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uninstall windows updates

How to Uninstall Windows Update (Windows 11 KB5039212)

Windows updates are essential for maintaining the security and functionality of your system. It includes critical patches and enhancements to protect against emerging threats...
Windows 11 update stuck downloading

Windows 11 KB5039212 Update Stuck at 100% Downloading (Get it right way)

If you are trying to install the Windows 11 KB5039212 update on your PC, you might encounter a frustrating issue: the update gets stuck...
windows 11 update failed

Windows 11 KB5039212 Failed to install or stuck? 6 ways to fix it

If you are trying to update your Windows 11 PC with the latest cumulative update KB5039212, you might encounter some issues. The Windows 11...
Reset Brave browser default

Fix Brave Browser Problems By Resetting It on Windows 11/10

Brave is One of the most popular privacy-focused web browsers that offers many features and benefits, such as fast speed, high security, and privacy...
How to Download Windows 11 for free

This is How to Download Windows 11 23H2 for free in 2024

If you have Windows 10 PC or Laptop already and meet the Windows 11 minimum requirements then you can upgrade to Windows 11 23H2...
internet safety for kids

7 Internet safety Tips for Kids in 2024 and Beyond

The Internet is a wonderful resource for learning, entertainment, and communication, but it also comes with some risks and challenges. As a parent, you...
Fix windows 11 update errors

Troubleshooting Windows 11 Update Problems (7 ways)

Microsoft regularly releases Windows updates to address security vulnerabilities, improve system stability, fix bugs and glitches, and introduce new features. The update service keeps...
AMD Drivers Not Installing

6 Ways to Fix AMD Drivers Not Installing issue Windows 11

Installing AMD drivers on Windows 11 should be straightforward. However, sometimes you may encounter issues where the installation is stuck or display error. Especially...
critical process died error

Fix Critical Process Died Error in Windows 11 – 8 possible solutions

Windows 11 CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED blue screen error indicates some process that is necessary for Windows to proper operation, has ended abruptly or unexpectedly. Sometimes you...
Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

Solved: WiFi Keeps Disconnecting After Windows 10 update

Does WiFi keep disconnecting after the Windows 10 21H2 update? A number of users report Wi-Fi connection is horrible after update the Windows PC...

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Avast Won’t Open

Avast Antivirus won’t open (3 solutions to apply)

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Reinstall Firefox and Restore Performance

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make windows 10 faster

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windows 11 mail app not working

8 Ways to Fix Mail App Is Not Working on Windows 11

Microsoft's built-in mail app is used by many to read and manage email accounts from multiple service providers. But sometimes you may experience the...