Solved: Windows 10 start menu search not working after update

The Search menu on Windows 10 suddenly stopped working? Cannot type in the search box or Windows search not showing results, Here effective solutions to fix the problem.

A number of users report start menu search not working after the windows 10 version 22H2 update. While attempting to search for items in the Windows 10 start menu no results are shown. This happens whether you’re searching for files, programs, or Windows 10 apps. There can be a number of reasons for this issue to happen. Some common reasons that can cause Windows search problems are:

  • System files on the computer may be corrupt or mismatched with other files.
  • There could be a possibility of a virus or malware infection.
  • Some applications or services running on the computer might have stopped Windows Explorer to work.
  • This issue might have occurred due to an outdated or corrupted video driver.

If you are also struggling with this annoying problem, here 5 effective solutions to fix windows 10 search problems.

Start menu search not working

Restarting Windows Explorer might clear whatever minor bug it was encountering and fix the Windows 10 Search Function on your computer.

  • Right-click on Taskbar and select Task Manager.
  • scroll down and locate Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click on Windows Explorer and then click on the Restart option
  • This will refresh and restart the Windows Explorer App on your Computer.
  • After this, try to use the search bar on your computer and see if it has started working.

Restart windows Explorer

Update windows 10

Also, make sure windows have the latest updates installed. To check and install the latest windows updates.

  • Press Windows + R, type ms-settings and ok to open settings.
  • Click Update & security, then windows update on left.
  • Now click the Check for updates button.
  • Let windows check and install the latest windows updates for you.
  • Restart windows and check windows search problem is resolved.

windows 10 Update

Check Windows Search Service Running

If the windows search service is not started, Disabled or not Responding, you may encounter a problem with windows search. We recommend check that the windows service is running, if not then Start or Restart the Service.

  • Press Windows+ R, type services.msc and press enter key.
  • On Windows, Services scroll down and look for a service named windows search.
  • Check the Service is Running, If yes, then right-click and select restart.
  • If it’s stopped simply Double-click on it, to open its properties.
  • Here make sure the startup type is set to Automatic and click on Start below Service Status.
  • Click ok, apply to make save changes.
  • Now try to search for something from the windows start menu search.

Restart windows search services

Run Search and Indexing troubleshooter

Run the built-in Search and Indexing troubleshooter, which automatically detects and fixes the problems prevent windows search from working properly.

  1. Press Windows + I to open settings,
  2. Click Update & security, then troubleshoot,
  3. Now on the right-hand side look for Search and Indexing
  4. Select and run the troubleshooter.

Restart windows after completing the troubleshoot process and check the windows search problem is fixed.

Search and Indexing Troubleshooter

Rebuild the Windows Search Indexer

Rebuilding the Search Indexer may help in repairing the built-in search tool in Windows 10.

  • Press Windows + R, type control panel and ok.
  • Search for and select Indexing Options.
  • Click on the Advanced button.
  • Click Rebuild under the Troubleshooting section and click OK.

The rebuilding will take some time, and once it is done, you can start searching for the files you need, and the Search should work properly.

Rebuild windows Search Indexer

Run DISM and Sfc Utility

Still having the issue, windows start menu search not working? Run DISM and SFC scan help you repair the corrupted files in your system.

Open an Administrator command window by

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to open task manager,
  • Click File, select Run New Task type CMD and ok
  • Make sure you have a checkmark beside Create this task with administrative privileges.

Type the following commands in the CMD Prompt:

  • dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  •  sfc /scannow

system file checker utility Windows 10

Restart Windows after 100% complete the scanning process. Check start menu search working properly.

Also re-register Cortana following the steps below, that most probably fix the problem for you.

  • Open the Windows File Explorer and navigate to the following location:
  • C:Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0
  • Right-click “powershell.exe,” and then click “Run as administrator.”
  • copy and paste the command below and press enter to execute the same.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers |Where-Object {$_.InstallLocation -like “*SystemApps*”} | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • Restart windows and check the problem is resolved.

Create A New User Account

Also, some Of the windows users Report after create a new User Account and log in with on newly created user account, start menu not working, Search results now showing, store app not responding get fixed. You can simply create a user account by following below.

Simply Open the Command prompt as administrator and type the below command.

net user Username password / add

Note Replace username with newly create a user account and replace password: set password for the user account.

Add new user account using cmd

That’s All now log off from the current user account and login with the newly created user account and check start menu search working perfectly.

If yes then there is a problem with the old user account simply transfer old user account data to the new user account and continue with the newly created user account.

Did these solutions help to fix windows 10 start menu search problems? Let us know on the comments below, also read:

3 thoughts on “Solved: Windows 10 start menu search not working after update”

  1. Eugene Kuzmenko

    what works for me is restating the cortana process through the task manager
    the problem is that I have to do it every time I turn my computer on
    very frustrating…

  2. I had upgraded 2 systems and disabled Cortana via GPO AllowCortana set to 0
    The start menu stopped working where as the search in Explorer was just fine.
    I dug deeper and deeper and found a solution (atleast for me).
    Go to
    and rename it to
    hit start menu once or twice to reinitialize the search settings and all should be well.

  3. I did both the user account creation, and the Cortana PowerShell registration command, rebooted and everything worked. didn’t have to sign into the new account.

    I’m so grateful for this article. My search service was running but explorer/start bar/start menu search wasn’t working. A week long nightmare over without having to revert windows updates and try to troubleshoot a needle in a haystack.

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