Windows 11 KB5030219 Update Download (12 September 2023)

You can now upgrade Windows 11 22H2 to build 22621.2283, Windows 11 KB5030219 offline installers also published on microsoft update catalog

Today Microsoft has released a new update KB5030219 OS Build 22621.2283 for its latest Windows 11 22H2 operating system. Also, there is a new KB5030217 (OS Build 22000.2416) available for Windows 11 version 21H2 as well. This is part of the September 2023 patch Tuesday update which includes various bug fixes and general quality improvements. The company has also published direct download links for Windows 11 KB5030219 offline installers.

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Windows 11 KB5030219 Release Summary 

  • KB Article: KB5030219
  • OS Version: Windows 11 version 22H2
  • Build: 22621.2283
  • Size: 400.6 MB, Download link KB5030219
  • Release Date: 12 September 2023 Part of Microsoft patch Tuesday update.
  • What’s new: Fix security vulnerabilities and introduce 16 changes, improvements, and bug fixes.

Windows 11 KB5030219 download

Windows 11 KB5030219 is a mandatory update download and installed automatically on devices running Windows 11 version 22H2 and connected to Microsoft server via the internet.

Windows 11 KB5030219 download manually:

  • Press the Windows key + X then select settings.
  • Click on Windows update then look if the 2023-09 cumulative update for Windows 11 KB5030219 is available for download.
  • Click on the download now button to begin the process, Once done reboot your computer to apply the changes.
windows 11 KB5030219 Download
windows 11 KB5030219 Download

The above link leads to the Microsoft Update Catalog which is the library of Windows Update offline installers.

  • First, click on the ‘Download’ button next to the version of the OS installed on your machine.
  • Next, run the .msu files to begin the installation of the update.
  • Once done you need to reboot your PC to apply changes.

You can press the Windows key + R, type winver and click ok to check Windows 11 Build 22621.2283.

Windows 11 Build 22621.2283

What’s new Windows 11 KB5030219

Windows 11 KB5030219 update improves the reliability of the Search app, and addresses security issues for your Windows operating system. Today’s release also includes improvements that were a part of update KB5029351 (released August 22, 2023).

Fixes Sticky Keys Menu: Removes a blank menu item from the Sticky Keys menu caused by a previous update.

Smart Card Authentication Fix: Resolves an issue where using a smart card to join or rejoin an Active Directory domain might fail after certain Windows updates.

Search Box Hover Behavior: Introduces a new hover behavior to the search box, making the search flyout box appear when hovered over. You can adjust this in Taskbar settings.

Search Icon Issue: Addresses an issue where clicking the search icon does not open the Search app after the computer wakes from sleep.

TAB Key Navigation: Fixes an issue where additional actions were required when using the TAB key to browse search results.

Narrator Improvement: Corrects Narrator’s identification of the search box on the taskbar and search highlights within the box.

Search Box Size: Resolves an issue where the search box size was reduced in tablet posture mode on Surface Pro and Surface Book devices.

Group Policy Service Fix: Ensures that the Group Policy Service waits for the network to be available for the default 30 seconds, allowing correct policy processing.

D3D12 Independent Devices API: Adds a new API for creating multiple D3D12 devices on the same adapter.

Window Display Issue: Addresses a problem with WS_EX_LAYERED windows rendering with incorrect dimensions or positions when the display is scaled.

Virtual Print Queue: Fixes print jobs failing without an error when sent to a virtual print queue.

High CPU Usage Fix: Resolves high CPU usage caused by enabling the “fBlockNonDomain” policy.

Disk Partition Issue: Addresses a problem where the system might stop working after deleting a disk partition and adding the space to an existing BitLocker partition.

BitLocker Sector Size Issue: Fixes Windows failure when using BitLocker on storage with a large sector size.

Remote Desktop Error: Corrects a wrong error message sometimes displayed during Remote Desktop sign-in.

Missing Start Menu Icons: Addresses missing Start menu icons after the first sign-in.

Settings Sync: Ensures that settings sync properly, even with the Windows Backup toggle turned on.

RSOP Reporting: Fixes a reporting issue with the Windows LAPS “BackupDirectory” policy setting.

Password Change Error: Resolves an issue where changing your password at sign-in could lead to sign-in failure with error code 0xc000006d.

Excel Responsiveness: Fixes Microsoft Excel becoming unresponsive when using the Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) with CTRL or Shift keys.

These updates aim to improve system functionality and address various issues encountered by Windows 11 users.

You can read the complete changelog here, And refer to this official YouTube video for the latest update changelog.

windows 11 KB5030217 (OS Build 22000.2416) was also released with a similar changelog, you can read the update detail in the Microsoft support site here.

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