How to Upgrade Windows 10 for free in 2023

Windows 10 Version 2004 aka May 2020 update is rollout for everyone with a number of new features, security improvements, and bug fixes. This is the eighth major update Touches every corner of the Windows 10 operating system, brings new feature Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, Cloud download for reinstallations Windows Search improvements, and more. All compatible devices receive the notification to download Windows 10 update through Windows Update. The rollout of Windows 10 version 2004 planned to go progressively, which means not everyone will get updated the same day. It will take few days to a month for all devices to get access to the new version. Ultimately, it’ll depend on a number of variables like the type of device you’re using, location, how you’ve obtained Windows 10, and Microsoft update servers load during the rollout.

But you can skip the queue and manually upgrade Windows 10 version 2004 using official media creation tool or upgrade assistant and most important, during the process your files, apps, and settings will not be affected. Let’s follow steps below to upgrade to Windows 10 version 2004 from version 1909 or 1903 even from the older version as well.

Get Windows 10 for free

Before getting started, check this guide and make sure your computer ready to install the latest Windows 10 version 2004.

Important note:  With the latest Windows 10 Microsoft will stop offering 32-bit versions of its operating system. So make sure you have a 64-bit processor.

Beginning with Windows 10, version 2004, all new Windows 10 systems will be required to use 64-bit builds and Microsoft will no longer release 32-bit builds for OEM distribution,” the company noted.

Also adds support for the 10th-generation Intel processors and as well as the AMD’s new Ryzen 4000 lineup for both desktops and laptops.

Windows update service plays an important role while upgrade to windows 10. If due to any reason you disabled the windows update service we recommend enabling it to get Windows 10 easily.

  • Temporarily uninstall antivirus software if installed on your system,
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection to download updated files from the Microsoft server.
  • Check the date and time zone are correct and disconnect VPN if configured on your PC.
  • we strongly recommend to backup all important data before upgrade windows 10 2004.
  • Remove all external devices like external USB or SD cards. and update all install driver software.

Using Windows Update

This is the official way to get windows 10. If your system meets the minimum system requirements follow steps below to force Windows Update to install Windows 10 update.

  • Press Windows key + I to open Windows settings,
  • Click Update & security then windows update,
  • Now click the Check for updates button, And let Windows 10 see what updates are available.
  • If you see an update named “Feature update to Windows 10, version xx..”, This is the May 2020 Update and you need to click the download button.
  • This will begin downloading the windows 10 latest version files from the Microsoft server. It will take some time, depending on your  system hardware and Internet speed 
  • Once done click the Restart Now button to complete the Upgrade and installation process.
  • You can use Winver command to check the windows 10 version and build number.

Using Update Assistant

Microsoft also offers the “Windows 10 Update Assistant Tool,” which is specifically designed to manually update a supported device to the latest version of the OS. This tool is meant to deploy feature updates on PCs, laptops, and tablets, which for any reason didn’t get the latest update from Windows Update. However, you can use the Update Assistant to make the jump to the new version of Windows 10.

  • First Download the Windows Update Assistant Tool from the official site here.
  • Right-click on Windows10Upgrade.exe executable file and run as administrator.
  • Click yes if ask for User Account Control Access.
  • Now you’ll see the Windows 10 Update Assistant introductory screen.
  • When you are ready to proceed, click Update Now.
  • First The Update Assistant will run a compatibility check on your system and check each of its major components.

system requirement check for windows 10 install

  • If your device passes the system check, click the Next button to begin the upgrade.
  • Now click next The actual download will begin a few moments after this screen appears.
  • The download process will take a little while to complete.
  • Wait until complete 100% complete.
  • Once the download is complete, the Update Assistant will verify the download to ensure a successful installation.
  • Now you will see a countdown will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Once the update is ready, You can wait 30 min to automatically restart windows, click on Restart now to restart immediately and install windows 10 update or you can schedule restart later.

Restart to install feature update

Using Media Creation Tool

Also, you can use the Official Media Creation Tool to upgrade any version of Windows 10. For those unfamiliar with this tool, the Media Creation Tool can be used to upgrade an existing Windows 10 install or to make a bootable USB drive or an ISO file, which can be used to create a bootable DVD, that you can use to upgrade a different computer.

  • Open the Microsoft support website.
  • Under the “Create Windows 10 installation media” section, click the Download tool now button.
  • Save the installer on your device.
  • Now Double-click the MediaCreationTool.exe file to start the process.
  • On the first Screen, Click Accept to agree to the terms.

Media creation Tool licence terms

  • Next Select the Upgrade this PC now option and click Next.

Media creation tool Upgrade This PC

Make sure the Keep personal files and apps option is selected. This should be the default option, but if it’s not, click the Change what to keep to modify the settings. Otherwise, your files, apps, and settings will be erased.

Now Click Install to begin the update process.

The Windows 10 setup will take over and install the May 2020 Update on your PC, laptop, or tablet while keeping your apps, settings, and personal files. The installation shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, but it’ll depend on your hardware configuration, internet speeds, and other factors.

Windows 10 ISO

Microsoft releases the ISO files for every new release of Windows 10. We update the Direct download links here once Windows 10 Update is available for everyone.

Windows 10 Latest ISO Download link

Windows 10 Feature Highlights

Here check some highlight Features on windows 10:

The latest Windows 10 redesigned Cortana interface, adds support for both light and dark themes on Windows 10. Cortana is optimized for chat and then the Cortana chat window can be resized and dragged to any corner of the screen to give more flexibility to the users.

Windows 10’s Task Manager now lets you see you the disk type, either is HDD or SSD, and lets you monitor the temperature of the graphics card.

Latest Windows 10 comes with Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2), which is based on a new architecture and uses a “real Linux kernel.” It brings some under-the-hood changes while maintaining the same performance level as the WSL 1.

The File Explorer now powered by Windows Search, which means in addition to local files, you can directly search for files that are stored on your OneDrive as well.

Windows 10 bringing new Cloud Download feature that makes it easier to reset your PC. On systems with fast internet connections, this option should make the reset process quicker and cleaner.

The latest Windows 10 introduces passwordless sign-in for Microsoft accounts to strengthen your device sign-in and allows Microsoft accounts to use ‘modern multifactor authentication’ such as Windows Hello, Fingerprint, and a PIN instead of passwords.

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