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Fix unmountable boot volume windows 10 Blue Screen STOP: 0x000000ED

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unmountable boot volume windows 10 BSOD error is another Blue screen of death error occurs when the hard disk has a problem. Like other Blue Screen Of Death errors, you will see a blue screen saying a problem has been detected and your computer will restart. This error occurs when the hard disk has a problem or corrupted. (There are so many reasons for your Hard disk corruption and most of are junk software’s installation, viruses, overwritten of data.) Third party security suites can cause hardware corruption, which can amount to this error. Often, your hard disk cannot load the boot volume on Windows or This could be due to Windows installation or upgrade because you have made some changes to your computer’s hardware.

unmountable boot volume stop oxooooooed error is one of more serious errors, and it’s usually caused by a hard drive problem, There are so many conditions when you can seeing this error on your computer and those are be like, between windows installation or after updating your windows updates or maybe just getting this error without making any changes on your computer or may be your computer gets too old to get this problem.

Reasons of unmountable boot volume windows 10 bsod error

In most of the cases the Unmountable Boot Volume error is causes by faulty hardware or misconfigured hardware settings. It can also occur if boot related files are corrupted.

  • Failed/Incompatible disk controller drivers
  • Attempt to load Windows from wrong partition
  • Windows partition resized or moved
  • Changed or reconfigured SATA AHCI/IDE/RAID mode
  • Boot volume corrupted
  • HDD got faulty

Fix unmountable boot volume windows 10 BSOd error

If you are getting this error massage frequently even after many attempt of restarting your PC. Then you should try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Access Advanced Start up options

Windows 10 Have a Advanced Start up options where you can find lots of Troubleshooting tool. include safe mode boot, system image Recover, system Restore, advanced command prompt and start up Repair.  Here first access the Advanced start options then go for Troubleshoot.

If you cannot enter Windows 10 due to UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error, then Insert the Windows 8 or Windows 10 bootable media into optical media drive and Restart computer to BIOS setup ( To Access BIOS setup press Del, F2, F12 or Esc key on keyboard during booting process)

Now to  BIOS setup move to BOOT menu using Right arrow key. Here change the first boot CD-ROM Drive and second boot to Hard Drive. After the changes press F10 key to make changes. If ask to make save changes select yes this will restart the windows.

Now you will see press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Press any key on key board. here this will open your windows installation window. Here select language, time currency and key board input and click next on next screen select  Repair your computer.
windows 10 repair your computer

Now on next screen Select Troubleshoot Now On Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced options then On Advanced options screen.
Windows 10 Advanced Boot Options

Perform Startup Repair

Here select Startup Repair option. This will Try to automatically repair issues that can prevent Windows from booting properly. If your computer can’t boot into Windows, this option is worth a try.

when you select startup repair this will restart the window and during startup this will start diagnoseyour system. During this diagnostic phase, Startup Repair will scan your system and analyze the various settings, configuration options, and system files as it looks for corrupt files or botched configuration settings. More specifically, Startup Repair will look for the following problems:

  1. Missing/corrupt/incompatible drivers
  2. Missing/corrupt system files
  3. Missing/corrupt boot configuration settings
  4. Corrupt registry settings
  5. Corrupt disk metadata (master boot record, partition table, or boot sector)
  6. Problematic update installation

If Startup Repair detects any of these types of problems, it will automatically attempt to fix them. If Startup Repair can fix the problem, it will do so without any intervention. It will then restart the system and boot normally.

Rebuild Master Boot Record (MBR)

If you get a message Windows 10 Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC” then leave it and open the command prompt. to open command prompt Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options Select Command Prompt from list of options now When Command Prompt appears, enter the following lines and press Enter after each line in order to run it:

  1.   Diskpart
  2.   List volume
  3.   Exit

The above listed commands help you to find out the Windows Drive Letter that is going require treatment. This is essential to understand the part of our windows Drive Letter that requires the troubleshooting process.
Fix Corrupted Boot volume using cmd

Here on Command windows Note Down your Windows Drive Letter. Fox Ex Mine Dive Letter is D. Type Command D: and hit enter key.

Now Type bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd to Rebuild the Bootrecord. Next Type bootrec.exe /fixmbr to fix Master boot record probelems. at last Type bootrec.exe /fixboot to fix Boot manager problems.

