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How to set google as default search engine for Windows 10 Cortana

Microsoft has successfully integrated their very personal digital assistant, Corana into Windows 10. And the overall performance of this virtual assistant is next to awesome. Bing is the default search engine in Microsoft Edge, And Cortana( Microsoft’s built-in personal assistant) is powered by Bing too. Which means when you ask her a question she doesn’t immediately know the answer to, she’ll open up your default browser ( bing ) and display a list of results sourced from Microsoft’s search engine. If you are looking for set google as default search engine this is the perfect place you will get guide how to set google as default search engine for windows 10 and cortana search.

However, most of the people are familiar with Google, which is a widely popular search engine and is being used by millions of people across the world. Therefore, if you directly try to shift from Google to Bing to get proper results, you won’t come across to the particular result that you are looking for. This is because Google and Bing have lots of difference to make ranking on search engine result.

Set Google as Default Search engine on Cortana 

If you want to set Google as default search in Cortana for Windows 10 or taskbar search, here is a trick. This is a simple trick and can be done by spending a little bit of time. All you need to is to download Google Chrome, set Chrome as your default web browser, download an extension and that’s it.
First, download Google Chrome on your PC and install it. Now you have to set Google Chrome as your default browser. To replace Microsoft Edge as your default web browser.
At first, press Win + I to open – Settings pane.- System Settings and click on Default apps. Now, find out the Web browser section, click on Microsoft Edge and select Google Chrome.


Now, your default web browser is Google Chrome and not Microsoft Edge. You need a Chrome extension that will redirect all the search queries from Bing to Google. So, download Bing2Google Chrome extension and add it in your browser.
Now, whenever you will click on any search query, Google Chrome will display the result against your search query using Google instead of Bing.

Option 2 Using Chrometana

There is a third-party extension that offers the same effect: Chrometana.


First download and install Chrometana on your chrome. After you’ve installed Chrometana from the Chrome Web Store, typechrome://extensions into the address bar. Scroll down until you see Chrometana and click Options. A new page will open, allowing you to choose Google, DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo as your preferred search engine for Cortana.
Click the search engine of your choice, close the tab, and then do a search via Cortana. Just as before, the results will open up in Google instead of Bing.

For Firefox users

Firefox is the simplest of the two to get working as it has the ability to switch your Cortana search engine automatically and without any third-party add-ons.

All you have to do is set the most recent version of Firefox as your default web browser. Once Firefox is your default, try searching with Cortana. You’ll notice that Firefox displays your search results using the browser’s default search engine. If you’ve never used Firefox before that means your Cortana searches will show results from Yahoo.
Open Firefox and click on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar. Next, a drop down menu appears where you can select Change Search Settings. In the tab that opens, click the drop down menu under Default Search Engine and select Google.
Now whenever you launch a search using Cortana you’ll get results in Google instead of Bing.

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