Microsoft Phone link App Not Working

With the latest windows 11, Your phone app has been rebranded to the Microsoft phone link app with a new interface and some additional features. The latest Microsoft phone link app allows connect your android device to windows 11 PC and you will be able to access your Apps photos and messages and make calls on your computer from your phone. But sometime you may notice the Phone Link App Not Working or Fails to Open on Windows 11. This problem can be caused for different reasons, which include the Microsoft phone link app not allowed in the background or device sharing is not enabled on your system. Again Phone Link App Not Working or open because third-party antivirus is interfering with the app or the system files are corrupted results error while opening the app. Whatever the reason here is how to troubleshoot Microsoft phone link app problems on windows 11.

Microsoft Phone Link app not working windows 11

To fix the Microsoft phone link app problem on windows 11 allow the app to run in the background. Also, you need to check your computer is allowed to share data across other devices. Disable third-party antivirus, running related app troubleshooter or reset the Microsoft phone link app is also very effective to fix such problems on windows 11.
In addition, run the system file checker and repair corrupted system files that might help fix the problem.

Basic Troubleshooting with Phone link app

Let’s first reboot windows 11 which help fix the Phone Link app not working problem if a temporary glitch causing the issue. Restart your PC also refresh the OS and restart all processes that is very helpful fix common problems on windows 11.

The next thing you need to ensure your phone and your PC are connected to the same network. If you’ve installed a third-party anti-virus program, that might be blocking the Phone Link app syncing with your mobile device, Let’s disable it and check.

If you have trouble with specific functionality, such as calls, messages, or notifications.
Open the phone link app on your PC, click on settings,

  • Navigate the features tab to view settings for calls, messages, notifications, photos, and more.
  • Here use the respective toggles to enable all the features you want to use.

phone link app features

Allow the app to run background

Check and make sure the phone link app has permission to run in the background. If permission is denied that app may not perform as expected. To allow the phone link app to run background follow the steps given below.

Phone Link can’t fully operate when it’s not allowed to run in the background

  • Press Windows key + X and select Installed apps
  • From the list of apps scroll down to locate the Microsoft phone link app, click on three ellipses next to the app select advanced options

Phone link app advanced options

  • Here under background permissions click on the dropdown menu and select Always to allow the app to run in the background.

Allow phone link app run background

Enable Data Sharing Across Linked Devices

The Data Sharing for linked devices needs to be enabled for Phone Link to work on windows 11. Let’s check and Enable Data Sharing Across Linked Devices following the steps below.

  • Press the Windows key + I to open the settings
  • Navigate Apps then Advanced app settings,
  • Expand the share across devices option and here select My devices only radio button.

Share across devices

In addition, make sure you are using the same Microsoft account on both devices.

Unlink and link your device again

Sometimes this issue may occur due to connectivity issues between your devices, but it can be fixed by unlink and then linking your android device again with windows 11.

  • Open the phone link app on your computer,
  • Click on settings (Gear icon) at the top right corner of the phone link app and select my devices
  • Locate your device, click on three ellipses then click remove to unlink your phone from the windows 11 phone link app.

Unlink phone windows 11

  • Restart your PC, Again open the phone link app and click on pair with QR code,  Or you can select the pair manually option there,

Pair phone with windows 11

  • Install and open the phone link app on your android device, click on settings, then the linked computer option.
  • Remove the previous paired computer, then tap on Add computer and scan the following QR code.

Then follow the on-screen instructions to link the device again, now check the phone link and sync your android device and it’s working properly.

Update the phone link app

Outdated app versions sometimes prevent the phone link app open or fail to sync with the android device. Check and make sure you have the latest phone link version installed on your computer. You can update the app via Microsoft store.

  • Open the Microsoft store then click on Library to view a list of apps which updates are available,
  • Click on the Get updates option to check for available updates then click update all.
  • Wait for the app updating to finish in Microsoft Store.

Update store apps

  • In addition, open windows 11 settings then click on windows update,
  • Hith check for updates button, if pending updates there allow them to download and install on your computer.
  • Once done reboot your Pc and check if this help fix the Microsoft phone link app problem on windows 11

windows 11 checking for updates

Windows Store App Troubleshooter

Run the store app troubleshooter that automatically detect and fix the problem on your computer.

  • Press the Windows key + I to open the settings app,
  • Navigate to System then troubleshoot the click on other troubleshooters
  • This will display a list of available troubleshooters, locate the windows store and click Run next to it,
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions, and you will be able to fix all the issues you face with the Microsoft phone link app.

Windows store app troubleshooter

Repair or reset the Microsoft Phone link app

If the above solutions didn’t fix the problem you can try reset or repairing the phone link app on windows 11. The repair option is very helpful if the app isn’t working right and the app data won’t be affected but the Reset app option deletes app data and makes it factory default.

If the phone link app won’t open on windows 11 try the reset option.

  • Press Windows key + X and select Installed apps,
  • Scroll down and click on three ellipses next to the phone link app, select the advanced option

Phone link app advanced options

  • Again scroll down until you get the reset option, here first try the repair app option if the app not working right hit the reset button.

Reset Microsoft phone link app

Clear phone link app cache on android

In addition on your Android phone, go to Settings > Apps > Link to Windows app. Tap on storage then tap Clear Cache and Clear Data. You can also try reinstalling the app on your phone if needed.

Clear cache phone link app

Disable battery optimization for phone link app

Also, disable battery optimization for the phone link app on your android device.

  • Open android settings then tap on battery then battery optimization.
  • Locate the link phone app in the list then choose to disable option by selecting don’t optimize.

Battery saver mode for laptops also restricts background app activity and result phone link app not working.

  • Press Windows key + X and select settings on your laptop
  • Then click the Power & battery navigation option.
  • Under Battery, click on Battery saver.
  • Press the Turn off now button for the Battery saver option

battery saver windows 11

Enable notification on for phone link app

  • On your Android device go to settings then tap on apps and notifications.
  • Tap on notification then locate the phone link app.
  • Here make sure notifications are set to be on.

It may differ from Phone to phone as each of them offer their way to change it.

Did the above solutions help fix Microsoft Phone link App Not Working on windows 11? Let us know on the comments below.

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