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Fix machine check exception BSOD error On Windows 10

Some Times while working or playing game on your windows suddenly Restart with a Blue Screen Error. When you deeply read the error you find Different error codes ( check Different Windows 10 Blue Screen Error codes with Solution ) like irql less, equl, driver power state failure, memory Management Error etc and machine check exception Blue Screen Error is one of them. Also Some Users Report machine check exception blue Screen occur frequently at startup and they unable to login to normal windows or some times windows 10 up gradation failed with machine check exception BSOD appear. If you are also suffering with Blue Screen like machine check exception And looking solutions to get rid of this don’t worry Here fallow bellow solutions to fix machine check exception Blue screen permanently.

As Other Blue Screen Error MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD Error ( Also know as stop code 0x0000009C )Also mostly Occur Due To Faulty Hardware Or corrupted Software installation. Machine check exception stop code 0x0000009C This bug check indicates that a fatal machine check exception has occurred. This issue can be occured in any versions of Windows like XP, Vista, 7 or 8. Recently, Windows 10 users are getting this error. Most of them were the older PC users who upgraded from 7 or 8.


In reality, the most common cause of blue screen errors is a device driver problem. Outdated, incorrect or corrupt drivers can cause the system to encounter a Stop error. Also, machine check exception usually occurs after an incomplete installation, an unfinished uninstall, an incorrect file erasure, or a hardware problem. If you encounter this error while upgrading to a later version of Windows, the problem might be due to an incompatible device driver, system service, virus scanner, or backup tool.

Basically, this machine check exception blue screen of death is the result of overclocking, overheating and misconfiguration of any hardware. When your computer fails to load or recognize any installed hardware, It may show you the BSOD error machine check exception

Fix Machine check exception BSOD error

As we Discuss Before This machine check exception BSOD error Can Occur Due To Hardware failure / problem or Software corruption ( Outdated, incorrect or corrupt drivers ) So We have to Look Both Hardware and software part to fix the problem. You should check if this problem started appearing after recent changes in your PC hardware or operating system or not. Lets Start With Hardware failure check.

Remove Attached Devices

Most of the time, Blue screen error comes suddenly. It is because of recent changes that you made in your PC. Try to remember what you have done and when you started to face this error. Also Check Any Hardware device causing problem. To check this shutdown your windows remove all attached devices include keyboard and mouse. Now press the power button for 30 Sec. Now only attach power code, VGA cable , keyboard and mouse and check windows started normally. If yes then problem with your one of attached device like printer, scanner or external HDD etc. To find out the problematic device attach them one by one and restart windows every time. Notice after attach which device windows getting BSOD.  When you find the problematic device check this with other system if its working fine on other computer then uninstall the current driver for that device, Visit manufacturer website download latest driver for that device and install on your computer.

( Note : For Laptop Users simply Showdown windows, Remove battery then press and hold power button for 30 Sec. Now normally attach the battery And try to start windows normally )

Remove Recently Installed Drivers or Software

Most of the time, Blue screen error comes suddenly. It is because of recent changes that you made in your PC. Try to remember what you have done and when you started to face this error. Then uninstall any drivers, software from your PC that you have installed recently. If you have added a new hardware, You can disconnect it and run PC. Then see, If you still face machine check exception.

Check CPU and Power Supply Fans:

Sometimes, Your PC or laptops fans may be stuck due to dust. In that case, Your PC may become overheated. Then, Any user may face this BSOD. In that case, You can open your CPU and then switch the power button ON and see if the fans are OK. Sometimes, You may find that fans are very slow or stuck. In that case, You will need to clean them or replace with new one. After doing it, You should not face “MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION” again.

