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3 Ways to fix your Dead Windows 10 Start Menu problems 2018

Windows 10 start menu not working, Start menu not responding to your clicks or crashes at startup? Or windows 10 Start menu not opening even click on start button. Here best solutions to fix Dead Windows 10 Start Menu problems or Fix “Critical Error” message on Windows 10 April 2018 update Version 1803 .

Issue: Windows 10 Start menu not Working or not responding to Clicks 

Users report After recent windows 10 upgrade, everything has been working fine. But now the start menu icon isn’t working and can’t get to my apps. Also action center and volume are not working. How do I fix start menu problems in Windows 10?

There are many reasons behind this problem such as Third-party programs, especially the free PC optimizers and antivirus, Corrupted system files or installed updates and any windows services Stopped not responding etc. Which may cause the Windows 10 Start menu not responsive or Start menu not working. Here some applicable solutions to get rid of this problem.

Run SFC and DISM command 

Start with basic whenever you face problem like this simply Restart your computer and get windows a fresh start. Also, Run System file checker Utility to make sure corrupted system files not causing the issue. To run system file checker open the Command Prompt (Win + R, then type cmd) and type sfc /scannow. This will check Windows for corrupted files, then repair them if possible.
If that fails, still in the Command Prompt, use the “Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management” tool which can repair corruptions that were preventing SFC from doing its job. In the Command Prompt, type:

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

This will run the DISM tool. After, run another SFC scan to fix any outstanding errors. After that restart windows and check now everything is perfect? still, need help follow next solution.

DISM restorehealth command
DISM restorehealth command

Re-register windows 10 start menu

This is the most working solution I have found to fix all windows start menu app problems. Simple re-register the windows 10 start menu using the command below. To do this you need to open Powershell with admin privileges.

As the start menu not working simply right click on taskbar and open task manager. Here on task manager click on file -> type cmd and check mark on create this task with administrative privileges. Then type the following command and press Enter:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Reinstall or re-register default Windows apps in Windows 10
Re-register windows 10 start menu

After Execute the command simply restart windows and check on next login, I am sure this time windows start menu work properly without any problems.

Create New Admin Account

Some people find that their Start menu stops functioning properly after bigger Windows updates. If you’re one of these people, then a tried and tested solution is to create a new Windows admin account, make sure that the Start menu is working on it, then transfer all your files over.

To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, then click “File -> Run new task” and type net user yourname yourpassword /add into the box, where “yourname” is what you want to name the account, and “yourpassword” is the password you want for the account. Tick the checkbox to make it an administrator account, then click “OK.”

command to create new admin account
command to create new admin account

Now logoff from current user login and login to the new account. You may notice the Windows 10 Start menu working properly without any problem.To transfer your settings and appsover to the new account, log back into your old account, then go to “Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings.” Click the “Advanced” tab, then under “User Profiles” click “Settings.” Select your newly created account from the list and click “Copy To.

Some other solutions To fix Windows 10 Start menu problems

Download the Official Windows 10 Start menu Troubleshooter from Microsoft. Run the application and let windows to check and diagnose the problem. After complete the diagnose process Restart windows and check there is no more start menu problems.

Go to “Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in” options then scroll down to “Privacy” and switch the “Use my sign-in info…” slider to “Off”. As you’ll discover in the next fix, your Start menu not working could be connected to your Windows account, oddly, so separating your account from your PC startup process can help.

Check Application Identity Service: The Application Identity Service in Windows 10 uses a service called Applocker to decide which applications are and aren’t allowed to run on your PC. Make sure this service is started and working properly. To check and run the Application Identity Service, press Win + R, type services.msc into the box, then in the Services windows right-click Application Identity and click Start. Reboot your PC, and your Start menu should be up and running again.

Sometimes third party applications cause start menu stopped working at the startup, Perform windows Clean boot To check and identify if any startup application causing the issue.

These are the best-known ways to get your Start menu back in order. And fix Struglish dead windows 10 Start menu problems such as start menu not working, start menu not responding or crashes at startup. I sure apply these solutions your windows start menu will get back to working stage. If you still need any help or have any suggestion feel free to discuss in comments below. Also, Read Google Chrome Keeps Crashing? Here’s 7 solutions to Fix it

These are the best-known ways to get your Start menu back in order, though with the problem having so many different possible sources, there’s always a chance that something else has fixed it for you. Has one of our fixes helped you, or have you discovered your own solution to a broken Start menu? Let us know in the comments!

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