SpinOne Platform Review

In the modern era of the Internet, businesses can use online services conveniently. However, there are no platforms naturally immune to data leaks, ransomware attacks, hacker intrusion, etc. This is why investing in powerful SaaS data protection software is crucial.

SpinOne Product Details

The SpinOne software is a top-rated SaaS data protection solution in the industry. This platform is designed to deliver protection services for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and other SaaS.


General Information

The SpinOne software is a top-rated SaaS data protection solution in the industry. With its help, businesses can protect their SaaS solutions, audit applications and user behavior, backup all corporate data and retrieve them when necessary, etc. This technology allows automating a selection of data-related processes from backing up to deleting unnecessary versions, as well as ransomware detection and control. Various data storage locations are available for convenient access and management as this software is used by businesses from all over the globe.

Why Use SpinOne SaaS Data Protection Platform

The SaaS data security software offers a wide range of services collected on a single platform for convenient management. Below we outline a few key reasons why you should select SpinOne platform for data preservation and recovery.

SaaS Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are quite common when businesses use convenient cloud services. Normally, recovery after such attacks can take weeks, and damages can account for millions of dollars. With SpinOne, you can secure your data with SaaS data protection solutions and reduce all recovery expenditures by up to 90%. In addition, overall downtime is reduced to two hours instead of days and even weeks. Any potential threats are detected using AI, and immediate actions are taken automatically to secure your data.

SaaS Application Security

Being one of the leading SaaS data protection platforms,SpinOne saves a huge amount of time for SOC teams by providing app assessment tools, reducing the impact from exploiting software vulnerabilities, etc. All apps incorporated in your company ecosystem are monitored throughout the whole day to assess potential risks. Compliance features specialize in adding reliable applications and opening access for them. Enhanced visibility features display all users, which allows access for questionable applications and all the software used by employees.


When using online storage for your valuable data, SaaS DLP solutions need to be incorporated to ensure maximum protection. While using shared storage solutions, there is high potential for security breaches. This is why SpinOne allows monitoring all shared information, whether it is stored inside or outside your company. Regular reports can be set up if you want to receive DLP information based on your system. Data access and ownership settings can be managed quickly and securely to protect shared info.

SaaS Backup

Modern businesses face numerous cyber threats on a daily basis, which is why cyber-attack and ransomware backup protection is so important. With the SaaS backup services, your data will be secured with the help of multi-stage encryption and stored efficiently in a cloud. These backup features are automated to save all the data three times throughout the day, thus minimizing the possibility of losing any information. Data restoration is possible on multiple levels, from a single file to entire folders and more.

Supported Platforms

SpinOne works with multiple major platforms installed by most companies all across the planet. More than 30 different countries utilize such international platforms and software as Microsoft 365, G Suites, and Salesforce.

Google Workspace (G Suite)

Google Workspace is an online platform adopted by many businesses, which makes its solutions so attractive for hackers. AI-powered licensed solutions delivered by SalesOne guarantee SaaS data protection and recovery, which is efficient not only against malware and all kinds of digital threats but also in preventing human error. Various apps that use open authorization and browser extensions can be assessed within seconds.

Microsoft (Office) 365

It is impossible to operate without using Microsoft Office solutions today. This fact calls for potent security measures. The SaaS data protection and swift recovery services are available for all Microsoft 365 software. Security control allows limiting data sharing with unauthorized users.


With SpinOne, it is possible to protect your sales channels and manage all data easily. With a single login, it is possible to access all connected data storage. Various APIs incorporated in the SpinOne services boost the speed of their performance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SpinOne Platform

Based on the reviews of hundreds of clients that use SpinOne as SaaS data protection solution, here are some of the main pros and cons of this software.


  • Competitive pricing.
  • Convenient automated services.
  • Faster data migration.
  • Potent protection from ransomware and other digital threats.
  • Accessible interface and intuitive design.


  • Backing up larger files requires a stable connection.


The SpinOne platform is one of the most accessible and top-quality solutions on the market for SaaS data protection. This is a fully automated platform with AI that allows you to protect and store data conveniently, as well as manage it. Fast actions in the event of cyber-attacks allow preserving and recovering all the data efficiently and within just a few hours. 

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