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From a professional business setting to a friends’ reunion, everything is now happening online. This has given rise to a lot of businesses shifting online. Brands are striving hard to mark their online presence, and this trend has ignited the demand for effective content marketing.  All forms of social and digital media are being utilized as platforms to showcase a brand’s offerings and identity. With content in different forms being created and circulated vigorously, video content has emerged as the king. Billions of videos are posted on YouTube alone each day. The feeds of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are also dominated by videos in different formats.

The audience is showering its love for and acceptance of video content more than ever. To satisfy the market and this mass demand, businesses are realizing the importance of premium-quality content and are bringing in tools like video editing software to produce high-quality deliverables.

The importance of video editing software

As already noted, video has become the most preferred form of media today. It is essential to polish raw videos to make them presentable for global consumption. The final video is a result of multiple layers of processing that goes in. A video is brainstormed over, conceptualized, shot, edited, and then becomes worthy of being uploaded on social media channels.

The various video editing software is of great importance as they serve a variety of purposes and have multiple advantages like:

  • They help produce premium-quality videos
  • Free software provides a cost-effective method of producing quality content
  • Helps one to trim, arrange & rearrange, and edit the videos accordingly
  • Helps in conveying our messages clearly
  • One can add visual effects easily
  • It saves a lot of time that goes into the post-production processes

Free video editing software for windows 10

Here we have listed some of the best free video editing software with no watermark for your PC that makes video editing easier.


InVideo is a free video editor available online. It is an intuitive tool that enables you to produce professional-quality videos instantly. It is quite versatile, with multiple options for producing stunning videos for a variety of use cases. Animation, collaboration, 3D video editing, drag-and-drop facility, audio tools, an extensive media library, and brand overlay are some of its features.

It is a simple video editing platform that also enables you to share your video directly to social media platforms. Leverage all its premium and smart features and create videos that set you apart.


It is open-source software that is available free of cost. This software supports multiple operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux. For quickly editing videos of premium quality, Openshot provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. The video editors in your organization will find it a good option. You can create videos that can be promoted on all channels as it has no inbuilt watermark.

Apple iMovie

All macOS and iOS devices have Apple iMovie as an inbuilt software. Users can benefit from this tool as it enables the editing of a variety of videos. It offers a lot of interesting themes and backdrops that are pre-installed in the software. iMovie will enable you to produce amazing kinds of output as it supports HD and 4k resolution videos too.

Adobe Premiere Rush

In this ever-changing world, your business needs to pace up and adopt smarter ways to function to reach new summits. Adobe Premiere Rush is software that will enable you to cope with trends and a market that is constantly in flux.  There are no restrictions on devices; you can work wherever you go. Rush lets you edit videos using your smartphone, too, if you are running short on time.


If you are starting a new company and are aware of the new wave of video marketing, you must leverage the benefits of Lightworks. It has a whole range of editing features that you can learn while using the software. The addition of texts, titles, effects, transition, color correction, multi-camera editing, premium trimming for fast precision editing, wide format support, etc., are some of the software features. Once the video is created on Lightworks, it can be directly exported to YouTube.

VSDC Video Editor

 Different types of businesses can use this video editing tool to create videos of varying complexities. VSDC is a free tool with a wide range of editing features like trendy video effects, filters, transitions, chroma key tool, etc. It is a highly compatible tool and supports all the popular video and audio formats.

This tool supports quite primitive desktops too, which is an added benefit for users who have an older system. With this VSDC software, you can add real-time voice-overs to your videos to make them more effective.


Online gaming has become quite a trend, with many live-streaming channels, tutorials, etc., available on YouTube and other platforms. Blender is quite a well-known tool that is available free of cost and suitable for producing such gaming videos. It can process 3D pipelines and has a bunch of features that are advanced enough to match the vibe of the YouTube gaming channels’ videos.

Its features include rendering, motion tracking, animation, simulation, modeling, etc.

With just a few days spent exploring the tool, you can gain expertise. Professionals find this free online tool quite helpful to edit premium-quality videos.


Corel is also known as Corel Video Studio Pro 2020. It is a suitable choice for editing any of your business-related videos. This master editing software includes various advanced editing options that come with a free trial for the first month. To enjoy more benefits, you would need to consider a further subscription on payment cycles. Stop animation, color correction, green screen, multi-camera editing, motion tracking, etc., are some premium features that Corel offers.

On a concluding note

The objective of a video is to either entertain or provide information to viewers, or sometimes both. You need to edit every video in a way that keeps the viewer hooked and persuades them. The list of video editing software listed above will help you produce videos that are not only professional but also serve to do the talking for your brand.

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