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Windows 10 Mail App does not print emails? Here some quick solutions !!!

Came to a situation where cannot print some emails from the Windows 10 mail app (this happens on a laptop and a desktop). Here some quick solutions you may try to resolve the printer problem of Windows 10 Mail.

Problem: Windows 10 Mail App does not print emails

Normal black window comes on showing connecting, then connected to printer and page preview shows. Hit print button and printer icon shows on task bar but nothing happens. Hover over printer icon and message says 0 docs sent to printer. Sometimes printer icon never shows. Printer never sees anything coming. I can save email to documents and print it. That is not a bad option considering how infrequently I print emails. Just like things to work right.

First of all Confirmed the default printer is correct and Also make sure that you can print other documents without issue. Check and install latest windows updates from Microsoft serve,  May the latest update contains the bug fix which causes mail App does not print emails. Also Run System file checker utility to check and make sure corrupted system files not causing the print job stuck.

Run Windows 10 Mail app Troubleshooter

Mostly issue likely occurs when your Windows 10 Mail app needs to be updated. To troubleshoot your issue about printing emails, First, we suggest to run the troubleshooter for Windows apps. To do this, Here download the official windows mail app troubleshooter link. Run the application with administrative privilege and follow on screen instructions to check and fix if any problem preventing the app to perform properly.

Update Windows 10 Mail App

In some cases, this problem is due to an outdated version of the app. Go to the Windows Store and check for new updates for the Windows 10 Mail app.

  • Select Start  >Microsoft Store
  • Select More  (three dots) near the search box, then select Downloads & updates.
  • On the Downloads and updates page, choose Get updates.

Reset windows store cache

As user feedback sometimes corrupted, damaged windows store cache Also Cause this type of problems. We recommend to reset your Windows Store cache to do this Click Start, type WSReset.exe, then press Enter.  

Reinstall the Windows 10 Mail app

The Windows 10 Mail app cannot be uninstalled as a system app as easily as other apps. However, it is possible through the PowerShell.

Right Click on Start menu select Powershell ( Admin ) Here perform command ” Get-AppxPackage * windowscommunicationsapps * | Remove-AppxPackage

Windows 10 Mail app
Windows 10 Mail app

After executing the command restart windows, open windows store and Download install the Windows 10 Mail app from there.

Windows 10 mail app download
Windows 10 mail app download

Use a different user account profile

Also, Create a new user account by following steps below and configure Windows 10 mail app and check it helps.

  • Goes into the settings.
  • Selects accounts.
  • Click on the entry “Family and other users”.
  • Click on “Add another person to this PC”.
  • Enter a name and password. Your new account will be created.
  • Click on “Change Account Type” and select “local”.
  • Restart your PC.

Log in with the new account and try to print an email. If this works, there is a problem with your old account.

Update your printer drivers

Also update current printer driver is a good solution to fix this type of problem. To update printer driver to the latest version:

  • Right-click on Start and select the Device Manager.
  • Find your printer and right-click.
  • Click on “Update driver” and follow the instructions.
  • Check if you can print successfully now.

Did these solutions help to fix “Windows 10 Mail App does not print emails”? which option worked for you let us know on comments below. Also Read Microsoft Edge Browser crashes after Windows 10 April 2018 update !!!

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