Apply Chkdsk command to repair Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen STOP: 0x000000ED  Error in Windows 10

Apply Chkdsk on Advanced Command prompt

After fix the Boot MBR check hard disk for Errors. As we discuss the error is generated due to a corrupted hard disk. so first check your hard disk for errors Sometimes corrupted files on your hard drive can cause these types of errors to appear, but you can fix these errors by performing chkdsk scan. To perform this scan, Type : chkdsk /f /r

chkdsk to fix Hard disk Errors

Choose “Y” for yes for the question concerning would you like to force a dismount on this volume (Y/N)  when you press Y key this will show volume dismounted app opened handles to this volume are now invalid. and the scanning process will start wait until stage 5 complete. this process will take some time wait for that . after complete the scanning process you will got a screen as shown bellow.
chkdsk scanning window
Now Type command Exit to exit the command prompt and when the advanced screen appear click on turn off your pc. when you Start your system next time hope you didn’t face any Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen if this error happen due to hard disk problem.

Boot windows Into safe mode.

Safe Mode is an inbuilt troubleshooting feature which disables unnecessary drivers and programs during the startup process. Windows Safe Mode loads the operating system with a minimal set of system files and device drivers – just enough to boot the Windows OS. In Safe Mode, the startup programs, add-ons, etc, do not run.

For windows 7 restart the windows and press F8 key at startup and select safe mode boot. Read How To boot Windows 10 and 8.1 into Safe Mode.

Run Memory Diagnostic Tool

Some times this Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen STOP: 0x000000ED can happen due to bad memory so for this try  Run Memory Diagnostic Tool.

Windows Memory Diagnostic tool is used when there are some serious issues in your computer like the crashing of the system, random mistakes and when you notice some other abnormal performances. And also whenever Windows will suspect and find any problems on your computer’s memory.To Run Memory diagnostic Tool Press Windows key + R key on your keyboard to bring out the Run command. Type “mdsched.exe” and hit enter. Windows Memory Diagnostic tool will open. Chick “Restart now and check for problems”.

Make sure that you save your work and close all of your running programs. The Memory Diagnostics Tool will run automatically when you restart Windows.

It might take several minutes for the tool to finish checking your computer’s memory.

Once the test is completed, Windows will restart automatically. If the tool detects errors, you should contact your computer manufacturer for information about fixing them, since memory errors usually indicate a problem with the memory chips in your computer or other hardware problem.

Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

If you find that your Windows 10/8/7 computer is  facing this Error after install new hardware or device you can run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. This automated troubleshooter will try to identify and then resolve the issues that it finds.

Windows 7/8/10 comes with this troubleshooter in-built. If you recently installed a new driver or some hardware and find some things are not working as you’d like them to, use this troubleshooter.

To do so, open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Configure a device.The Hardware Troubleshooter will open. You can set it to fix the detected problems automatically or select and opt to fix only the one’s you want.

Run Hardware Troubleshooter tool

Click on Next to run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. Once the scan is completed, it will present you with a report.

Uninstall Any Recently Installed Application

If the error started to appear, immediately after you installed an application or install a new driver, then there is a s chance that this new program could be causing the error. for this you have to uninstall the program, then evaluating your system.
First ensure you have administrative rights to make changes or uninstall any application.

Lets Fallow the steps to Do this. First open  Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPrograms and Features.  now select the recently installed Application and click uninstall. Restart windows and check.

perform full system scan

This Error can cause due to virus or malware attack so for that install a latest updated antivirus or anti malware application and perform a full system scan. if virus , malware is the reason behind this error after full system scan you may now face this unmountable boot volume blue screen error.
Download Antivirus 

Repair Corrupted system files

System File Checker or SFC is a utility in Windows which allows users to scan for and restore corruptions in Windows system files. This utility was first available in Windows 98 and subsequent versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 has this feature.

The System File Checker or sfc.exe is a utility in Microsoft Windows located in C:WindowsSystem32 folder. This utility allows users to scan for and restore corrupt Windows system files.
To Run this Right click the Command prompt and run it as an administrator. Now, type: sfc /scannow

Repair corrupted system files using sfc scannow

This will check and repair any system file errors.

Perform System Restore

One of the most Useful Feature in Windows is Restore Point. If you already have Created Restore Point earlier when your computer was working fine, Then its the right time to utilize that restore point. If you do not have Restore point then Read Here How To Create System Restore Point on Windows 10.

For New Windows Users, You need to open Control Panel, and in top right search bar, Type “Recovery” now click on it and then you will see open System Restore option, Now click Next and choose your restore point.

Perform system restore on windows 10

click next this will restore your system when your system running fine.

This is One useful Feature, It helps you to take your PC back at the point where your PC was running absolutely fine. That is why one must always Create a Restore point on windows PC, it is of great help.

Visit and Subscribe my YouTube Channel for more Windows 10 videos. I hope, This article will help you to fix errorUnmountable Boot Volume windows 10 Blue Screen STOP: 0x000000ED . If you know any better solution, You can share with us.

These are some best Solutions to fix unmountable boot volume stop oxooooooedunmountable boot volume windows 10 blue screen of death error permanently. Have any query, new suggestion feel free to comment bellow.

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