Use a Dedicated IP VPN

Whenever you connect to a VPN, your original IP address is replaced with that of the remote VPN server you’re tunneling your Internet traffic through. The new IP address is going to vary depending upon the location you have selected or chosen for you by the VPN service.

Normally, you are given a shared IP address which means the same public IP address is being used by multiple other users as well. While this offers increased anonymity by making it impossible to trace anyone’s online activity back to them, it also creates a few problems.

First off, shared IPs often get blacklisted by websites because these addresses can be tainted by other users who are up to no good. Another recurring problem is authentication, especially when it comes to accessing services like banking or email.

That’s why some reputed VPN providers also offer dedicated IPs, where you are assigned a static IP address that isn’t shared with anyone. This may cost you a little more, but there are numerous benefits to using the best dedicated IP VPN.

How Does a Dedicated IP VPN Improve Your Online Experience?

Even though a dedicated IP address isn’t as discreet as a shared IP address, there are still many good reasons why you should use one with your VPN service. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them:

Uninterrupted Web Browsing

As mentioned earlier, many websites IP addresses block shared IPs as a counteractive measure to avoid fraudulent activity of any kind. By using a dedicated IP VPN, you can easily get around this problem and browse the web without any interruptions because the IP address assigned to you isn’t shared with anybody.

Hassle-Free Authentication

The most annoying issue with shared IPs is having to constantly undergo authentication methods. When a single IP address is used by numerous people, it will usually trigger Google’s reCAPTCHA which sometimes can take a while to complete. Additionally, most websites check your IP address when you visit them. If the IP address changes every now and then, they may prevent you from logging in until they can verify it’s you. With a dedicated IP VPN, you can avoid reCAPTCHA and log into your online accounts hassle-free.

Access Popular Streaming Services

One of the biggest reasons to use a dedicated IP VPN is for watching your favorite content on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. These websites also block shared IP addresses, so if their servers detect multiple users accessing their service from a single IP, it will get blocked – that is, if it isn’t blacklisted already. When you use a dedicated IP through your VPN, your IP address is exclusive to you. In this way, you can unblock and stream movies and TV shows free from any sort of interruptions.

Convenient Online Banking

Online banking services also get suspicious when you attempt to log in with an IP address that’s shared amongst other users. To prevent fraud and theft, some websites will ask you to go through more security verifications, while others resort to blocking VPN IP addresses. Using a dedicated IP VPN, you can make sure these websites always recognize you upon logging in for a convenient online banking experience.

Seamless Gaming

Gaming with a shared IP address is also difficult because you can be temporarily blocked from access or constantly asked to re-verify yourself. Although these steps are taken to prevent account theft or sharing, a dedicated IP from your VPN will ensure that you’re always recognized. After all, you’ll have the same IP address, rather than a different one every time.

PureVPN – The Best Dedicated IP VPN Around!

If you’re looking for the best dedicated IP VPN, PureVPN is our top recommendation! The Hong Kong based VPN provider is one of the few that offers a pool of dedicated IP addresses from various countries across the world, including:

  1. Australia
  2. Singapore
  3. Canada
  4. United States
  5. Hong Kong
  6. UK
  7. Germany
  8. Malta

Their Dedicated IP VPN is available as an add-on, which means you’ll get it as an extra feature on top of the VPN service. Not only do you get fast connection speeds, but also strong encryption protocols keep your data protected while you connect to the Internet through your unique IP address.

Final Word

And that’s about it! If you wish to get a dedicated IP address, always make sure you opt for a reliable VPN provider. With a clear privacy policy, 24/7 customer support, and top-notch privacy and security features, PureVPN has everything you need in a dedicated IP VPN.

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