Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Windows 10 Insider build 18267.1001 Brings Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer

Microsoft has dropped a new Windows 10 Insider build on 19H1 Branch for the Fast and Skip Ahead rings. The latest Windows 10 Build 18267.1001 includes the addition of support for Vietnamese Telex and number key based keyboards (VNI) to make typing in Vietnamese quite a bit easier. The touch keyboard has been updated with new symbols, and this comes in handy particularly to those running Windows 10 on their tablets or 2-in-1s and relying on touch input instead of a hardware keyboard. Along with this new additions, Windows 10 19H1 build 18267 also introduces Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer that allow Windows 10 to search all your drives and folders, instead of just the standard locations. And several bug fixes for Windows Settings, Action center, Windows security and more.

What’s new Windows 10 Build 18267?

If your device enrolled for Windows Insider program Fast or Skip Ahead rings, And connected to Microsoft server Windows 10 Build 18267 get Installed automatically via windows update. Or you can manually install build 18267 by going into Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and then checking for new updates.

Windows 10 Build 18267.1001

Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer

The Settings app introduces a new page in the Cortana section called “Searching Windows,”  Where user manage search indexing settings. Also, Microsoft introduced Enhanced Mode for Search indexer that enable the operating system to search all your folders and drives, instead of only your documents, pictures, videos, and desktop.

Microsoft explains in the official release notes of this build.

“To improve our search indexing, we created a new feature that enables Windows to search all your folders and drives, instead of limiting search to your documents, pictures, videos, and desktop by default,”

To turn on the new search-indexing feature, users should go to the Searching Windows Settings, Cortana and under “Find My Files,” select “Enhanced” in order to kick off the one-time indexing process.

Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer

Input Improvements

Input improvements include the availability of Vietnamese Telex and Number key-based keyboards.

“Vietnamese Telex and Number key-based keyboards are now available on your PC: Do you write Vietnamese? We want you to have the best possible typing experience, so we’re happy to announce that with this build you can now use Vietnamese Telex and Number-key based (VNI) keyboards for typing Vietnamese! Bringing these keyboard options to PC has been one of the top feature requests in the input space, so we’re looking forward to you trying it out!”

  • To enable the keyboard you need to go to Select Start > Settings > Time & Language > Language from the navigation menu.
  • Select the + icon labeled [Add a preferred language] (or skip to step 4 if Vietnamese was already added)
  • Type “Vietnamese” in the search box and select Vietnamese. Click Next button and install Vietnamese on your device, which will return you to the Language page.
  • Click Vietnamese, and then click Option button. Which will navigate you to Language options: Vietnamese.

In addition to the new for those who type in Vietnamese, this preview also makes available more symbols and special characters from the touch keyboard. Once in the number and symbols view (&123) on the touch keyboard, just tap the new ‘Ω ‘ key and you’ll now see a number of tabs with lists of symbols.

More symbols on the touch keyboard

Accessibility Improvements

Narrator has received some love, too, with better support for Chrome, BRLTTY v 5.6 support for Narrator Braille

  • Narrator works better with Chrome now! Using up and down arrows in scan mode, navigating with tab key, continuous reading commands, and navigating by headings and links have initial support for Chrome, with more functionality coming in future flights.
  • Narrator Braille: BRLTTY version 5.6 is now provided which adds USB support for Inceptor and Orbit 20 displays. In addition, the BrailleNote Touch is recognized when using USB. Baum displays can now use B9 and B10 interchangeably. Liblouis binaries and tables have been updated to version 3.7.0.
  • UI Automation framework IAccessible2 Support: The UI Automation framework now supports translating IAccessible2 information from Chrome, which supports IAccessible2 rather than UI Automation. This enables UI Automation clients to receive the IAccessible2 information through the UI Automation client interfaces.

Windows 10 build 18267 General improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue resulting in Settings crashing when invoking actions on certain places, including under Windows Security.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in some Insider experiencing green screens with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in the previous flight.
  • Fixed an issue where the Action Center might suddenly appear on the opposite side of the screen before appearing on the correct side.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the Action Center icon sometimes showing a number of unread notifications, however when you opened Action Center it would be blank.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in Settings crashes on launch for a small number of users.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in recently opened items sometimes showing in jump lists even though “Show recently opened items in jump lists” was disabled in Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Built-in Phrases Setting page for the Pinyin IME would hang for a time if you clicked any phase in the list.
  • Fixed an issue where Uninstall would still be shown as an option when right-clicking apps in Start if the group policy “Prevent users from uninstalling applications from Start” was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had an inbox app with a version number longer than 20 characters it wouldn’t be returned as a result if you searched for it.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in switching audio endpoints from the volume flyout in the taskbar not working in the last few flights.
  • Fixed We fixed an issue resulting in some users having issues launching inbox apps after updating to the last few flights.
  • Fixed an issue where if word wrap was enabled when using Notepad with a screen reader some words might unexpectedly be read out as two half words rather than one.

Known issues (Build 18267)

  • Task View fails to show the + button under New Desktop after creating 2 Virtual Desktops.
  • Some users will notice the update status cycling between Getting Things Ready, Downloading, and Installing. This is often accompanied with error 0x8024200d caused by a failed express package download.
  • If you change Task Manager settings, the next time Task Manager is opened it will revert to default.
  • If you have a have a large number of OTF fonts, or OTF fonts that support the extended East Asian character set, you may experience some unexpectedly missing text across the system. We’re working on a fix. If you encounter this issue, navigating to the Fonts folder (c:\windows\fonts) may resolve it

As always, you can take a look at the full release notes on the Windows Blog.

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