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Enable windows 10 dark theme on Anniversary update

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update v1607 now lets you easily enable or turn on the windows 10 Dark Theme . ( If you still didn’t get the latest update of Windows 10 then. Read How to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version 1607 build 14393 ).  With Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, Microsoft now offers a dark theme known as “dark mode”. This option was previously hidden and could only be enabled with a registry hack. Now anyone can enjoy the windows 10 dark theme mode in modern apps without modifying the Registry. A new option has been added to Settings app to toggle between dark and light themes.

If you’re the one who’s looking for a way to enable windows 10 dark theme after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update. here we are going to discuss how to use the Dark Mode.

Windows 10 Anniversary update is available for the users all across the globe. As it is a major update, it arrived with lots of useful features which were not available in the previous version or build of Windows 10 and one out of them is Dark Mode or Black Theme. What’s New in Windows 10 Anniversary Update for detailed information.

One of the great features in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the ability to personalize your PC with a new dark theme setting. “You can change your apps instantly from light mode to dark mode – great for low-light conditions like working at night,”  When you make the switch, UWP apps including Mail, Calendar and the Windows Store app go to a black background, which can even save your battery power.

Windows 10 dark theme for Settings and Apps

Now you don’t need to do any tweaks or registry hack to enable dark mode in windows 10. Since we have anniversary update which makes it easier to enable dark theme within few clicks. Here fallow the steps to To enable Dark Mode for windows 10 (build 14393). First From the Start Menu, open Settings and click on Personalization.

In the left panel, you will see Colors. Select this section.
Enable Dark Mode for Settings and Apps Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Now in the settings which open, scroll down till you see Choose your app mode, with the options:

1. Light

2. Dark

Note: Keep in mind that you will only find these settings if you have successfully upgraded to Anniversary Update version 1607.
Enable Dark Mode for Settings and Apps Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The default is Light. Select the Dark mode, and you will see the Settings app turn black right away.

When you do this, even the apps like the Windows Store app, Mail app, Calendar app, etc, will use the power-saving and easy-on-the-eyes black background. Moreover, this Dark Mode is great for low-light conditions too.

However, it’s up to each developer to support the dark theme, and some applications will continue using their normal colors. This option also doesn’t affect desktop applications, including Windows 10’s File Explorer, which will remain white.

windows 10 dark theme for Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge web browser included with Windows 10 also has a dark theme. However, its dark theme option is entirely separate from the main option in Settings…for some reason.

To activate a dark theme in Edge, open the Microsoft Edge web browser, open the menu, and select “Settings”. Select “Dark” under “Choose a theme”.
dark theme for microsoft edge

You can also choose to set your theme separately in the Groove music player and Movies & TV video player apps. However, they’ll just use your system theme setting by default. You don’t have to change the setting manually, as you do with Edge.

Enable the Dark Theme in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2016 also contains a dark theme that isn’t enabled by default, and must be manually enabled.

To enable it, open an Office application like Word or Excel and head to File > Options. On the General tab, click the “Office Theme” box under “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office” and select the “Black” office theme.
Enable the Dark Theme in Microsoft Office

Your theme choice will apply to all Office applications. So, if you set this option in Word and later open Excel, Excel will also be using a dark theme.

This feature to enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 was one of the most requested features in users feedback. Let’s hope Microsoft continues to listen to its community and brings more features to Windows 10.

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