Clean RAM Or Graphic Card slots

Also Some Times Due to Dust on RAM and Graphic Card slots you may face No Screen or Different Blue Screen Errors on your windows computer. As Hardware Troubleshooting part we strongly suggest to remove Installed RAM , Graphic Card ( if installed ) and clean the slots with a soft cloth and attach the memory / Graphic as it is. Also Check SATA Cable And Power Cable Is attached properly on Hard Disk Drive.

clean RAM slots

This error can also be caused by an overloaded internal or external power supply, in which case the solution to the problem would be to upgrade the power supply that is being overloaded.

After perform Above Steps now Close your Computer Cabinet Attach only power cable, VGA cable with keyboard & mouse Lets Turn on your Computer Started Normally Great. If still Getting same problem Then we need to look at software issues.

Make Sure Windows And installed Drivers Are updated

As we discuss before outdated / Corrupted Installed Driver software are the most common cause for different Blue Screen Errors. And MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION BSoD are often caused by incompatible or outdated drivers. So updating all of your Installed drivers is Another great way to resolve this machine check exception problem. So be sure to try update your drivers to fix MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION.

You can update installed device drivers Normally on Device manager Or you can visit Device manufacturer website to download latest available Driver And install them on your current system. If windows frequently Restart with this Blue Screen Error and due to this you are unable to start windows to perform troubleshooting ( update drivers ) then you need to Boot windows into safe mode With Networking. you can check out this guide different ways to boot into safe mode on windows 10.

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode where windows load minimal system requirements so that you can start windows easily and perform troubleshooting steps. Now you boot into safe mode with networking open device manager and look any installed driver with yellow tingle mark ( This means this driver is outdated ) If found remove it visit device manufacturer download latest driver and install. Also Specially update Graphic Driver / display Driver, Audio Driver and Network Driver.

Remove Recently Installed Drivers

Also if you notice Blue Screen Started After install A specific Third party application, Driver softwres, Game or after install recent windows update. Then you Need to remove the same, to do this same on start mode login open cpanel -> click uninstall a program under programs -> select recent installed application and just right click and uninstall.

Run SFC Tool

As discuss before corrupted system files cause different errors Include Different blue Screen errors on windows computers. But you can check and repair these corrupted system files using Windows Inbuilt  system file checker Tool. To Run This

First open Command prompt as administrator you can do this by type cmd on start menu search and right click on command prompt from search results select run as administrator. Here on command prompt type bellow command and hit enter key to execute the same.

sfc /scannow

Run system file checker utility

This will start the scanning process for windows corrupt system files if found any this will restore them from a specific folder which located on C drive.Now wait until 100% complete the scanning process. Also you can check how to Run DISM command to repair corrupted windows. After that Restart windows And check problem fixed.

Run Memory Diagnostic tool

Also Memory Errors Can Cause Different Blue screen Errors. As we are trying to find out the solution for machine check exception BSOD Error We strongly Recommend to Run inbuilt Memory Diagnostic Tool Which help to find out memory Errors.

To Run Memory diagnostic tool press Win + R On Run window Type mdsched.exe and hit enter key. This will open the memory diagnostic Tool. you will find two options there.

  1. Restart now and check for problems
  2. Check for problems the next time I start my computer


We recommend to save your working data and choose option 1 Restart now and check for problems. This will restart windows and check for memory errors. Wait until 100% complete the scanning process, after that windows will Restart itself. you can check memory Diagnostic Test result Details Here.

 Perform System Restore:

If after perform All above methods still getting the same machine check exception blue screen Error ? Then its time to use the windows system restore Feature. Which will transfer your PC’s environment in a previous stage when you had not faced this problem. You can Read How To perform System Restore on Windows 10 computer.

If you are unable to Access windows normally you can either perform system restore on windows 10 safe mode or you can access windows Advanced options to perform system restore.

system restore


These are some best working solutions to fix machine check exception BSOD Error on windows 10 computers. I hope after apply These solutions your problem will be get solved. To Avoid This type of blue screen error make sure windows is always updated, Always install Trusted software application. Avoid to install cracked Software / Activators on windows computer. Still have any query suggestion about this machine check exception BSOD Error feel free to discuss bellow comments.

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