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Sponsored Post Guidelines

At “windows101tricks” we write articles, we review products and services, and sometimes we post articles from other bloggers or from sponsors. These sponsored blog posts are paid publications and we accept them if they fulfill our post guidelines.

Read our guidelines mentioned ahead that must be fulfilled by your blog post to make them eligible for a sponsored post on our blog

  1. If you want us to publish a post on and want a link back to your website, this is termed as advertising and thus it needs sponsorship.
  2. We will accept sponsored posts only when we will be informed in advance.
  3. The fee charged for a sponsored post will depend on your case.
  4. We won’t accept or publish casino gambling content on our site
  5. You pay sponsorship charges for publishing and maintaining the post on our server only. we reserve right to optimize, add, modify, or delete the post for SEO or.
  6. We allow a maximum of 1 do-follow in the post, Make sure to add atleast 2 Internal Links and add 1-2 links to high authority related sites. Our team reserves the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link except the sponsored link.
  7. The posts must be of minimum 850 words and we reserve the right to edit your post to correct grammar, spelling,  formatting and more.
  8. The sponsored post should include at least one high-resolution relevant picture which you must have the right to use, or it must fall under the Creative Commons category. The same applies to the videos.
  9. We accept payment in advance. Discounted sponsored posts will be considered for repeated sponsored posts from the same source.
  10. All sponsored posts must be in accordance with the theme of our blog. And, we reserve the final decision to accept or reject a sponsored post.
  11. We do not possess any relationship with the sponsor and the views expressed in the sponsored posts don’t represent
  12. We maintain the sponsored post minimum of 1 year, After that we decide to keep or remove the post if the post contents are outdated, not giving the right information to our readers.
  13. We reserve the right to take down the sponsored content and take further action if your product/service violates copyright or patent.
  14. The sponsorship charges are non-refundable.

So, if you want to get your sponsored posts published on our blog, contact us via email:

Last Updated (30/08/2023)