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VPN and the Technology behind it

What is VPN? The technology behind it works (Explained)

A VPN promises security and anonymity on the Internet. Using a VPN encrypts your internet traffic and disguises your online identity. If you want to...
Dark side of using FREE VPN

Is FREE VPNS really free! The Dark side of using FREE VPN

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, It masks your IP address, encrypts your browsing data, let you bypass geo-restrictions and browse the Internet...
What is Pagefile.sys

What is Pagefile.sys file, Should You Delete It? (Explained 2024)

The Pagefile.sys is a crucial component of virtual memory management in Windows. Before exploring What Exactly is Pagefile.sys, you must first know the concept...
VPN for Windows 10

Best Free VPN for Windows 11 (Up to 85% discount + 3 months free)

Using a VPN (Virtual private network), hide Your IP address and encrypt online activity or data. We can say By extending your private network...
Password Managers

Best Password Manager App for 2024 and its Features

If you want to safely use the powerful internet, then you need to make a habit of using strong and unique passwords. A strong...
Why start using VPN

Importance of using VPN in 2024, why you need it

An unsecured internet connection or using public WiFi provides an easy path into your digital life for unwanted visitors or hackers to track what...
Less Known keyboard shortcuts

16 Windows Shortcuts That Will Make Studying Faster in 2024

Shortcuts are a very simple way to save up some time and make the whole process of using a PC much more convenient. Of...
Interesting Facts about the Development of Computers

18 Interesting Facts about the Development of Computers (Everyone Must Know)

Personal computers (PCs) are devices that can perform various tasks, such as processing information, web browsing, storing data, gaming, and more. They are everywhere...
What is Microsoft Edge

What is Microsoft Edge on windows 11 and windows 10

What is Microsoft Edge? It is the default web browser on Windows 11 and Windows 10, made by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer, runs...
Use VPN on public Wi-Fi

Did you Really need to use VPN on public Wi-Fi (Use of VPN)

Did you know using public Wi-Fi is not always safe? We are talking about the free Wi-Fi available in shopping malls, airports, restaurants, or...

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Mozilla Firefox not responding

Mozilla Firefox Not Responding on Windows 11 (7 Solutions)

Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular web browsers known for many of its great features and you probably using on your Windows 11...
windows 11 antivirus

Best Windows 11 antivirus to install on your computer | 2024 Edition

With the growth of the internet and the tech age, cyber security become a major concern over all the world today. Hackers or spammers...
Microsoft Update Catalog

What is the Microsoft Update Catalog? (Windows Update Catalog)

If you are a Windows user, you probably know that keeping your system up to date is essential for security, performance and compatibility. However,...
Computer motherboard

Parts of a Motherboard and their Functions Explained 2024

The computer motherboard also known as the printed circuit board is the foundation of a computer that allocates power and allows communication to and...
Discord Won't Open Windows 10

Discord not working on Windows 10/11? Here quick solution

Discord, one of the most popular free voice and text chat application for gamers (VOIP gaming platform) allows text, video, and audio communication between...