this problem or cause of your Windows 11 WiFi problem. Removing and reinstalling the WiFi driver could be a recipe for dealing with such issues.

Here is how to uninstall the network adapter’s driver and allow Windows to reinstall it automatically.

  • Press Windows key + X and select device manager,
  • This will display a list of devices and peripherals connected to your computer,
  • Expand the network adapter section, right-click on wifi driver and select uninstall device,
  • Click uninstall again when the confirmation popup prompts,

Uninstall Wi-Fi adapter

  • Once done restart your Laptop, it will automatically look for stored drivers from your system and get installed.
  • Reconnect wifi network and check if the internet working.

In addition, you can visit the device manufacturer (for example Dell, HP, or Lenovo support site) to download the latest wifi driver update for your device. Or you can prefer third-party driver update software to make the driver update process automatic.

Reset the Wi-Fi network adapter

Are you experiencing serious network or Internet problems, and the above solutions didn’t fix it?  You can Reset the Wi-Fi network adapter to fix problems on Windows 11. This option is very helpful to fix if you are getting “Limited access,” “Unidentified Network,” or no internet access on Windows 11.

  • Press the Windows key + X and select settings,
  • Navigate Network & Internet then click on the Advanced network settings tab on the right side.
  • Click the Network Reset tab (under More settings) then Click the Reset now button

Network reset windows 11

  • Click yes when it prompts for confirmation,

Confirm network reset

  • This will remove the existing configurations and restore the factory networking settings,
  • Also automatically remove and reinstall the network adapter’s drivers
  • Once done reconnect to the wireless network, and then you should once again be able to access the internet.


How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Windows 11

  1. Press the Windows key + R, type ncpa.cpl and click ok,
  2. Locate the wifi adapter, right-click on it select status,
  3. Click on Wireless Properties, then move to the Security tab.
  4. Mark the checkbox next to Show Characters.

Find Wifi password

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11?

  • Open Windows 11 settings and navigate Network and internet.
  • Choose Wi-Fi from the menu then click on Manage known networks.
  • Highlight the name of the network you want to forget and Click on Forget.

Forget Wi-Fi windows 11

Your Firewall Prevents Connecting to the Network?

Open command prompt as administrator and run command netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off. This will turn off the firewall, to turn on back your firewall run the command netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state on.

Wifi Not Working Windows 11

  • Disable Airplane Mode
  • Disconnect from the VPN server
  • Shut off the firewall and pause the antivirus software
  • Toggle off the ‘metered connection’ setting

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