Microsoft Store install button greyed out, not working after Windows 11 update? Try these solutions

Unable to download apps or games from the Microsoft store, the Install button is greyed out for some Apps or Games after Windows 11 Update? here is how to fix this problem


Can t download games or apps from Microsoft store, The microsoft store install button greyed out for some apps or games after windows 11 update. The reason may various why the Microsoft Store may fail or store downloads are blocked. From a compatibility failure to failure with an update, an unexpected crash, problems with dependencies and even an antivirus may cause this problem. Whatever the reason if you are unable to download apps or games or the Microsoft Store Install button is greyed out for some Apps or Games apply solutions below.

Microsoft Store install button greyed out

Since last Windows 11 update, while attempt to download a couple certain games (Such as Prey, Surviving Mars, and Metro Exodus) from Microsoft Store the install button is greyed out and doesn’t let me click on it,

Microsoft Store Install button greyed out

Note: Solutions listed below also applicable to fix various Microsoft store problems on Windows 11 and windows 10 that include Store app crashes, closes immediately after open, not responding, fails to open with different errors etc.

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  • Most of the time Restart windows 11 helps fix various problems that may be causing because of temporary glitch. Restart your Computer and checking if this problem has been solved.
  • Check and make sure you have a working internet connection to download apps or games from the Microsoft server.
  • Also, verify the antivirus firewall not blocking any process of the Microsoft Store and, of course, Disconnect from VPN (if configured on your PC) to make sure regional not limiting the download.
  • Again sometimes Microsoft store may start causing an issue if your time and date settings are incorrect. So check and make sure the time and region settings are correct.
  • Sign out from Microsoft store, Restart your PC and sign in to store again using Microsoft store credentials and check if this helps fix the problem.

Navigate following path C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Local\Packages \Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache and delete all files under local cache folder.

Clear Microsoft store cache

  • Close Microsoft Store app, if it’s running.
  • In the Start menu search box, type WSReset (Windows Store Reset) to see Wsreset in the search results.
  • Right-click on WSReset and then click Run as administrator option.
  • Also, you can open run using Windows + R keyboard shortcut, type wsreset.exe and click ok to perform the same action that reset the Microsoft Store cache in Windows 11.

Install Windows updates

Microsoft regularly releases security updates with various bug fixes and security improvements. And installing the latest update for windows 11 may have the bug fix for this problem.

  • On the keyboard press Windows + X and select settings,
  • Go to Windows update then hit the check for updates button
  • If pending updates there, allow them download and install on your computer
  • Once done restart your PC to apply these updates
  • Now open the Microsoft store and try to download some apps or games.

Update windows 11

Run Store App troubleshooter

Run the built-in Windows 11 store app troubleshooter that automatically detects and fixes problems prevent Microsoft store function normally.

  • Press keyboard shortcut Windows + I to open the settings
  • Go to system then troubleshoot and click on other troubleshooters
  • This will display list of available troubleshooters list,
  • Locate windows store and click Run next to it to start the diagnose process.
  • Once the troubleshooting process completes restart your PC and check if the problem solved.

Windows store app troubleshooter

Reset Microsoft store

If none above solutions help restore the download button on Microsoft store then reset the application to the default probably resolve the issue.

  • Right-click on the windows 11 start menu and select installed apps
  • Locate Microsoft Store, click three-dot menu the select advanced options.

Microsoft store advanced options

  • A new window opens with options to reset the Microsoft Store to its default settings.
  • Now the Microsoft store is refreshed it’s like new installed, open the store app and try download apps or games from there.

Reset Microsoft store

Re-register the Microsoft Store

Here is another effective way to fix almost every problem starting from the Microsoft store app not responding to unable download apps games from Microsoft store on Windows 11. Re-register the Microsoft Store resolves almost every Microsoft store related problem lets see how to do.

  • First, open PowerShell as administrator, to do this type PowerShell on start menu search right click on first result (Powershell) select run as administrator,
  • Now copy the command below and paste it to PowerShell window (you can do this using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C to copy and ctrl + V to paste the command)

“& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + ‘\AppxManifest.xml’ ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest}”

  • Hit the enter key on the keyboard to execute the command
  • Once done restart your PC to take effect the changes.
  • Now again open the Microsoft store and try to download some games or apps from there.

Create a Local Windows 11 Account

Again a problem with the current user profile also blocks download apps games from Microsoft store. Let’s create a new local user account following the steps below and check with a new user account if you are able to download apps games from Microsoft store.

  • log in to an account with administrative privileges.
  • Go to settings then click on Accounts,
  • Click Family & other users in the left pane.
  • Then, click Add someone else to this PC under Other users on the right.
  • Next, click the “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” link.
  • On the Microsoft account dialog box, click the Add a user without a Microsoft account link at the bottom.
  • Enter the name of the user under Who’s going to use this PC and type the password twice under Make it secure.
  • Select three security questions and enter answers for them under In case you forget your password.
  • Then, click Next. Microsoft creates a new local account.

Did these solutions help to Fix Install Button Greyed Out on Apps/Games in Microsoft Store? Let us know on the comments below.

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