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How To Import iTunes playlists into Windows 10 Groove Music

Microsoft has renamed its Xbox Music app to Groove Music in Windows 10. And a recent update allows you to import your iTunes Playlists to it with ease. Many people use iTunes for their music collections and have worked hard to organize playlists, but may be ready to move away from Apple. In Groove Music you can import your iTunes playlists. Microsoft has made it really easy to bring your playlists from iTunes into the Grove music

Transfer iTunes Playlists Windows 10 Groove Music

To import iTunes playlists into Groove Music, just follow these instructions. First Launch the Groove Music app and go to Settings > Import iTunes playlists.
 import iTunes Playlists

Then verify you want to import your iTunes playlists into Groove Music.
 import iTunes Playlists 2

That’s all there is to it. Now you can enjoy your playlists from iTunes in the native Music app in Windows 10.

How To Set Up iTunes to Share Library Files 

Please note that the latest iterations of the iTunes app, the library files are hidden by default. If you want to remedy this situation, you will have to simply enable “Share iTunes XML with other applications” in the iTunes advanced preferences.
Set Up iTunes to Share Library File

From here This app will do its thing and once after completing the iTunes playlists will be available. Creating the playlist in iTunes actually Requires music to be on your computer. Groove will not have any issue of locating and playing your music.

This is another move by Microsoft to make it easy to move from another ecosystem to their own easily.

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