Windows 11

Windows 11 sound not working

Windows 11 sound not working after update? 8 solutions to apply

Microsoft regularly releases updates for Windows 11 to address various aspects of the operating system. And install the latest Windows updates address known issues,...
Critical process died

What Causes ‘Critical_Process_Died’ Error in Windows 11? (Solved)

Did your computer crash or frequently restart with Blue screen of death (BSOD) message "Critical process died"? You are not alone, several users report,...
SFC scan windows 11

SFC Scannow Not Working or stuck repair In Windows 11 (7 Solutions)

The System file checker or SFC /scannow command line utility scan your windows system files for errors and try to repair them. This is...
windows 11 Repairing Disk Errors

5 ways to Fix Windows 11 Stuck On Repairing Disk Errors

Sometimes, when you turn on your Windows 11 Laptop it may be stuck Repairing Disk Errors for hours. This can be frustrating as it...
Windows drive is locked how to unlock

The drive where Windows is installed is locked Windows 11

Looking for solutions to fix The drive where Windows is installed is locked error on windows 11? This error usually occurs because of internal...
windows 11 search bar not working

Windows 11 search bar not working or fails to load (5 solutions)

The search bar on windows 11 allows you to search on your computer for local items and on the Web for other related items....

Wireless Adapter Missing or not showing up on Laptop [Solved)

WiFi adapter not showing up after Windows 11 upgrade, and this prevents Internet access on your Laptop? Windows 11 WiFi adapter missing or not...
Windows 11 High Disk Usage

Windows 11 High Disk Usage problem (7 working solutions)

Did you notice the Windows 11 computer lagging after the Windows update? Programs take a few seconds to respond and checking in the task...
Microsoft Update Catalog

What is the Microsoft Update Catalog? (Windows Update Catalog)

If you are a Windows user, you probably know that keeping your system up to date is essential for security, performance and compatibility. However,...
How to Download Windows 11 for free

This is How to Download Windows 11 23H2 for free in 2024

If you have Windows 10 PC or Laptop already and meet the Windows 11 minimum requirements then you can upgrade to Windows 11 23H2...

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Upgrade windows 11

Upgrade to Windows 11 version 23H2 without Data loss (Explained 2024)

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Computer Won’t Shut Down (stuck) after windows 10 update (Solved)

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