Zoom Camera Not Working on Lenovo laptop? (7 Quick solutions to fix it)

Zoom meeting is not showing videos on your laptop? Here’s the quick Fixes When Your Zoom Camera Isn’t Working on windows 10.


Since Covid 19, Zoom (one of the most popular cloud-based video conferencing platforms) became an essential tool frequently used for video conferencing. You have an important video conferencing meeting with the clients and the Zoom camera not working on Windows 10 laptop. The camera is working fine on its own, but the problem only arises, where the camera does not work properly on the zoom client app. Or the webcam is causing problems with the zoom client app only.

What Causes Zoom Camera Not Working

There are various reasons that cause the camera not working on Zoom. The camera is disabled in your device settings, the webcam is not selected in Zoom, Other programs or devices interfere with Zoom, something wrong with your camera’s hardware, or outdated webcam driver are some common reasons. Here are some possible solutions to fix the Zoom camera not working on windows 10.

Zoom camera Not Working on Lenovo Laptops

Some Lenovo laptop comes with a default settings that prevents zoom from accessing the webcam. In such situation windows 10 users, download Lenovo Vantage and use it to disable the Camera Privacy Mode. If you are Windows 7 user, then open the Lenovo Web Conferencing program and select Enable your laptop webcam.

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Zoom Webcam Not Working Windows 10

  • Restart your computer/laptop and try to open the zoom app again. This will refresh the system and fixes minor software conflicts that may be causing the problems.
  • Temporarily disable or uninstall third-party antivirus software to Check and if third party antivirus blocking camera app access.
  • If you are using an external webcam, we recommend connect it to a different USB port and check the camera working.
  • Ensure there aren’t any other applications (such as FaceTime, Skype) using your video camera. Open task manager and end the application that may interfere with the zoom app.

Set the correct camera for zoom

Let’s first check and make sure the correct camera is selected for the zoom app.

  • Open zoom app, then click Settings (the gear icon located upper right of zoom application)
  • Click on the video (this can found on the left pane) and open the video settings.
  • Here choose the correct camera from the camera drop-down box.
  • Make sure to uncheck turn off my video when join meeting (Next to meeting instructions)

Set the correct camera for zoom

Check Zoom video settings

  • Open zoom app on your computer,
  • Click on Settings (Gear icon) located top right corner in zoom app,
  • Click on the video (on the left-hand side), then advance located bottom right corner.
  • Here make sure all options are check-marked such as de-noise, hardware acceleration for video processing, sending video or receiving video.
  • Similarly, set auto for Video rendering method, video rendering post processing or video capturing method.
  • Once done, close the settings window and relaunch the zoom app to check whether the camera working properly or not.

Zoom app settings

Check camera permissions

Whenever you encounter problem access the webcam via any app or zoom, the first thing you need to check whether your camera has permission to work with Zoom.

  • Press Windows key + X and select settings,
  • Click on Privacy then camera option on the left pane.
  • Make sure camera access for this device is on or click change to turn it on.
  • Next, make sure to toggle on the button under allow apps to access your camera option.

Allow access to camera

Reset camera app

There is chance may the camera app settings prevent access zoom client app. Let’s reset the camera app following the steps below.

  • Press Windows + X select apps and features,
  • Scroll down and locate the camera, select it, then click the advanced options link
  • In the Camera Settings window, scroll down and click reset,
  • Click reset again when ask for confirmation and restart your PC.
  • Now open the zoom app to check whether the camera problem is solved or not.

reset camera app to default setup

Reinstall camera driver

Still need help its time to look at the camera driver. We already mention, outdated or corrupted camera drivers are also responsible for the Zoom camera not working on windows 10. And reinstall the camera driver probably help fix the problem.

  • Press Windows key + x select device manager,
  • This will open device manager and display all installed device driver list,
  • locate and expand Sound, video and game controllers for some devices you will find camera option, expand it,
  • Right-click on the integrated camera driver the select uninstall, Again confirm it when ask for and reboot the system.

Uninstall camera

  • Now again, open device manager, click on the action then scan for hardware changes,
  • This will install build-in camera driver on your PC,
  • Again expand cameras right-click on integrated camera select update driver.
  • Then click Search automatically for updated driver software to allow windows update, download and install the latest camera driver on your PC.

Update camera driver

If it says your drivers are already updated but it still doesn’t fix your problem, then we recommend download and install the camera driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Reinstall Zoom

So you have tried all the above solutions and determined that your camera does work with other applications only causing problems with zoom. In such case uninstall and reinstall the Zoom app help fix the problem.

Remove your current installation of Zoom.

  • Press Windows key + X select apps and features.
  • Scroll down and locate the Zoom application in Apps & features section.
  • Select the zoom application from the list and click Uninstall button.
  • If you are prompted with a confirm window, click Uninstall to continue. Then the program will be removed.

Fresh install zoom

Finally, download and install the zoom app again from the Zoom website.

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