Machine Check Exception error

Getting frequent blue screen error Machine Check Exception after Windows 10 update. The stop code MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION bug check value 0x0000009C usually occurs because of faulty hardware or software incompatibility. Of course, it could be the outdated drivers and corrupt or missing system files on your computer. If your PC freezes or hangs and suddenly restarts with Machine check exception error this article explores the exact solutions to eliminate the blue screen error on Windows 10.

Machine Check Exception Windows 10

According to experts, MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION is a hardware error that usually occurs when the CPU detects an internal or external hardware problem. Again windows update bugs, driver incompatibility, corrupted system files or memory problems cause this error on Windows 10.

And to fix such blue screen errors on Windows 10, disconnect external devices and reboot your PC. In addition, start your PC in safe mode and run the SFC utility command. Updating your drivers will also eliminate the BSOD error on Windows 10.

Check Hardware problems

This error Machine Check Exception on Windows 10 is an underlying hardware issue. And disconnect newly installed or all external devices from your computer and reboot Windows probably help get rid of this error.

In addition, perform the following checks to ensure the hardware is functioning correctly:

Overheating can cause error Machine Check Exception errors. Clean any dust from fans and heat sinks, ensure proper ventilation, and consider applying new thermal paste.

A faulty RAM /Memory module can also lead to Windows 10 blue screen error. You can use Windows Memory Diagnostic or third-party software like Memtest86 to test RAM for errors.

Sometimes Disk errors or bad sectors in hard disk lead to different blue screen errors on Windows 10. Run a disk diagnostic tool, such as CHKDSK, to ensure your hard drive or SSD is in good health.

Perform startup repair

If due to this blue screen error, windows 10 restarts frequently and you are unable to access the desktop screen you can try using the Startup Repair feature to fix the issue.

For this you have to access the Advanced options, you can Repeat the power-on and power-off operation 3 times to enter into Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). Or you need to boot from installation media to access Windows 10 advanced options.

Insert the bootable USB drive, Restart the computer and enter the BIOS/UEFI settings. This is usually done by pressing a specific key (such as F2, Del, or Esc) during the startup process.

Navigate to the “Boot” or “Startup” section and change the boot order to prioritize the USB drive and press F10 to save changes.

The computer should now boot from the Windows 10 installation media, Select your language preferences and click “Next.”

Click on “Repair your computer” (usually located in the lower-left corner of the screen). Select “Troubleshoot” and then click on “Advanced options.”

Advanced options

Here select Startup Repair and select the operating system to fix startup-related issues prevent starting Windows normally.

Boot into Safe mode

If startup repair fails to fix the problem, then boot into safe mode and start Windows in a basic state, using a limited set of files and drivers. It can help you troubleshoot problems on your PC. Let’s start Start your PC in safe mode with networking and apply the troubleshooting steps below to get rid of this Windows 10 Blue screen error.

  • Again access Windows 10 Advanced options, and click on startup settings then Restart.

safe mode restart

  • And finally, you need to press F4 to start your PC in safe mode, F5 to start your computer with Network that enables Internet access.

Start windows safe mode

Update the Display driver

Outdated or incompatible drivers can often trigger the Machine Check Exception error. When your PC starts on safe mode, the first thing you have to do, is update or reinstall the display driver.

  • Press Windows + X select device manager, and expand Display adapters.
  • Right-click the display driver and click Update Driver Software.
  • Select Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software and let Windows search for the latest drivers online.

Update NVIDIA graphics driver

Repeat this process for all devices, including the processor and graphics card.

Reinstall Display Driver

If the issue persists, its recommended to uninstall and reinstall the Graphics driver on your computer.  To do this

  • Again Open Device Manager and Expand the Display adapters section.
  • Right-click the display card driver and click Uninstall.
  • Windows will prompt you to confirm the device’s removal. Click OK to remove the driver.

Uninstall Graphic Driver

  • After the uninstallation is complete, reboot your computer as soon as possible.
  • The computer will load the generic display drivers.

Also, you can visit the manufacturer’s website, download and install the compatible display card drivers for your computer and check.

Also, try installing the drivers in compatibility mode and check if that helps.

To install the drivers in compatibility mode:

  • Right-click on the setup file of the driver and select Properties
  • Select the Compatibility Tab and Place a checkmark next to Run this program in Compatibility mode and select the operating system accordingly from the drop-down list
  • Let the driver install and then check the functionality.

Restart Windows and check if Windows starts normally without any BSOD error.

Check for system file corruption

Corrupted, missing system files also lead to error Machine Check Exception error, especially after Windows 10 upgrade. Run the DISM RestoreHealth command and system file checker utility that scan and restores missing files with the correct one.

  • Press Windows key + S, type cmd and select command prompt as administrator,
  • Run the command “sfc /scannow” and wait for the scan to complete. If any issues are found, SFC will attempt to repair them.

sfc scannow windows 11

  • If SFC is unable to fix the problem, run the command “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” to repair the system image.
  • The above command scan all protected system files, and replace corrupted files with a cached copy that is located in a compressed folder at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache.

Restart Windows after completing the scanning process, and check there is no more BSOD at startup.

Disable fast boot Windows 10

Again Disabling Fast Startup in Windows 10 can help fix blue screen errors by preventing certain issues related to system startup. Here’s how you can disable Fast Startup:

  • Press Windows key + R, type powercfg.cpl, and click ok.
  • Click “Choose what the power buttons do” on the left side of the window.
  • Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”
  • Under “Shutdown settings” make sure “Turn on fast startup” is unchecked.

Fast Startup

After disabling Fast Startup, it is essential to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Check CPU and Power Supply Fans

Sometimes, Your PC or laptop’s fans may be stuck due to dust. In that case, Your PC may become overheated. Then, Any user may face this BSOD. In that case, You can open your CPU and then switch the power button ON and see if the fans are OK. Sometimes, You may find that fans are very slow or stuck. In that case, You will need to clean them or replace them with a new one. After doing it, You should not face “machine_check_exception” again.

Clean RAM Or Graphic Card slots

Also sometimes Due to Dust on RAM and Graphic Card slots, you may face No Screen or Different Blue Screen Errors on your Windows computer. As the Hardware Troubleshooting part, we strongly suggest removing the Installed RAM, Graphic Card (if installed) and clean the slots with a soft cloth and attach the memory / Graphic as it is. Also, Check SATA Cable And Power Cable Are attached properly to Hard Disk Drive.

This error can also be caused by an overloaded internal or external power supply, in which case the solution to the problem would be to upgrade the power supply that is being overloaded.

After performing the above Steps now Close your Computer Cabinet Attach only the power cable, and VGA cable with the keyboard & mouse Let’s Turn on your Computer Started Normally.

Did these solutions help to fix machine_check_exception Windows 10? Let us know on the comments below, also read:

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