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PDF stands for protected document format, it’s a widely used file format for documents. To open this file format you need a PDF reader or you can convert PDF to JPG file for free and open the same. Well, jpg or Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a photo format that is accessible on almost every platform. Again if you convert your PDF to jpg for free and send it to someone the recipient will likely no need to download any software to open your file. There are several ways to convert pdf to jpg on windows 10, here we cover some of those ways to help you to convert your PDF document.

 If you’re delivering a PDF file to someone who doesn’t have a PDF viewer, it’s a good idea to convert it to a more popular format, such as JPG.

Convert PDF to JPG for free

IF you are looking for a feature rich program that helps you convert your PDF files to jpg then FormatPDF is a great tool that not only lets you convert PDF to JPG but it lets you convert your other files to PDF as well. The tool comes loaded with many useful options to let you do more with your existing PDF documents.

With help of the FormatPDF tool, you can convert PDF to jpg online for free. And It’s compatible with windows, mac android, iOS and more.

The online conversion process of pdf to jpg is 100% secure and your document will be completely private and only you will be able to access it to download it from the web. And the original document will be deleted from the server after some time.

How to convert PDF to JPG online using the FormatPDF tool

FormatPDF tool

The conversion of a PDF to JPG is done in a few seconds with the format PDF tool online.

  • First, open and click on the select PDF file option,
  • Next, select the PDF files that you need to transform into a JPG image or you can drag and drop the file there.
  • And finally, click on the convert to JPG button and that’s all you are done.
  • Once the process is finished, it is time to click on ” Download JPG ” to have your new file.

Convert PDF file to JPG Using Acrobat DC

You can use Adobe’s Acrobat DC application to Convert PDF files into JPG files.

  • Frist open file explorer using windows key + E and locate the PDF document you looking for convert to jpg file.
  • Open your PDF file in Acrobat DC, On the right-hand side is a toolbar, and select Export PDF.
  • This will open the Export PDF window, Select Image then JPEG.
  • If necessary, click on the Settings icon next to JPEG to change the file, color and conversion settings, then press OK.
  • Leave “Export all images” unchecked then click Export.
  • A Save As dialogue box should pop open, Choose your folder, type in your filename and hit Save

Using Any PDF to JPG app on Microsoft store

Also, you can download and install Any PDF to JPG app from the official Microsoft store and convert your PDF documents to jpg for free.

Any PDF to JPG

  • First, open Microsoft store and search for any pdf to jpg
  • Select the app from search results and click on Get to download and install the app on your PC,
  • Now Open the PDF to JPG converter, then click on the Load PDF icon.
  • A dialogue box should pop open, there select the PDF file you want to convert.
  • Once the file is open, click save image near the bottom of the window above the document.
  • Select the location where you looking for save the image file, and select if you are looking for convert all PDF documents or the current page or range or pages.
  • Finally, click continue to complete the task, When the app has finished, it should display a “Conversion Completed” message. locate the folder where you save the image file.

convert PDF to jpg free

Convert PDF to JPG using an image editor

In addition, you can use an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW to do the job.

  • First, locate the PDF file that your wish to convert to JPG and create a backup of the file. To do so highlight the file, right-click on it select copy and paste the same on a different location.
  • Next, open an image editor program like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW and
    Import the PDF file you wish to convert to JPG. To do so use the “File” menu to select “Open” or “Import.” Locate the PDF file on your hard drive and click “OK.”
  • Next use the “File” menu to select “Save As” and choose “JPG” or “JPEG” as the file type for the new image file.
  • Wait for the conversion to finish and open the new JPG file. Make sure there were no errors during the conversion process and that the JPG image looks like the original PDF.

Taking a Screenshot of the PDF File

Well if you don’t want to use the online way or image editor for PDF to JPG conversion, then a quick option is, manually capture the screenshot of each of your PDF pages. And save these screenshots in JPG format.

Taking a Screenshot of the PDF File

  • Locate the PDF file you are looking for convert to JPG, right-click on it and select Open With > Microsoft Edge.
  • This will open your PDF in the Edge browser, which has a built-in PDF reader.
  • Now from the toolbar at the top, click the “Fit to Page” option. This option is a square icon with an arrow in each corner. Your Edge window now displays one full page of your PDF file
  • Now use Windows 10’s built-in Snip & Sketch tool to take a screenshot of this PDF page. To do this, open the “Start” menu, search for “Snip & Sketch”, and click it in the search results.
  • On the Snip & Sketch window that opens, from the top-left corner, select “New.”
  • From the top of your screen click on the Rectangular snip option and use your mouse or trackpad to select the PDF area on your screen.
  • The selected area will be captured on snip & sketch, if this screenshot looks good to you, press the Windows key + S to save the same.

And that’s how you manually convert PDF to JPG. Your resulting JPG file is now available in your specified folder.

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